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Tone of The Week

I haven’t been making tones for quite some time now. You can say I have been uninspired as of late. Here’s my 1st attempt after a few months in hiatus from tone making. I have decided to upload to Nokia’s Mosh service but if you’ve been grabbing my tones and themes you can still find almost all of them on m9.comAbove & Beyond pres OceanLab ft Justine Suissa Breaking Ties - Above & Beyond Analogue Haven Club Mix96Kbps 28sec Stereo MP3Remember: Trust in Trance, and the FORCE will be with you always…

Review|Aquapac Small Whanganui (650)

My friend Vane bought one of these and used it last week when we were in Boracay. I’ve always wanted to get one of these to protect my devices from the elements when I’m at the beach. I was always hindered by SHiT [Shipping Handling including Taxes]. I was happy to hear she got her case locally. So I got the number from her and ordered one for myself. Aquapac has always been one of the top brands for performance cases. No all I need is another beach bound vacay… [It floats!!!]------

Review|Zest Air Lounge Burger

Review|Zest Air Lounge Burger
Originally uploaded by bnycastro Since our flight from Caticlan to Manila was delayed we decided to hang out at Zest Air's lounge. I decided to order a double cheeseburger. It looks better than it tastes but it's filling and hot. I guess that counts for something.

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Congratulations Gervin & Bel

[Such a handsome couple]Boracay Island, Malay, Aklan, Philippines. By far one of the best weddings I’ve had the pleasure of attending.It was a destination wedding so it meant that people who were there really wanted to be there. So each event starting from the despedida de soltera, to the ceremony, reception and after party was truly composed of people close to the couple. I think this coupled by the beauty of the venue really put this wedding over the top![Sunset in Boracay: Mesmerizing]The ceremony was held at Holy Rosary Parish and reception was at Discovery Shores. 1/24/09 which was also GK’s 30th birthday, more reasons to celebrate :D [Kaw Family: Greggy is the CUTEST] I really enjoyed Gervin’s surprise song for Bel and of course uncle Greg’s rendition of 月亮代表我的心 (yue liang tai piau wo te sin) [The Moon Represents My Heart], never knew father and son were crooners! The reception was hosted by our friend Kenneth Yap II [more commonly known as Per and more recently Pepe Le Per].Gre…


Had lunch yesterday with 4 beautiful ladies [Annlee, Engie, Erika ‘Let Let’, Shas] at Maňana at the beachfront in Station 2. We had beef, chicken buritos, tacos, the serving size for the platters were quite big and we were content on sharing and even had some left overs for take away. It was a tasty meal and I really enjoyed it. Check it out if you want some Mexican flavours…

Boracay Day Tres

Boracay Day Tres
Originally uploaded by bnycastro It's a bit cloudy today...

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Originally uploaded by bnycastro Lamb Tangine, Beef Tenderloin Kabab, Shrimp Kabab, Pita bread...

The Lamb Tangine was pretty good. But the beef was tough and shrimps over cooked. Stay away from the kabab.

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The View from Two Seasons Beachfront

The View from Two Seasons Beachfront
Originally uploaded by bnycastro Getting some rays on the beach while sipping a ripe mango shake... Tsue dit. :)

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Review|Dos Mestizos (Boracay)

Went to this resto for Bel's Despedida de Soltera. Had a lot of tasty morsels of fine Spanish cuisine.

Food to try: Callos, this was really savoury and melts in your mouth. The Salpicao was very tender and well seasoned. The chorizo's flavour explodes in your mouth to caress your tongue with every bite. The fresh Gambas was also of note.

If you get a chance swing by Dos Mestizos... Great food and ambience.

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Belgian Chocolate Seashells

Belgian Chocolate Seashells
Originally uploaded by bnycastro Yummy!!!

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Review|Miracle CDM

Category: Music Genre: Dance/DJ Artist: Above & Beyond Pres OceanLab ft Justine SuissaHere’s another great trance gem from Above & Beyond’s side project with Justine Suissa: OceanLab. Judging by the lyrics it sounds like that this tune has a sort of *green* theme to it. I am enjoying this track quite a bit and I’m sure you will too. Mixes of note: Above & Beyond Club Mix and Martin Roth Vocal Remix.


Originally uploaded by bnycastro The day is coming to a close soon. Thought I'd take a snap.

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Review|Breaking Ties CDM

Category: Music Genre: Dance/DJ Artist: Above & Beyond Pres OceanLab ft Justine Suissa I’ve acquired some more OceanLab tunes… I’m going to be reviewing my favorite single ATM. It’s Breaking Ties taken from their Sirens of the Sea album. More often than not trance songs have lyrics that seem to make no sense. I mean it sounds good but you don’t really understand what the song is about. At closer inspection Breaking Ties seems to hit home somehow. And even though I may return to empty places on my own.Where I remember everything you want me to forget. And you provide the parachute when I am falling like a stone. And I remember there’s a life that I have not lived yet.It might have contributed to my liking this track but you must admit… Above & Beyond with Justine Suissa is just a great great combo of awesome track production and vocal talent.I am really liking the:Above & Beyond Analogue Haven Mix and Durderstadt Mix. Gives me goose bumps galore each time I have a listen.Tr…

