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Werther's Caramel Candy #foodspotting

Still no Philippines. What's up w/ that @windowsphone?

May be in 2012 we will be included already?

Katsu curry #foodspotting

Taken at Wack Wack Gardenville Townhomes

San Pellegrino, frizzante #foodspotting

Taken at Starbucks, 6750

Petite Cut #foodspotting

Taken at Gulliver's of San Francisco

Star Wars Weekends James Arnold Taylor Galaxy of Voices 5/22/11 Disney's Hollywood Studios

Check out this video on YouTube:

Shio Butter Corn #ramen #foodspotting

Taken at Moshi Koshi Noodle Boss

Brownies #foodspotting

Taken at Stefano Footwear Corporation

Congrats Mabs & April (taken yesterday 12/17/2011)

Taken at Ina Ng Laging Saklolo Parish

Peppermint brownie #foodspotting

Taken at Starbucks Tagaytay

Chicken joy & Palabok #foodspotting

Taken at Jollibee Petron Santolan

The Hunger Games, I'm hooked!

Really nice novel, bought book 2 and 3 right after! It's available on

Lomi #foodspotting

Moving data from old iPhone to a new iPhone

1. Connect old phone to computer via USB.2. Select Transfer purchases from the menu. Your purchased apps andmedia will be moved over to the computer.3. Perform a backup. Disconnect when finished.4. Connect your new phone you will be prompted to set up as new orrestore from backup, select restore from backup, choose the latestthen click ok.5. Once restoring the new phone is complete check of all your data hasbeen moved over.

Horn spokeshole for #CGMA has balls

I'm not saying it's valid to compare a fumbled hostage negotiation resulting in lives lost, and international shame to a poorly organized transfer of an"ailing" ex-President being persecuted for poll fraud. Good job spokeshole.

Espresso #foodspotting

Taken at Figaro Coffee Co.

Feiyue Sale 12/5 thru 7, 10am-8pm @ Jaguar Showroom Fort Bonifacio

Feiyue Shoes will be having a special sale starting 5 December 2011 until 7 December 2011, 10am - 8pm at the Jaguar Showroom garage located at 32nd and 4th Crescent Park West, Bonifacio Global City. Come and avail big discounts of up to 50%. For inquires please call 856-2277 local 125 or visit our Facebook page at

Palabok & chicken joy #foodspotting

Taken at Jollibee Marquinton

Jamaican patty, beef #foodspotting

Taken at Jamaican Pattie Shop

Espresso, double #foodspotting

Taken at Espressamente Illy

Espresso, double #foodspotting

Taken at Starbucks

EA, BioWare, LucasArts: NO TOR FOR YOU!!!

Dear EA, BioWare, LucasArts how about some love? Well this sucks jawa balls. I've had a Star Wars: The Old Republic account since June 8, 2009, and now that the game is about to launch and ready to pre-order I find out it isn't available for my region (yet). Living in the Philippines makes me ineligible to pre-order The Old Republic. Thinking of changing my location info but then how do I pay with a Philippine credit card when I have some place else as my location? Any Pinoys able to pre-order the game? What workaround did you utilize?

Beef Tapsilog #foodspotting

Taken at Jollibee Marquinton

Review // Phoenix From The Flames

Listeners to TATW will surely find this track familiar as it has been featured as record of the week on the show. Boom Jinx together with Justine Suissa (of OceanLab) have collaborated on a wonderful trance track (dare I say one of my favorites this year), this track will surely be burning up dancefloors and should be included in your essential playlist. I currently have the Omnia & Blizzard mix on repeat on my PC's iTunes. I am loving this track and was very pleased to find it legally available! So even if I have been way over budget this month I went ahead and bought the release. Get your copy here: my fellow lyrics fiends:There was so much to doubtand as you kept me outI wouldn't let you goI rushed to your defence but nothing made much senseso much I didn't knowBut I can't face my life without youand now I know the whole truthThe demon that's to blameand every day that I'm without youI …

Breakfast with cousins

Bacon Waffles #foodspotting

Taken at Pancake House Greenhills


Check out this video on YouTube:

Creme Brulée #foodspotting

Taken at Wine Bar

Rice Krispies treats #foodspotting

Taken at Wack Wack Gardenville Townhomes

Starving sailor #foodspotting

Taken at Army Navy Burger + Burrito

English Bangers, Waffles, Eggs #foodspotting

Taken at UCC - Greenhills

Sergio Rossi Puma

grazie Marc

Master Yoda sneakers #starwars #adid

grazie Jason & Ian 😁See the full gallery on Posterous

With @darthvader

Taken at Madame Tussaud's

Truffle Pasta & Steak #foodspotting

Taken at Ristorante Solferino

Noemi & Rinascente #foodspotting

Taken at De Santis Rinascente

Lasagna, Risotto, Veal, Pana cotta #foodspotting #111111


Best men: @soongit & per #MarcLo #111111

Marc & Lo #111111


Bunked here...



Taken at Fattoria Di Corsignano


Taken at Montepulciano

Pera #foodspotting

Taken at New Moon: Edwards Door

Truffle cheese #foodspotting

Taken at Pienza


Taken at Pienza

Bon Giorno

Taken at Fattoria Di Corsignano

Wild Boar Steak #foodspotting

Taken at Fattoria Di Corsignano

View from the vineyard

Taken at Barone Ricasoli, Castello di Brolio

Chocolate cake #foodspotting

Veal, Beans, Palenta #foodspotting

Taken at Osteria Del Castello

Ragu #foodspotting

Taken at Osteria Del Castello