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Calm Before the Storm

Reports say Typhoon Reming is getting stronger. We're not seeing much yet here in Manila, but I heard it's much worse in the province. I hope that less people will be hurt.

Looking for a Smartphone...

I'm really tempted to get a SAMSUNG SGH-i320N as a secondary mobile as it's really cheap at PhP 25K. Problem is I know that the SGH-i600 [Cingular BlackJack] and HTC's answer codenamed HTC Cavalier may be just around the corner.
I really should be more patient and be less impulsive... budget is an issue as well hehehe I'm not the most liquid person at the moment... but of course I have a lil' stashed for gadgets but that's another issue altogether. So far I'm stuck on my tech road map and I have nowhere else to go :(

Flamin' Hot: O2 XDA Flame

O2 has just announced the O2 Flame
This beast of a device boast very impressive specs inlcuding:
Intel Xscale(R) PXA 270 processor at 520 Mhz.2.0 Mega Pixel cameraNVIDIA(R) GoForce(R) 5500 GPUWireless LAN 802.11b+gSRS Mobile HD surround soundUSB On-The-Go2 GB Flash ROM + 64 MB RAM [although the screen shows something closer to 128Mb RAM]
TV out connectorWindows Mobile 5 (so far)BluetoothMicro SD expansion slot3G - Tri band phoneSecond camera for video chattingBuilt-in flash for the main cameraThe battery power is not final yet (the demo one had 1600 mA)Built-in FM tunerBusiness card reader (through camera)Infrared (does any one still use this?More info and mouthwatering pics on DinarSoft's coverage of GITEX

From the comparison shots it looks like a huge device, of course with all the goodies you get this is understandable. This will be probably out by Q2 2007. Not really on my shortlist of devices at the moment as it doesn't have a hardware keyboard but it's nice to see O2 m…

Back from China

Ok we're back from China. I must say it has been an exhausting trip. Didn't get much sleep :-( hopefully I can recover ASAP still a lot to be done...

ExecBean_v3 Application List

[As of Tuesday, December 12, 2006]
Device ROM:
ROM version: 1.90.96 WWE [Jwrightmcps' Custom AKU3 ROM]
ROM date: 11/01/2006
Radio version: 1.13.00
Protocol version: 42.47.P8
ExtROM version: ~Custom~
Lou Terrailloune's Magic SS - Screenshot Application*freeware*
DinarSoft HandySwitcher - Task Switcher / Management
DinarSoft MemMaid - Device Management
Trancreative mxCalculator/mxConverter - Normal/Scientific Calculator + Unit Converter
Saman NewMenu WM5 - Softkey Launcher/New Menu Items*freeware*
DeviceLock - Device Lock*freeware*
Contacts Manager - Enhances Contacts on WM5*freeware*
Astraware Bejeweled - puzzle game
Astraware Glyph - puzzle game
Astraware Text Twist - word game
Astraware Zuma - puzzle game
Astraware My Little Tank - action game
Astraware StarPop - game
Astraware Sudoku - Sudoku
Resco Sudoku - Sudoku
Caywen Kevtris - Tetris Clone *freeware*
Infinite Dreams SkyForce Reloaded - Scrolling shooter
H&H English Chinese Dictionar…

In China (在中国)

Here's my bro at the back of the car. Just got in Xiamen (夏们) and were off to our supplier's office in Quanzhou (泉州). We have about 2 hours I hate sleeping in cars.

Couldn't Resist

Fuck! I just saw two people here at the lounge using their own lighters! WTF! Double standard! Why weren't their lighters confiscated? Do I look suspicious or something? I took a bath, combed my hair hahaha stupid security hahahaha

Waiting For Our Flight

Me and my bro are here at the NAIA II Smoking Lounge! Damn good thing this crappy terminal has WiFi access [airborne access so it ain't free though].
Oddly enough my lighter was confiscated. Weird, I was only carrying one piece. Maybe they will fence my half empty beaten up lighter somewhere hahaha! Crappy security!
Anyway I'll cut this post short and surf a bit. Dammit! I don't feel so good I lack sleep... :-(

Off to China

I'm off to China for work in a few hours [7:40 flight to Xiamen] pity I'll be missing my highschool's 50th Homecoming. Oh well... no rest for the wicked! I hope we get parked in a hotel with free broadband, so I could atleast surf the net when I'm bored shitless.

