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Must Concentrate!

The upcoming long weekend is messing with my work flow today... dammit! Hahaha I can't really concentrate as much as I want too. Today I've been on and off work fiddling with my pocket pc. I installed Skype 2.0 again, I also installed Whirlwind 21, and PocketChess for the trip ahead. Of course the Today speed dial app that I just loaded. I also synced up some more tunes to my miniSD card. I'm pretty sure I have everything covered for our trip... I hope I don't forget anything. I also got my paycheck today... Hmmm I noticed that it no longer carried the same longevity as I would hope for. Well these are the facts of life I guess. Everything is expensive nowadays. Oh well.... one more reason to go out and re-connect with nature and my friends! Hehehe!

Review|Today Speed Dial

The boys at xda-dev have done it again this time they have extracted the Today Speed Dial app from the Treo700w and now everyone can enjoy Picture Speed Dial on their today screens :D Kewl!
The Good: It is free! D-pad sensitive, you can customize the number to call, Stylus tap and hold gives you options to send sms or call other numbers. You can also choose to display names instead of pics!
The Bad: It is not screen size aware and so putting it inside PocketBreeze as a custom tab with vertical tabs is kinda weird looking.
You can get it here: xda-dev thread

Off to LU Later

We are off to La Union later [wee hours of the 29th] I'm pretty excited. I definitely need a break! Besides I'll also be able to use my DSC's [digital still camera] underwater [actually it's all weather] case again. Bel had surfing on our itinerary, sounds interesting but I don't think I will be able to appreciate it as much. #1 I have shitty balance and coordination, and #2 I wear glasses and am basically blind without them. I wonder how I will be able to surf without glasses on...? Anyway maybe I will try it anyway.
I'm bringing my notebook for photo storage and to watch some dvds. I don't have sunscreen yet maybe we can buy on the way.

Some Tech Dribble...

Am a bit bored at work... So for a break I am listening to some tunes and blogging for awhile. So what are you listening to right now? Me I'm listening to Tiësto's In Search of Sunrise 5: Los Angeles wirelessly mind you using my iTech Blueband and Dopod 838... How geeky is that! :o)

Anyway I was at Greenhills Shopping Center yesterday and I happened by a shop that sells PDA phones [mostly second hand but some brand new units as well] it's near the walkway near the Cellphone Tiangge. Some gentlemen were eyeing the 838 they had on display of course they were asking a lot of questions about it... Since I had one I decided to chime in. I do think I made a strong case for Pocket PCs specifically converged devices. I argued that with a PPC Phone you could do almost anything you want from checking e-mail to surfing. Playing games, to playing Media [that's music and videos], you could also take images [although a bit crappy on this department], of course PIM, and typing up some…

AKU2 and A2DP

Yeah! The boys over at xda developers have done it again. This time they have found a way to activate A2DP on AKU2 ROMs [which had it disabled]... now you can get push e-mail if you use it [I don't] and stream music via BT too! How cool is that! The workaround/patch is reported to work on HTC Tornado [WM Smartphone], HTC Wizard [WM PPC Phone], HTC Prophet [WM PPC Phone]!
I have the patch working on my newly flashed Dopod 838 [flashed with Dopod's WWE ROM]
Enjoying a more stable and responsive ROM with A2DP :o)
Itching to try it out yourself... here are some links:
HTC Prophet Forum ~ 818pro A2DP
HTC Wizard Forum ~ A2DP addon for Wizard
HTC Tornado Forum ~ A2DP for Tornado
Remember this is an unofficial workaround/patch do it at your own risk.

Upcoming Long Weekend

Yesss! We have an upcoming Long Weekend from Friday April 28 to Monday May 1! Wooohooo! We are going to the beach over the break... really psyched! Been pretty stressed with work lately now is really a good time to relax and unwind with friends :o)


Today is CAR-less day in Marikina, major roads have been blocked off to automotive traffic... What the Fuck is MCF [the mayor] thinking? It's a friggin Monday for Christ's sake, I've nothing against lowering emissions etc etc. but don't you think having to divert traffic thru longer routes would cause: more traffic and therefore more burned fuel, and of course wasted time. Shit! Who was the fucking wise ass who scheduled this CAR-less day on a Monday and during a time where road works were being done all over the city? I mean they could've scheduled it on a Saturday and Sunday when most businesses are closed. Somebody needs to check MCF she must be suffering from heat stroke... >:)

Bel's Birthday Bash

Went to Oyster Boy GH for Bel's Birthday Bash [Tripol B!!! hahaha]
Here are some pics:

[Click for Kodak Gallery Offsite Album]

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday
Zalveen Chua
May the Force Be With You...

