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Located on the 5th Level of the Shangrila Mall they serve Greek Cuisine.
You must try:

[Lamb Ribs: Champion Eto]

[Beef Shank Pasta: Contender...]
also get the Eggplant+Beef+Bechamel Sauce thing...
Didn't taste the Dip sampler di ko feel mga ganun e.
Sorry, I forgot the names of the dishes and my phone seems to have erased the file where I had the names (hmmm baka na erase ko by accident] anyway you can always RTFM [READ THE FANTASTIC MENU]
Excellent service, fair prices and decent serving size I wouldn't mind going back. Be sure to call ahead and reserve though especially if you plan on eating during peak times [i.e. lunch or dinner on Weekends]

Party Report|BIGFISH pts. CREAM Halloween Ball 2006 ft. The Thrillseekers

Went to CREAM Halloween Ball 2006 and it was pretty fun!

NOTE:This was Domini Primero's last event for BIGFISH the whole event was peppered with the BIGFISH team and the crowd showing appreciation for what he has contributed to the dance music scene in the past 7 years with BIGFISH. I'm sure he will succeed in his next ad/ventures... The Force Will Be With You Always... :o) Thanks for bringing in world class DJ's to Manila.
World Trade Center in Pasay. Big and AC'ed [and the AC didn't give out this time thank God]. Nice design overall, not very halloweenish except for the glass encased 'zombies' and 'ghouls' near the entrance. I did see a lot of Cream logos and banners, the visuals were ok, I'm sure the sponsors are happy. Parking at WTC is always the best cause if you come early like we did you don't have to walk too far and it's cheap too PhP 30.00.

Ticket Price/Entrance Procedure:
Php800 + 1 Free Drink,
Php700 + 1 Free Dri…

Moto Booth @ Cream

Joe of hotwire and malin of moto

Traffic e.

Bored on the road.

Review|The Prestige (2006)

I haven't watched any good films in quite a bit... Good thing we saw this tonight!
It stars: Hugh Jackman [X-men], Michael Bale [Batman], Scarlet Johansen [um... dunno] and Sir Michael Cain [a lot of films!]
Synopsis: Two aspiring magicians go head to head... their passion for 'magic' turns into an obsession and heated rivalry which may destroy them both.
I love the story,the twists and turns in the whole movie. If you like movies with a lot of twists then you must see this film. Both Jackman and Bale give stellar performances and of course I think Cain shines in this one as well. Honestly I think Cain may have inspired the two younger actors to give more to their performance. Also it's nice to see them in roles other than being super heroes or mutants... although they have done some other work in the past Jackman and Bale are most probably remembered as Wolverine and Batman respectively. All in all this is a great film. Go see it!

Excited for Cream

CREAM Halloween Ball 2006 is tomorrow it'll be featuring The Thrillseekers [YESSSS!]. I'm so excited! My friend Joe is hooking us up with free entrance to the event! Right on! Shit I can't wait...!!!!

Review|Capricciosa GB3

Ok folks if you want good Pasta and awesome pizzas swing by capricciosa at greenbelt 3 level 3. They've only been open for a week but the food and the service is great! Keep in mind I am not a fan of Itallian cuisine so this speaks highly of this resto.

Some More Cool Z610i Tidbits

Right playing around some more with this mobile [I don't read manuals] I found out that it has an integrated RSS reader, which is really cool as I like to stay informed... true my PocketPC has one as well [I bought Ilium's NewsBreak for RSS feeds] but now I have it on my spare phone as well! Nice! Another great thing is that out-of-the-box it has support for Blogger, you can actually take images and publish them from your phone to Blogger, at first I was given a temporary account and a key to retrieve it but then when I checked on my PC I could merge my temporary account with this my current blog! Really handy for quick posts and photo blogging on the go! The previous post of me smoking is my first attempt using the Z610i for blogging! I'm really digging this mobile. Of course it's not all gravy... I did notice that it's really hard to open the battery compartment [been switching SIMs to check performance on Globe and Smart] anyway it's a minor inconvenience if…