dopod C720w Now Available from 1010 [CSL] Hong Kong

Saw THIS on Google Adsense and I clicked it!
Hopefully dopod Asia [SG] releases this already [they still don't have it on their website] when they do I expect the price of the parallel imported HTC 620s go down to a much more affordable level! PhP 35K for a non-UMTS enable mobile is just outrageous!
The CSL [HK] offering includes BB connect I'm sure business folk will love that feature :o) unfortunately for me I need to add this to my existing service plan before I can have this service. Anyway I wouldn't want to apply it to my current G-Mail account as I get a lot of emails there [I join a lot of forums and such] that would make hell on my data usage and billing. I wish SMART or Globe comes out with an unlimited data plan soon!
Anyway this is turning into another Telco Trouncing Tirade, I will stop here.

O2 and imate Gearing up for 2007, what's next for HTC.

O2 in the aftermath of getting the boot from long time supplier HTC is gearing up for 2007. Reports are floating around in enthusiast sites of the upcoming devices for O2. This include a VGA Phone Ed device [O2 Flame] and a QWERTY slider [O2 Zinc]. I wonder who is manufacturing these devices for O2? I really hope they are good and experienced so that the new crop of devices are as reliable [or even more reliable] than the HTC manufactured ones. I think for Asia in 2006 O2 was only able to release one device and that's the ATOM [I will not count the ATOM Exec or ATOM Pure as additional devices since they have almost, if not the same specs] pretty lame huh! Well O2 needs to play catch up to dopod [now HTC's Asia Pacific arm] and regain some lost ground. Can these new devices push O2 forward in 2007?

i-mate is also releasing new products not manufactured by HTC, the devices include JAQ3, JAQ etc. these devices are sort of a mixed bag. While having a relatively new form factor for …

Lusting for the Treo 750v

Parallel imported Treo 750v's are showing up here in Manila! I don't need one but definitely want one. A few things are holding me back:
1) Price, at 45K this baby isn't cheap
2) Resolution, at 240 x 240 some of my apps will not work on this device [Booo! I wish developers hurry up in making their apps work for all resolutions supported.]
3) Expansion, I just invested in a 4Gb SD card a few months back and this device uses miniSD which, to date only goes up to 2Gb
4) No WiFi, albeit you can add it on it bugs me that a device this expensive will not have wifi on board.
The good things are:
1) Weight, it's definitely lighter than my Exec
2) Dimensions, although it's as thick as the Exec this one has a smaller volume much more pocketable.
3) No moving parts, no swivels or joints that may crack or break in time with this unit.
4) Quadband GSM and Triband UMTS, this device is a world phone my Exec isn't. Based on the hardware it will support HSDPA but palm/vodafone have ye…


We've frequented this Japanese resto quite a lot and I must say the food and service isn't bad. The pricing is ok as far as Japanese food goes.

Geek Food

Upgrading my Exec's ROM and became famished all of sudden. Good thing my bro was able to get me something from McDonald's :) anyway back to setting up my pocket pc.

Good Boy Gimmick

We we're not able to score tickets to Casino Royale tonight (maybe we'll have better luck tomorrow) anyway we ended up having coffee at Starbucks instead, 'Good Boy Gimmick'hahaha! It beats staying at home though.

New Albums Acquired

I got a few more albums some new, some a bit dated. I'll probably review them when I'm on my business trip next week... atleast I have something to do when I can't sleep.

Still No G?

Ah a sure sign that we are getting old... Friday 5PM still no plans... Shit! I really want to go out this weekend since I'll be out of the country for the next one. Would like to catch the new Bond flick but no one seems to be interested to see it ATM. Maybe on Sunday? Oh well! What do we do tonight?!?! Gimmick tayo friends!

Review|Lyteo (2006)

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Mr. Sam

I really enjoyed listening to this album. Mr. Sam shows his skill as a producer/DJ with the quality of the whole album. It is a great journey into trance. Of course collaborating with well known vocalists like Kirsty Hawkshaw who lends beautiful vocals to some of the tracks is also a bonus. Although at times some of the tracks seem to be on the long end, overall the production just gets to you and you begin to appreciate Mr. Sam's talent. I hope to hear more from Mr. Sam

Review|Combi:nations 2 (2006)

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Various Artists - mixed by Marco V

Marco V is turning out to be one of my fave DJs. He's recently been getting more and more playing time on my Media Player. This compilation is split into 2 CDs a Mainroom and a Backroom Mix. Now I would think that the Mainroom CD would be faster and harder, you know something for the people to dance to and for the Backroom Mix to be a bit toned down for a more intimate feel. Well I was wrong! Both Main & Backroom CDs are filled with hard hitting and tough beats that will surely make people get up and dance [provided of course they like this style of music] I guess with this type of music it's either you like it or you don't. I for one enjoy it. I'd think this would fall under Tech-trance or Hard-trance or somewhere in between.

