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LG G3 insane pixel density!

I am really intrigued with the resolution of the new LG flagship phone, here are the display specs compared to a retina MacBook Pro... 538ppi is INSANE!

LG G3 Smartphone
Display: 5.5-inch Quad HD IPS (2560 x 1440, 538ppi)

Apple Retina MacBook Pro
Display: 13.3-inch Retina display (2560 x 1600, 226ppi)

Review // X-Men Days of Future Past (2014)

X-Men Days of Future Past (2014) [IMDb]

In the future mutants be dying!!! Dismemberment, burned, stabbed, melted. Very violent deaths. Good to see familiar mutants but half of the dying people I did not know. Parents use your best judgement. 
Kitty Pride has a new power (invented for this movie?) which projects someone's consciousness to the past. And this is where the story is hitched. Flimsy, but hey it's a comic book movie. 
Huge Jackman (did he & Chris Evans finish all the steroids in Hollywood?) who plays the most popular mutant of all. The Wolverine is sent back in time to fix things. Also ladies get to see his butt. Jackman is great as The Wolverine. 
Back in 1970's Professor X is a junkie. Magneto is in prison. So Logan has to get both in shape to find Mystique/Raven and this is where we are introduced to Marvel's Flash rip-off, Quicksilver. I really liked the Quicksilver scene. Best action scene in the film. 
Surprisingly, Profes…

Movies are Now Available on Google Play Philippines

Movies are now available via Google Play Philippines, hopefully Music and TV follow suite soon. I am seeing some recent titles.

You can rent or purchase movies, buying options (HD vs SD) show up when you click purchase

Review // Godzilla 2014 [SPOILER ALERT]

[ Godzilla (2014) ] -- it is good to see the King of Monsters that looks like the man in a rubber suit version we all grew up with. Fat with short arms but HUGE, not thin like an iguana [Godzilla (1998)].

I think this film suffers from the same problem with the Michael Bay transformer movies. 
I went to see a monster movie and instead we got an American soldier trying to get back to his family meanwhile there were rampaging Kaiju and they went the same direction. 
They changed his origin story instead of being born of nuclear experimentation this time he is an ancient radiation eating animal. In the 1940s they nuke him and I guess the shock waves drove him into hiding and he reemerges in current day because another nuclear eating Kaiju which happened to destroy a nuclear Powerplant is out on the loose and Godzilla being an alpha predator has to hunt both motu. 
They say that all three Kaiju feed on r…

Microsoft Surface Pro 3

The new Surface Pro 3 [link] is the third installment of Microsoft's tablet/notebook device. 
MSFT is positioning their newest device, the Surface Pro 3 vs MacBook Air first, iPad second. Targeting business professionals first, consumers second. I think this is a good move as it plays to their strengths. It would have been nice to get LTE built-in on the device though. The stylus is a nice addition for artists and note taking. 
I wish they picked a different genre of EDM.
The pricing is kinda steep though, it starts at US$799 and goes up to US$ 1,949 and that is sans the Surface Pro Type Cover which is US$ 129. I guess they want to make enough money to cover that Surface RT write off [link] ;-) 

Diablo 3: The Black Rock Ledger

I was bored this afternoon so I decided to finish farming for the six (6) Black Rock Ledger pages, these are basically easter eggs that have no particular purpose

It took me about eight restarts to get the page I wanted (I had all of the pages except page 16) threw away the dupes.

You get it in Act II: Stinging Winds you have to look for an old ship with a grave digger outside talk to him and be careful of those exploding demons after the grave digger dies a page drops.

Obviously this is an homage to a certain TV show... but which one? Can you figure it out without checking the wiki? hehe

The Black Rock Ledger on Diablo 3 wikia - [link]

Review // Days (2014) by Shingo Nakamura

Album: Days (2014) Artist: Shingo Nakamura Genre: EDM, Deep House, Progressive House
I was introduced to Mr. Nakamura when he did a spot on Above & Beyond’s Group Therapy podcast episode 76. [link]  
This album is a very enjoyable listen. Deep House and Progressive House fans should have this album in their collection. I can’t write how happy I am that I decided to get this album. As you all know I am trance head and it is always good to listen to other sub-genres in EDM. 
Please have a listen to this eleven track album on spotify and then purchase it on iTunes. We need more music like this and I don’t think artists are earning enough from streaming deals, an average of $0.007 or 31 centavos PhP per play [link], not sure how much they earn from digital media sales also but it should be more than streaming and if you are fortunate enough to live in a town where the artist visits go out and see them. 
Shingo Nakamura - Days - spotify [link
Shingo Nakamura - Days - iTunes [link]

Cape of the Dark Knight

Saw this legendary item in the clan feed.

