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Mi3W OTA firmware update not working

I have been experiencing some app crashes and decided to see if XiaoMi had release a firmware udpate for the Mi3W so I went and tried an OTA update.

as you can see from the screenshot the updater says I had the latest version. NB: I believe this was the shipping version for me. Of course I was not contented with this and decided to check XiaoMi's website. And the newest version is KXDMIBF23.0 I began downloading it and checked the older versions and there were a lot more versions there so if you have a Mi3W go to the website so you will be able to get the latest version it seems their OTA system is not working properly.


Here is the forum link for MIUI ROM Flashing Guide

Also PLT FindMyHeadset and PLT Hub apps are still crashing on this version of MIUI.

Mobile Provider Update...

My SMART SIM card has been residing in the XiaoMi Mi3W coming up on a month now. This decision was made since I was not getting LTE at home or at the office anyway. The Mi3W is a H+ (3.75G) device only. Yesterday I saw SMART boasting about LTE-Advanced (they are calling it 5G) more false advertising and empty promises from SMART. I have decided to keep my SMART number for awhile longer because changing numbers is such a chore and to cover my bases. I do miss iMessage on my SMART number tho, I guess WhatsApp and Facebook Messenger will have to do.

Meanwhile on the iPhone 5S I have had my newly minted Globe account with a recycled number which means SPAM text even without giving out my number. Changing the number is an unnecessary expense that I would rather not have so I guess I am stuck with this number. I have not been using it heavily since I have a 1.5Gb cap on my current plan. This actually made me think about how my iPhone uses data. I went into

Settings -> Cellular ->  Use …

Here is an odd WAZE error I noticed.

Here is an odd WAZE error I noticed.

Using the Calendar integration WAZE decided to use another address for the location I set on my calendar.

iTunes Family Sharing Requires a Credit Card

This is a bummer for someone like me who relies on iTunes credit to buy stuff from Apple.

Find My Phone, Using the Wrong Time???

I was playing with “Find My Phone” feature on recently and I noticed that it was using the wrong time. The Lost Mode email I checked my iCloud accountMy device time and region settingsJudging by the time in the email, iCloud / FMF is ignoring my account and device settings and using Cupertino Time instead of Manila Time.Manila (Philippines) Friday, 1 August 2014, 07:50:00 PHT UTC+8 hours
Cupertino (U.S.A. - California) Thursday, 31 July 2014, 16:50:00 PDT UTC-7 hours
Corresponding UTC (GMT) Thursday, 31 July 2014, 23:50:00