Review|The Pacha Experience (2006)

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Various Artists

The Pacha Experience in a 3 CD Mix album of House tracks that give you a sense of the atmosphere of the famous Ibiza destination. Not a bad sounding album for House fans. Nothing really special that screams for attention though [most of the tracks I have already, no surprises there].

Looking for Gimmicks?

You can sms Charlie at +639063576106

Review|Superstar (2006)

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Tom Novy

This artist album from Tom Novy is a definite house gem! I really like his style and sound, and that is saying a lot coming from a Trance-head like me. Now, I'm not saying I'd be playing this album for a whole night but I may include some of these tracks in an 'all nighter' playlist and some of the tracks for chillin. Over all good production on these tracks and quite a joy to listen to. It may stay a bit longer on my device than expected.

Review|Ministry of Sound: Ibiza Annual 2006

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Various Artists

This year's Ibiza Annual from the Ministry performs as expected. As in previous Ibiza Annuals it comes in 3 CDs with different targeted environs.
CD1 is for The Club
CD2 is for The Bar
CD3 is for The Beach
That being said listening to this compilation you would probably be hearing a lot of familiar tracks as these have been making the rounds in some of the earlier MoS compilations. Of course some of these tracks have not made it to mainstream airplay or club play for which I am thankful. This compilation is basically house-centric, from dark and funky, to uplifting and joyous, to chilled and relaxed. Basically a nice soundtrack for house fans young and old. There are tracks here that are a bit dated but still a joy to listen too. Some of them remixed [or re-massacred depending on your point of view] for 2006.
I enjoyed listening to this album and hopefully you will too.

Review|Ministry of Sound: The Annual 2007 (2006)

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Various Artists

Well well well, it's that time of the year again when the Ministry releases it's 'Annual' compilation. The Annual 2007 is 2CDs and a DVD. I assume they are hinting at what the club scene would sound like in 2007. Well we shall see if the guys and gals at the Ministry's crystal ball are correct in a month or so... I can actually see myself listening to some of these tracks play whilst waiting for the clock to strike 12:01am on the 31st of December :P I feel that the mixing could've been done better the mixing comes off as a bit rough, but thats just me.

Review|Global Underground 29: Dubai (2006)

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Various Artists - mixed by Sharam

This 2 CD compilation was mixed by Sharam [1/2 of Deep Dish], I must say that he did a good job on this one too. I like the track selection and mixing nothing really too mainstream and it's a good change from what I've been listening too for the past few reviews that I've been doing. It's quite refreshing really! Now go get your copy and have a listen!

Review|Dream Dance Vol 41 (2006)

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Various Artists

Here's another installment to the Dream Dance series, again they call it the best of Dream House and Trance. I wouldn't say I agree completely. The album presents tracks as they are and in an un-mixed fashion. I guess some of the tracks come off as a bit too Candy raver-ish, again these may work well with local noon time shows but not really for clubbing... or to be more accurate clubbing here in Manila. I think it all boils down to musical tastes, but from what I've been seeing in local clubs I really think that some of these tracks will never be played on Manila's soil and yet some of these tracks will be definitely overplayed. I'm not saying the compilation blows completely, there are some valid and massive house and trance tracks in this one too! I do expect to be skipping some tracks whilst listening to this 2 CD compilation.

Coffee, cigarettes, muzak!

On duty at the kiosk today. Came early for a little ritual I do every Monday. Having coffee, cigarettes, and some muzak! Now playing... Ministry of Sound: Ibiza Annual 2006.

I Feel Tired

Just got home from meeting our accountant to finish up on our taxes for our kiosk. I really didn't do much but it's still draining. Anyway I'm off to have dinner now.

Posting via Blogger E-mail Sucks!

E-Mail Posting via Blogger E-Mail is Super Delayed!!! Opposite the instant posting available to my Z610i... Check out this screen capture... it shows the time stamp I sent the post. The post was nowhere to be found until Nov 10, 2006 6:08 PM almost 24 hours later!

