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1 Year After [Rant Warning]

Lately, I have been feeling a lot of anger/hate inside. A quick check of the calendar and it all became clear to me. I must have been trying to repress it too much. It still pains me to think about it. It has been one year since I realized that I had put my trust upon the wrong person. It has been one year since I let my guard down. I do hope I have learned my lesson. I don’t want to go through it again.I reckon this time last year was one of the darkest times in my life. Thankfully there were some people who took time and effort to bring me back into the light whilst others were content on standing idly by.It is good to know where you stand even though you don’t always like where you are standing.I am writing this post in the hopes that it will lessen the negative feelings that are welling up inside me again. I know that my family is there for me and I now know who my real friends are. For that I am both grateful and thankful. So I end this post with another quote and some advise: Sa…

Leaving 2 More Sites / Staying Offline in IM

I’ve decided to leave 2 more sites. So I’ve sent my last update to both plurk and brightkite. I am retaining twitter and facebook and of course my blog.I am also beginning to hate IM… and I try to keep offline more often than not. It is a very needy way of communication, and I am hating it. So I will log on ONLY when I want to receive IMs. So if you follow me on twitter and send me a tweet, I might get back to you faster than if you left me an offline IM.That’s all for now folks. :D

First Impressions|HTC Touch 3G

Last Saturday I went to Megamall with Chinang and traded-in my old palm Treo 750 to get a discount on an HTC device. I was intending to get the 1st HTC Touch for just 10,000PhP but the shops ran out of stock. I decided to get the HTC Touch 3G. I’ll be putting it thru the paces and post a proper review [hopefully] in a week or so. The specs are ok for any modern smartphone. I am not happy that this device has no auto focus and 3.5mm jack, but my main gripe is the lack of buttons. This is the barest device I’ve ever owned. The screen is very bright and ultra responsive. More to come as I use it some more.

SUN Cellular 3G Speed Test

Last time we figured out how to activate our 3G/GPRS data on Sun Cellular network. I decided to do some speed tests yesterday and here are the results.--Used’s mobile site for testing at Marikina area.----As you can see like SMART and GLOBE even when the device is set to pure 3G we are only getting 2G speeds. Truly our networks are sorely lacking in the quality department. --Sun’s data rates are priced the same as SMART at 10PhP for 30mins of surfing. As of this writing:SMART 10PhP/30minsSUN 10PhP/30minsGLOBE 5PhP /15mins or 0.25PhP / KbI have all 3 SIMs from the carriers mentioned above:SMART post paid on palm Treo ProSUN post paid on HTC S730GLOBE prepaid Visibility on Huawei E160 USB 3G Modem

Gloria-Consunji Wedding / Reception

Yesterday after Dr. Karlo Gloria and Dr. Catherine Consunji got married at Santuario de San Jose and the reception was at Manila Peninsula hotel.

Very happy for Ol and Mao. Thanks for sharing your special day with us. The FORCE will be with you always...

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RIP: Francis Magalona

I remember singing and memorizing his songs when I was a kid. He is definitely one of the most influential rappers in the Pinoy music scene. I’m sure he is in a better place right now.The Man From Manila will be missed…

Review|Not Enough Time

Here’s a track from the German Trance duo called Cosmic Gate. This time around they’ve acquired the vocal talents of one Emma Hewitt. The Australian born singer/songwriter does quite well with this track. I like!I find I am listening to these mixes more:Club MixSied van Riel RemixAndy Duguid Remix


Sudha feat Zoe Johnston’s Leche is one of those songs that you like to listen to, but have no fracking idea what it is about. That being said this song is already being included in DJ sets. I absolutely love the vocals on this track, Zoe Johnston has one amazing voice. The mixes I like: Leche (Original Mix)Leche (Thomas Schwartz & Fausto Fanizza Vocal Mix)Leche (Way Out West Vocal Mix)Leche (Mighty Mouse Disco Revolution Mix)Go grab it and have a listen :)

Facebook App for WM6.5 Ripped!

The chefs at xda developers have ripped the facebook app from Microsoft's forthcoming OS and have made the cab available for download. Testing it out on my GSM Treo Pro running WM6.1

Writer’s Block

Trying to help JORRRSSS get over writer’s block @ UCC Greenhills.