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Sorry, Captain Planet and Mama Nature... #medicalsupplies #medicalwaste

11 days in... let's see how much medical supplies / waste I am consuming and producing...  Consumables: McBride Sterilized Gauze Pad 3" x 3" = 3 to 4 /day = 44 guaze padsCotton Buds = 10 to 12 /day = 132 cotton buds3M Transpore Medical Tape = nearly finishing my 2nd roll of tape. Povidone Iodine = 15mLHydrogen Peroxide (10 volumes) = 120mL Bactroban ointment 15g = 1 tubeIsopropyl Alcohol = 500mLPackaging for all the oral medications = assorted, 31 foil and plastic packaging.Diapers = About 8 Huggies (Blue Bear design) (Got 4 out of 8, side-effects from dolcet: diarrhea, constipation, drowsiness, disorientation) ~ YMMVNon-consumables: LongBone Knee Immobilizer (Medium) = 2Walking Cane = hand me down Repairing yourself is expensive and adding to pollution. So, I'm sorry Captain Planet and Mama Nature. I have a ways to go yet. --
Live to serve, Aim to please Vincent Benedict P. Castro May the FORCE Be With You...
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Search for: Long Bone Knee Immobilizer, nearing it's end. #medicalsupplies

I've been to three (3) big Mercury Drug Stores trying to find a second Long Bone Knee Immobilizer (M), but alas they had no idea where to get such a contraption. I have been strongly advised by my doctor to wear the immobilizer at all times to not aggravate my small fracture but my nose, and sense of hygiene forced me to have the help wash it the other day. Bad move. All the unintended bending even with a compression wrap. Gave way to a lot of pain.So I called the source, Cardinal Santos Medical Center (CSMC). I was promptly but politely forwarded to the ER, who then forwarded me to Central Supply where: Mr. Rolly Roleon (unsure of the spelling) assured me they had it and stock and were willing to sell it to outpatients.  You may reach CSMC Central Supply at +63-2-727-0001 loc. 3808 FYI: Long Bone Knee Immobilizer (M) will set you back PhP 3,590.00See the full gallery on Posterous

Smoking... #selfaware

If smoking cured: pain, depression, loneliness, rage, guilt, & low
self esteem... I'd be in tip-top shape. Sometimes being self aware
isn't fun. But I'd rather recognize my issues and address them (if possible) than
be in denial.

Instructions for my ashtray (w/ EN translation). #analretentive

Translation for non-Filipino speaking folks who may come across this post: The brown (stuff) is dried coffee. Remove cigarette butts only not the dried coffee. Thank you. 

Jedi vs Sith

I wonder how it feels to not give a shit about anyone or anything, except yourself... And get away with it!

Must be fucking liberating. I wish I didn't care so much.  I wish I didn't expect as much from people I admire, scratch that, used to admire.  Having a tough time adhering to the Jedi code: There is no emotion, there is peace.There is no ignorance, there is knowledge.There is no passion, there is serenity.There is no death, there is the Force.
Seems I am more closer to the Sith code. I've turned to the dark side and haven't even noticed it. Peace is a lie, there is only passion.Through passion, I gain strength.Through strength, I gain power.Through power, I gain victory.Through victory, my chains are broken.The Force shall free me.

Super Connection #foodspotting #sandwiches

Taken at Bread Connection

Dinner: lamb chops, braised tofu, chicken feet soup, rice

Check yo self, before you break yo self!

Starbucks coffee, serving you shit coffee & helping gov't destroy liberty!

Every Filipino, smoker or non-smoker should be furious at the LGUs &
MMDA for over stepping the law.

3pcs chicken, mojo potatoes, rice #foodspotting #takeaway

Taken at Shakey's Pizza

FS: @otterbox reflex series case for iPhone 4

GODIVA Chocolate Caramel Collection Limited Edition #foodspotting

Taken at Wack Wack Gardenville Townhomes

FS: slightly use @mophie juice pack plus

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Char Siu, Siu Yook Fan #foodspotting #chinese

Taken at Shiok Greenhills

Today's lock screen

How To: Purchase Media from iTunes (Non-US residents)

It's depressing that we have to go thru hoops to BUY legal content!

Things you need:

1) get a 2ndary US iTunes account (w/o no payment option selected)
2) valid Philippine credit card to buy #3
3) Entropay virtual credit card
4) Buy iTunes gift card with entropay vcc
5) Load iTunes GC to your US iTunes account and start buying content

Chicken fillet sandwich no mayo #takeaway

Taken at KFC

Army Navy Breakfast burrito #foodspotting #takeaway

Taken at Army Navy Burger + Burrito