This makes email posting pretty much worthless for mobile blogging if you intend to publish on the button.

Gmail on Java

This was posted using Gmail on Java IBM JME. Using my O2 XDA Exec.--
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There is no ignorance; There is knowledge.
There is no passion; There is serenity.
There is no death; There is the Force.
May the Force Be With You...

Review|Ministry of Sound: Housexy 4 (2006)

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Various Artists

Dubbed the sound of summer... This compilation is full of relaxing and uplifting tunes that will surely tickle any house lover's fancy. A great addition to the Housexy compilations. Be sure to get your copy ayt!

Review|Housexy: The Sound of Playboy (2006)

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Various Artists

The Sound of Playboy is a pretty sexy compilation nothing explicit though so it's safe for kiddies... :P I think this compilation is primarily targeted at house loving honeys. Mr. HH should probably get this 2 CD compilation so that he can play it during one of his mansion parties I'm sure the ladies and lads will appreciate it :)

The Beanster Blog™ Version 7.x

Since I had nothing better to do this afternoon I decided to play around with my blog a little. So now here we have version 7.0.3 of the Beanster™ Blog...
I'm using a new template, I was getting tired of all the blue in v6.x.
Still using the same Quick Menu's
Using new images on my slide [from my birthday weekend]
Added some tunes so that it's pumping while your browsing!
As always thanks for visiting my blog!

Review|Ministry of Sound: Classics (2006)

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Various Artists

Another compilation from the Ministry it has 3 CD's, it is unfortunate though that the compilation seemed to be house-centric. One could argue that the classics are not made up of house music only... are there no classics from other genres? Well of course there are... Maybe a more fitting title would be House Classics. Another thing is the mixing I'm pretty certain this one was done by a PC, or a DJ that lacked skills I mean some of the transitions were pretty abrupt and the album wasn't as smooth as I would have liked. If you're going to do a soddy job at mixing might as well release the damned thing in an unmixed track by track format. When the feeling of nostalgia wears off you'll be left with a poorly mixed house-centric CD(s) filled with 'old skool' floor fillers. The mixing doesn't do justice to these tracks.

Review|Alive (2006)

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Kate Ryan

Kate Ryan has a new album out it's entitled 'Alive'. Well all I can say is if you like euro-vocal dance music you will enjoy some tracks of this album. Personal biases aside this album seems like a solid release for the young artist. The French versions are a nice bonus as well... although I don't speak French I'm sure the fans from France will appreciate these.

New Slide..

Ok I figured people were getting tired of seeing my face scrolling on my blog so I decided to add an extra slide the pics are taken from my 'Birthday Weekend' :o)

8 Down 11 To Go...

I've got 11 more albums/compilations to finish reviewing [take a peek at the music section and the ones without links are to be done]. I've been rotating around these albums for the past week or so and already have some drafts written up for some of them. Hopefully I finish up these reviews within the week, or I might put them off for when I go traveling so that I've something to do when I can't sleep. The 8 reviews I posted today were an on and off work in progress so they may have been hastily posted. As always comments and suggestions are welcome.

Review|Ministry of Sound: Bigtunes X-Rated (2006)

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Various Artists

I dunno why they put X-rated on the title? I mean is it because it has some tracks mixed in a harder fashion? Well honestly most of these tracks you probably have already some of them date as far back as 2004 and yet some are from last and this year. I guess MoS expects this to be for their harder edged audience. Honestly the only song that made me wake up [yeah I was actually at the point of dozing off on this album while giving it a listen] was 14th Precint's - All Out Of Love [Uniting Nations Remix] this is one of those singles you'll hate to love [sort of like Phat Beach from last year] it's a remix of an old song which I don't know who did the orig of [I'll probably have to ask my bro] anyway these sort of remixed oldies always tug on my interest I guess it's a sense of nostalgia that gets me I mean I know the song and the tune so listening to an amped up or danced up version isn't as bad for m…

Review|Ordinary Day CDM (2006)

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Judge Jules

I love this track!!! Cara Dillon does a superb job on vocals and the production on this track is top notch! I like the Fabio Stein and Karl G mixes, but the dirtier sounding Mde Mix is growing on me as well. I hope I can get his artist album soon!