Cigarette Break

Taking a break from work

Review|Sony Ericsson Z610i

Got a new phone... it's a Sony Ericsson Z610i. Overall it is a nice mobile.
Here are some specs:
Triband GSM/GPRS [800/900/1800] and 3G [UMTS 2100]
176 x 220 LCD display 262,144-colour TFD
128x36 OLED outer display
2MP and a secondary VGA camera
Clamshell formfactor
Bluetooth 1.2 with A2DP/AVRCP
Memory Stick Micro [M2] Expansion
Right let's get to it then.
Package Contents:
You get the mobile, a battery, a charger, data cable a CD and some manuals. There is no headset [even wired] included. Not a big deal as most included headsets are crap anyways. Besides why go wired when you can go wireless.
This mobile is really sexy has nice curves and a nice finish [especially the top part], the hinge the supports the flip seems sturdy enough. The keys are well spaced there are quick keys to web, picture/video, and shortcuts... however there are no dedicated Call and End keys which struck me as a bit odd. Another thing is the keys seem to Also there is no camera key located…

Back from Hong Kong

Went to HKG over the weekend to do some sourcing... I must admit that I'd call it a marginal success. I did get myself a new mobile a Sony Ericsson Z610i it's pretty nice. I might do a review if I've time but I think I have to catch up on work first...

Off to Hong Kong

My bro and I are off to Hong Kong tomorrow to do some sourcing for our lil kiosk. Hopefully we find some good stuff and I don't get tempted to buy another PocketPC Phone hehehe. I'm really tempted to get a new device but am trying to hold off until the newly announced devices come out so I'd have more choices.

Conrgarulations Ken and Car

Two people who have always been good to me from the get go. Best friends for so long and now a happily married couple. Ken and Car! Congrats and Best Wishes.
May all the blessings and happiness be showered upon you guys cause you definitely deserve it.
The Force is Strong in the both of you... and will be with you always.
Thanks for letting us share in this joyous day. Much love...
Beanster :o)

My 27th Birthday... THIS IS A CELEBRATION B!TCHES...

To quote Dave Chappelles' parody of Rick James: "THIS IS A CELEBRATION B!TCHES..."
Thanks to everyone who greeted me via phone call/sms/email/im/in person. I really appreciate it!
Phase I: 10-13-2006 to 10-14-2006
Location: Embassy Cuizine, The Fort [Props to Charlie Capistrano of Calypso Events for hooking me up with fantastic tables and free booze you the man Charlie!]

Phase II: 10-14-2006
Location: Master Cook of Hong Kong Resto, Macapagal Ave. [Props to my mom and dad for the great food, my family and colleagues for sharing a meal with us, and ACP of course]

Phase III: 10-14-2006 to 10-15-2006
Location: Piedra, The Fort [Props to ACP for everything]

Click on the links above for images hosted at my multiply account.
Anna, Tammy, Mabs, By, Lea, Zalveen, Ice and Jax we ate and drank for you... Wish you were here brothers and sisters...

I am not neglecting my blog I'm just a bit busy...

It would look like I'd been neglecting my blog, haven't I. Well not entirely all my fault really last week's typhoon gave us 4 days of no electricity and 5 days without internet at home or the office [not to mention the massive damaged it caused around the country, to this my problems seem minute]. It also caused me to loose a lot of sleep. Also I am reviewing a notebook for a small company [I'm not sure if I can disclose anything about it yet, I did not sign an NDA though hehehe] so that's keeping me busy as well. Aside of course from my duties here at the office and at Gadgetgeeks. Well well well seems like I'm going to be a 'Busy Bean' this October. Let's see I've got a wedding to attend [plus Bachelor's party of course ;-)], my birthday's coming up, I'm off to Hong Kong to do some sourcing for Gadgetgeeks, and I need to come up with my new line of Spider-man shoes for nex…

Back Online...

After 4 days without Electricity and no Internet I'm back! We still don't have net at home but we have here in the office suprise suprise I have 164 emails to read dammit! Anyway gotta catchup on some work and tech news of course... laters...