Transmogrify is Great!

I have always been bothered by the patchwork look of Diablo 3 characters, the dye system really was not enough. I guess the folks at Blizzard got enough complaints or suggestions about it that they added a transmogrify option with Myriam the weapon enchanter.

Checkout the vines of my Demon Hunter and Crusader below

Demon Hunter: beanster

Crusader: Bean

Follow me @bnycastro

Still Not Down On Streaming.

I embraced digital media quickly, yep I was one of those guys who converted all of their music to digital and now I rarely purchase physical media. However I cannot get my head around streaming. I just feel that internet bandwidth and reliability are not there yet. My phone still gets No Service and EDGE for fuck's sake.
So the quick response of streaming apologists would be to cache the songs (read: keep a local copy) and my response is that isn't that what I am doing now when I purchase a song, download the file, and sync it to my device? 
I know I am in the minority tho, digital music sales are on the decline.
For now I think streaming's strength is in music discovery. Still music discovery can be done via social media like twitter or facebook or my preferred way podcasts! 

The New Batsuit

I shot this with my @Leica_Camera M Monochrom. #Batman#Batmobile#Gotham
— ZackSnyder (@ZackSnyder) May 13, 2014 Zack Snyder has tweeted a photo of the new Batsuit, it looks very Frank Milleresque. We also get a glimpse of parts of the Batmobile.

Reminder Batman will be part of the "Man of Steel 2" movie but I feel like Batman is co-opting this Superman film. Also: Batman > Superman.

Reaper's Wraps

Reaper's Wraps

The plans & special legendary crafting material were both in my chest for the longest time. I really did not pay attention to crafting.

Anyway, I heard Scott Johnson discuss it on the Frogpants The Diablo Show podcast and decided to farm for the rest of the ingredients and craft my own. It's quite annoying that you need whites to craft now. Sheesh.

Got some advise from more veteran players in my clan and changed one of the properties from armor to critical hit chance. It took me three tries to get the stat I wanted.

Haven't field tested it yet. But I am thinking it would be great for my hatred hungry DH build.

Alternate Demon Hunter Builds for Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls

Found some builds on the internet. Maybe I will try this when I get tired of my current build. 

Demon Hunter Build for Diablo 3: Reaper of Souls

Finally broke down and bought the expansion a few weeks ago. I was able to level my DH to 70 with the help of some people in and out of my clan. Thank you!

I also changed my build from ball-lightning to this one, I need to do some intense farming to change my gear so I can get rid of mobs quickly because I am too squishy. 

Darthkegaw's Star Wars: Episode VII speculation &

Darthkegaw's Star Wars: Episode VII speculation & questions. 
Since Lucasfilm has nuked most of the expanded universe (EU) to give them more creative freedom. The galaxy is the limit for where they can take the Star Wars saga to. The cast has also been announced. 
We're pretty sure which roles the veterans are playing... 
Harrison Ford wanted Han Solo to die in the OT. Do you think he will get his wish this time around? Of course it would be a heroic exit. Could this exit be the catalyst for their kid possibly Daisy Ridley to turn to the darkside and Uncle Luke then has to redeem her. Chewie could die with Solo or survive and carry-on with his life debt to Leia. 
Andy Serkis will probably play an alien or some other. He is on top of virtual acting after all. I think Max von Sydow can go either as a bad guy or good guy (probably bad guy). Domhnall Gleeson could play Luke's son. 
I hope Lando played by Billy Dee William's gets a cameo. Come to think of it may be George sh…

Is Captain Kirk trying to troll Princess Leia...?