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Sorry, Captain Planet and Mama Nature... #medicalsupplies #medicalwaste

11 days in... let's see how much medical supplies / waste I am consuming and producing... 

  1. McBride Sterilized Gauze Pad 3" x 3" = 3 to 4 /day = 44 guaze pads
  2. Cotton Buds = 10 to 12 /day = 132 cotton buds
  3. 3M Transpore Medical Tape = nearly finishing my 2nd roll of tape
  4. Povidone Iodine = 15mL
  5. Hydrogen Peroxide (10 volumes) = 120mL 
  6. Bactroban ointment 15g = 1 tube
  7. Isopropyl Alcohol = 500mL
  8. Packaging for all the oral medications = assorted, 31 foil and plastic packaging.
  9. Diapers = About 8 Huggies (Blue Bear design) (Got 4 out of 8, side-effects from dolcet: diarrhea, constipation, drowsiness, disorientation) ~ YMMV
  1. LongBone Knee Immobilizer (Medium) = 2
  2. Walking Cane = hand me down
Repairing yourself is expensive and adding to pollution. So, I'm sorry Captain Planet and Mama Nature. I have a ways to go yet. 
Live to serve, Aim to please

Vincent Benedict P. Castro

May the FORCE Be With You...


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