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Egghead But Not Hot Headed

I'm not sure if its the coffee, the lack of sleep or boredom but these brain farts keep on coming.

I think I know why I got a new haircut a week back. I was bored with my hairstyle which I was sporting for more than a year. Every move has ups and downs. The downside well I look like an egg which is fine I got that all the time when I was in high school and college. The upside its way cooler (we are in a tropical country after all) and low maintenance to boot. So I'm not regretting my short hair. Which is a good thing.

I've been told that I over plan things and that I lack spotainaity. In retrospect, there may be a grain of truth in that. I'm a pretty organized fellow and if you check my pocketpc phone you'd see this for yourself. I think I need to balance planning with being a bit more dynamic. I'm a Libran after all and the scales should be balanced aren't they.

I think I have found a new sense of calm. Not that I'm 100% zen. Its just I'm calmer now, my parents and our employees may beg to differ but I really think I've made some progress in managing my anger especially at the workplace. Taking into account of course that we no longer play CS which was our stress management system. I can't say I don't miss our hours long frag fests but I guess I don't need them at the moment.

Vincent Benedict Py Castro
via Treo 750v

The FORCE Will Be With You Always...


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Tips & Tricks|Orientation Aware Backgrounds

I just wanted to share some stuff I learned over at xda-dev's forum today.
Anyway as the title states this is about today themes and Orientation Aware Backgrounds. It's really quite simple
All you need is 2 images [3 if you want to change the Start Menu image as well] of the proper resolution.
tdywater_320_240.gif [Landscape Image] = 320 x 240 image
tdywater_240_320.gif [Portrait Image] = 240 x 320 image
stwater [Start Menu Image] = 190 x 290 image
tdywater_640_480.gif [Landscape Image] = 640 x 480 image
tdywater_480_640.gif [Portrait Image] = 480 x 640 image
stwater [Start Menu Image] = 399 x 586 image
What you do is copy the files to \Windows directory and viola! Orientation Aware Backgrounds!
Notes: The theme's default images will be used once you switch themes. So you would need to copy the files back again to \Windows dir for it to work again, what I do is I have placed Wallpaper sets in ZIP files on my Storage Card so I can change and change as desired.…