Review|Martyr CDM (2006)

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Depeche Mode

One of the most enduring groups of all time IMO. Depeche Mode is back with another single Martyr this CDM features 6 tracks [Original, 4 Mixes by PvD, Booka Shade Dub]. I like the original single, PvD's Dub Vox Mix and the Booka Shade Mix. The other mixes aren't bad but these are my faves from this CDM.

Review|Crazy Itch Radio (2006)

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Basement Jaxx

Another fun filled album from Basement Jaxx, I can see a lot of different musical influences here it's a healthy mix of house, pop, electro, salsa, latin beats. Listening to this album made me, thump my foot on the ground and bob my head a bit. Grab this album.

Review|The Hits and Beyond (2006)

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Dannii Minogue

Ok this album is filled with old and new tracks from Kylie's younger sister Dannii. Admittedly they sound very very much alike. Basically if you like gay house or Kylie's stuff you might enjoy this album. I have a mood for these types of songs and today isn't one of them I guess. Again I'm not knocking this album or the genre. It's just not my bag baby... :P

Review|Love You More Vinyl (2006)

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Armin van Buuren ft. Racoon
This single from Armin is awesome of course I am biased towards the vocal version ;o) I'm sure this will be appearing in compilations pretty soon.
Been Away Too Long...
And Everyday I Missed You More...
Oh You Look Like You Did Before, Only Prettier...
Everyday I Love You More...

Review|The Thrillseekers pts. Night Music Vol. 1 (2005)

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Various Artists - mixed by The Thrillseekers
Got this album a few weeks ahead of CREAM Halloween Ball 2006. Well wasn't surprised that most of the tracks on this compilation I already have. Again it is a welcome addition to my library but nothing really compares to hearing it live. Pity most of these tracks were not played during CREAM. Still we can catch a glimpse of his mixing brilliance and track selecting skills with this album.

Review|Earth Mover (2006)

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Cosmic Gate
Ok ok I know I haven't been posting any reviews of late, have been really busy but here I am again! :)
Now on with this album. Trance and Electro fans will rejoice with this serving from Cosmic Gate. Come to think of it I haven't really heard from 'em since way back. So this album is very much welcome be prepared to thump your feet and move your body though as this album has definitely got ummph! Definitely not for sipping some drinks and relaxing... Again highly unlikely it will get airplay or even floor play here in Manila so go and grab it, slap it into your media player of choice and listen to it.

Salted Sunday Afternoon 11/09 + Steve Lawler 12/08

Just got an email from drivenmanila, albeit it's unsolicited email [I don't recall registering on this site] they have some pretty interesting stuff, check out the flyers which I've posted bellow...


Hopefully I'm in town for this one!!!
Also: Steve Lawler will be flying in on the 8th of December... wow early Christmas eh! Yeah! Phil. Trade venue sucks though... :o(

Hop on over to drivenmanila and get on their database for more info on gigs/events.

Happy Anniversary

Happy 1st Year Anniversary to Tiu and Cams
The FORCE Will Be With You Always...

Gadget Lust: FSC PocketLoox T830

Ok I am lusting for a new gadget again... yes it's a pocket pc phone again... I'm talking about the Fujitsu Siemens Loox T830, specs are amazing and the reviews look promising... I am unsure if I can take the plunge down to sub qVGA though [it has a 240x240 screen resolution]. It's being sold for HKD 6,230 [exclusive of shipping and taxes] over at Expansys HK, pity this baby wasn't out when me and my bro were in HK a few weeks back!

Homeward Bound

Had dinner and coffee with Tiu and Cams, 3rd wheel again hehe, on my way home to get some much needed rest still ill but feeling a bit better. Next week promises to be a crazy one. Mondays always comes to soon.


Something drinks at Piedra! Living for the Weekend!


Japanese food!

Buzz Kill

I'm fucking ill and it's a definite buzz kill. Spent most of the daw working online with Ven. I'm trying to drink lot's of water to fight off this bout of coughs and sniffles.

Chiling At Chili's

Saturday 1am

Two old friends

Meet again

Waiting for the Weekend

Ah it's that time of the week that we've all been waiting for! Hold on for just a few more hours. We shall be free soon!

Poker @ Belle's

Poker Night!

Paying Homage

Respecting the dearly departed.

Halloween @ 33 Kennedy

Pumpin' Party @ 33 Kennedy. If you ain't here... Sucks to be you!

Photo V

Veran with his NIKON D70s