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FLY EasyShot - remote shutter for iOS/Android - PhP 1,800

New from ! FLY EasyShot - Remote shutter for iOS / Android - PhP 1,800.00

No LTE for You!!!

Straight from the telco's mouth (er... Email address)

So 11 months in with SMART and LTE is still not available for both my
home and work locations.

Globe is worse so I have to stay with SMART for now.

Tips & Tricks // Huawei E160 with OSX Mavericks

I have an old Huawei E160 3G USB Modem from Globe. Which has already been sim unlocked. Works well enough on Windows 7 but had issues with it on OSX Mavericks.

Well here is how you fix that.

1. Download the ZIP file
2. Unzip
3. Install huawei_universal_425_05.pkg to your OSX machine
4. Open Network and add your connection

5. Connect to the interwebs!!!
6. BTW you can also install the bundled app (usually a branded version of Huawei's Mobile Connect) from your 3G USB stick and use that if you don't want to manually input the settings.

Follow-up // It's LIVE MORE NOT LIE MORE

Got a response from SMART within two (2) days of sending my email complaint not bad response time really.

The content of the response while polite contained no apology from SMART.

SMART Customer Care did admit that the two (2) different staff, from (2) different wireless center branches lying to a customer are lapses on their end. (no shit, sherlock), also got the standard promise that my complaint has been forwarded to the concerned group. and standard thanks for reporting it in.

If you have experienced problems with SMART staff I do recommend you write in. This way SMART becomes aware of the situation and they can train their staff better.

I am attaching the polite and standard response below:


Dear Vincent,

Good day.
We understand your frustration and appreciate your transparency.  Yourfeedback has been forwarded to the concerned group as it is important tous.  Rest assured that Smart is exerting all efforts to correct anylapses on our end…

Find My Apple Device

Find My iPhone (or iPod or iPad or Mac) is baked into iOS / OSX. It’s a great way to locate your device if you’ve misplaced it or if it get’s stolen. In this post I will show you how to turn it ON. Settings > PrivacyLocation ServicesMake sure Location Services is ON. You can turn off location services access per app but make sure Location Services itself is ONScroll to the very bottom of the list and make sure Find my iPhone is ON as wellGo back to Settings this time select iCloudScroll to Find My iPhone and make sure it’s turned ONIn iOS 7, Find My iPhone is beefed up and hopefully makes it harder for thieves to erase and sell your device. Find my iPhone works via Location Services (GPS) for the location and Internet (Cellular data or WiFi) for the commands sent to the device it’d be a good idea to have both on. You CANNOT locate your iPhone if Location Services are OFF.With the Find My iPhone App or using (on a desktop browser)You can locate, lock, erase your device/s.…