Review|Trilogique (2006)

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artists: Airwave
Airwave gives us a trifecta of Trance with his latest release Trilogique. With this release you get a triple dose of Trance. It has 30 tracks spread over 3CDs. Disc 1 is aptly named Trance whilst Disc 2 and 3 are Progressive and Ambient respectively. Again this album does not dissapoint and it is a great peep into Trance music that doesn't really get much attention here in the PI. For a taste of Airwave's delectable Trance go out and get this album. I'm listening to it now for the 2nd straight time and am being blown away by disc 1 (again!) as I type up this review. I was plastered by Disc 2's Progressive beats and was being gently brought back by Disc 3's more Ambient sound just an hour or two ago. The mixing is superb! For more info visit: Airwave Official Site

Review|Trance Energy 2006

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artists: Various Artists [Mixed by Ronald Van Gelderen]
Trance Energy is one of the bigger dance events there is. This album of energetic progressive and tech Trance is right up my alley. This is the type of music that will keep you moving thru the night till the morning. I mean how can you go wrong with the likes of Tiësto, Dogzilla, Marcel Woods, Markus Schulz, Ron Van Den Beuken ft Clokx, Ernesto vs Bastian and many more making contributions to this album? A definitive album for any Trance fan. If you still don't have this album get it and you won't regret it. For more info: Trance Energy 2006 Website

Review|In Search of Sunrise 5: Los Angeles

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artists: Various Artists [Mixed by DJ Tiësto]
I really wanted to do an objective review of this latest installment to the ISOS series that's why I decided to wait a few weeks after Tiësto's concert before writing it up. Anyway here it goes...

As expected the track selection was spot on for me. Listening to the album gave me a relaxed uplifted feeling. Important IMO to any album. This to me is a gem of a release really fitting for the ISOS series. Albeit some of the tracks had a more housey feel to them the album flows smoothly and should definitely be a mainstay in your music device of choice. My fave tracks on this are: Empty Streets and Moonlight Party. For more info and the tracklist visit

Review|Around the World in 80 Days (2006)

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artists: Various Artists [Mixed by Mark Norman & DJ Cor Fijneman]
This compilation has 2 CDs the first is mixed by Mark Norman whilst the second is by DJ Cor Fijneman. Really a great trance album, and definitely worth your while. I doubt that these artists will be including Manila in their ATW80D tour so why not have a taste of their music by having a listen to their album. So far my fave tracks are Tracking Treasure Down and Swing to Harmony. For more info visit:

Some Semblance of Stability

For the First time in almost a week my notebook has given a sense of stability. I am now installing my most used applications and of course windows xp updates. I tried using a windows xp pro cd with sp2 and ended up messing up my usb2.0 drivers so I decided to reformat again and do it the hard way with win xp pro [not sp1] and manually installed the usb 2.0 enhanced controllers then update sp2. It has really been a painful week... anyway hope everything is a-ok... touch wood.

Party Report|Superfly pts. Kaskade Live in Manila

Last April 12, 2006 Party Boys and Girls trooped on over to the Coconut Palace to witness Kaskade Live in Manila :)
Venue/Parking: The Coconut Palace was big and spacious, however there was no AC [good thing there was a slight breeze] anyway it was still too hot IMO [and we were in the VIP not the main dance floor]. The venue was setup pretty well, however I did notice that the main dance floor was just covered with plastic or something not hardwood or concrete, I wonder how dancing on soil felt? Parking was a bit far as the Coco Palace had a sort of walkway into the garden.

