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WM6 on Treo 750v... First Impressions

So far so good. I've finally finished syncing my PIM data and installing my essential applications. Didn't do the full build like when I had WM5. Just a few vital applications and 2 games. I expect to add some more apps in the next days if I miss em. If not they're staying off my device until I get a vodafone or vanilla palm ROM.

There are some reports of bugs but so far I have not experienced any. This might be a beta ROM. Anyway I still haven't been able to get Live Messenger to work. It conks out when trying to sync contacts so my messenger is online with 0 contacts. I have IM+ so it's not a deal breaker. I've yet to test data speeds on this ROM. I'll probably get to that when I feel a bit better. Good to see that the palm customizations are still there. I was even able to import my messages from my WM5 backup for those who don't know it's in \Windows folder the file name is PalmMsgV001 just copy it over to your Treo and you have all your messages back.

Vincent Benedict Py Castro
via Treo 750v + G-Mail

The FORCE Will Be With You Always...


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