Island Bound

I’m off to Boracay Island this weekend to attend a good friend’s wedding. Believe it or not this will only be my 2nd time to set foot on the island. Can’t wait to fill myself with Mango shakes and Chori-burgers. I got myself some sun block over the weekend. That’s all I need right? I’m still undecided if I should bring my netbook along. I really should be on the beach instead of online when I am there. So it might be a good idea to leave it at home… Both my mobiles have WiFi and there are a lot of free hotspots there so I can still stay connected.  I was thinking of getting a nice beach ready case for my devices but have decided to go low tech and use a ziploc bag instead. I guess I’m ready as I’ll ever be :)

Review|palm Treo Pro Vehicle Charger

My brother was in SG recently and I asked him to get me one of these:Package Contents:Vehicle ChargermicroUSB cable Impressions:The charger is very small and sleek. I like the white light that shows that it is operating. The included microUSB cable is very much welcome. Now I can leave the cable that came w/ my device at home for my Wall Charger and bring along this shorter cable for the car/office. Usage:Pretty straight forward you plug the USB end of the cable to the Vehicle charger and the micro USB end to your Treo Pro. I’ve been playing around with different GPS applications and have really noticed the battery hit so I think this is a good investment for anyone who uses their device for navigation or if you are on the road a lot.

Need Help: Stolen 15.4” MB Pro S/N: W8845BW01GA | Reward: 25,000.00 PhP

I am helping a friend recover a stolen MacBook Pro.It was stolen last Friday (09-Jan-09) evening at Puregold Shaw Parking Lot in Manadaluyong City. There is a reward of PhP 25,000.00 for any help recovering the system.More info:15.4in 4Gb RAM320Gb HDDSuperdrive512VRAMS/N: W8845BW01GAIf you have any info please contact me via comment or email.Thanks a lot!

Accessories Again!

Yes I’m talking accessories again. Every time I buy a new device I usually accessorize with a screen protector, case, storage cards the later being handed down from my previous devices. Finally was able to swing by Vmall yesterday and had a proper screen protector applied by a professional. Got a CAPDASE protector glad to see it covered the top portion of the TP not just the screen. I also got a cheapo faux leather holster, there is a bit of wiggle room in terms of depth, I hope it will still fit when my silicone case comes. I am thinking of modding (read: cutting holes into the case) the case to allow for the wired headset and usb charger to be inserted when the device is in case. After chatting with palm support they told me that I had to contact the store I bought from to complain about the missing adapter. I highly suspect that the sales guy forgot to put it back in the package after testing if the unit charges. I wrote them an email yesterday but have yet received a response. Oh …

Review|Palm Treo Pro

Here is my review of the Palm Treo Pro. palm’s latest GSM Windows Mobile device. Packagingpalm has really outdone itself with the packaging it’s nice, classy, and simple. 
Unfortunately my package seems to be lacking the regular flat pins that are common here in the PH. I will try to contact palm about this. What’s in the box:palm Treo Propalm wired stereo headsetLi-ion 1500mAh Batterymicro USB sync /charge cableAC adapter with interchangeable plugs.Documentationpalm did not bother including a CD but has instead put a 1st setup option on the device. I did not bother with it as well because my system already has WMDC. It’s a nice touch though. It is disappointing that palm did not include a screen protector, an extra stylus or even a simple case. I like that they’ve made the wall charger smaller it will be easier to carry around or throw in my gadget bag.Specifications:Windows Mobile Professional 6.1Quadband GSM & Tri-band UMTS with HSDPA Qualcomm® MSM7201 400MHz128Mb RAM / 256 Mb R…

The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia

I knew when the lady at the post office came out with a big and heavy looking box that it wasn’t the silicone case I ordered and was in fact my set of Star Wars Encyclopedia… OMFG! This thing is big…

Tips & Tricks|Add an Extra Press for Treo Side Button

This works on both the palm Treo 750 and Treo Pro.By default the Side Button on your 750/Pro will have only 1 function Press and Hold. With this simple registry hack you can get an extra press. Copy the following to notepad save as .reg and apply on your device.Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Shell\Keys\40C7]
@="\"\\Windows\\Start Menu\\Programs\\Camera.lnk\""
"WndCls"=""Then go to Start > Settings > Personal [tab] > Buttons to change what it does.

Accessorizing the Palm Treo Pro

As I previously posted I recently bought a Palm Treo Pro. I have been using it for the past few days loading up my applications and personalizing my gadget. I’ve ordered a silicone case for it from PDAir and it’s shipped but I don’t expect it to arrive in 2 weeks. Right now I am using it with a cheapo holster case and just being extra careful. I was disappointed albeit not surprised that I couldn’t order a Clear Armor Case from Case-mate, the Philippines is not on the list…. AGAIN! I am still on the fence if I should get the Treo Pro invisible shield or bodyguardz protection. Application seems to be really complex and I am not the most patient person and will probably just muck it up. ATM I just cut up the packing screen protection since I had to go out of town and wasn’t able to visit GH to get a proper SP installed. For memory I slipped my 8Gb microSDHC card instead of the free 4Gb microSDHC card which I got with the TP. Thinking of slapping that on my HTC S730 or the palm Treo 750 …