Ticket Price/Entrance Procedure: We went and bought VIP tickets for PhP 1,200 per person at 10 persons per table [PhP 12,000] it included a bottle of Vodka and some Sprite. Dunhill was a major sponsor and they were giving away packs of cigarettes at the entrance they also had some promo girls going around in the VIP sections giving away cigarettes, ayos! The entrance procedure was a bit sloppy they lacked high vi…

Compiled Greetings

I'll just compile the greetings I missed last week...
Happy Birthday:
Derrick Shih 4/14
Mahal Adams 4/16
Roman Mojica 4/16
Bolex Vicencio 4/17
Cherry Velez 4/17
Bel Surla 4/18
Terrence Yang 4/18
Matel Trinidad 4/19
Nicole Santos 4/20
Happy Anniversary:
Lo & Col Cua :D
May the Force Be With You...

Long Time No Post

Hmmm it's been awhile since I've posted to my blog... mainly because my notebook has been acting up and I was away on business over the Easter break. Anyway my notebook is still sluggish and I will probably bring it into the shop over the weekend.

Format Galore!

Just formatted my PocketPC yesterday I was playing with some ROMs I was able to get off the net. Today I proceeded to format my notebook I had been getting the dreaded BSOD [Blue Screen of Death] for the past week and I wanted to do a fresh install.

Tiësto Live in Manila Tracklisting

The tracklist for last Friday's event [courtesy of dj chuppy]
Jona Steur - Second Turn
Electro-Prompt - Beside Me (Gothek D.C. Remix)
Shah & Larusso present Global Experience - Zanzibar
Alex Stealthy - Something Is Wrong
Leama & Moor - Everything Matters (Matthew Dekay Remix)
Tiësto-Just be (original mix)
Fonzerelli-Moonlight party
Andain-Beautiful things (Gabriel and Dresden remix)
Late night alumni-Empty streets
Parker & Hanson - Let Me Be (Original Extended)
Progression - Technophobia
Matthew Dekay vs. Proluctors - Let The Game Begin
Tiësto-Lethal industry (2006 edit)
Tiësto-Love comes again
Super8 + DJ Tab - Helsinke Scorchin'
Kyau vs. Albert-Kiksu
Scott Mac-Damager (mac zimms remix)
Way Out West - Don't Forget Me (Guy Ehmetores Remix)
Tiësto-Adagio for strings

Everybody's Talking About Tiësto

As expected everyone was talking about Tiësto... ang galing naman kasi talaga e. We were supposed to see Ice Age 2 last night but ended up having dinner and hanging out at Embassy and Beers Paradise. I suddenly felt so tired at around 11 ~ 11:30pm. Kinda embarassing to Cam's friends hahaha parang tatay na daw ako cause I was drinking coffee during gimmick, well they don't know me so they don't know I can't drink for shit. Hahaha. We dropped by Beers Paradise on our way from Embassy to say hi to the gang! Of course the week wouldn't be complete without seeing ACP. So party boys and girls how was your weekend? Naka recover na ba from last Friday's massive event? Hahaha. Maybe we'll catch a movie this afternoon and have some dinner standard fare for Sundays... :o)

Party Report|WWW pts. Tiësto ISOS 5 Manila Tour

Last night [Friday 3/31/06] Tiësto rocked the roof off the PICC Forum!
Venue/Parking: The PICC Forum was big a spacious, the setup was really nice Tiësto's booth was awesome much better than other DJ's I've seen. Parking was not as well lit as you'd like, actually it was really dark... was cheap though PhP30 for the 1st 3 hrs and 10 per succeeding.

Ticket Price/Entrance Procedure: PhP 900.00 for pre-solds PhP 1000 for regular tickets. VIP is at PhP 15,000. We got pre-solds 3 weeks ago... hey it's Tiësto! The entrance procedure was pretty decent when we got there [11pm] they even had metal detectors and an xray machine. Now that's secure

Music/DJ: When we got there DJ Marie Garcia was finishing her set [sayang... :(] Manolet Dario went on deck next and he spinned til around 1am. Now Tiësto is a 3x World Number 1 DJ [he was awarded this 3 years in a row], and he didn't dissapoint I like his song selection and the way he mixes and delivers his songs. Of course …