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Executive Report [thoughts on the O2 XDA Executive]

Ok here goes my review of the O2 XDA Executive [aka HTC Universal], I know there are tons of reviews all over the net tackling this device but here's my take on this device.

The Exec boasts some awesome hardware specs... It has WiFi 802.11b [can be hacked to improve 802.11g connection] it has Bluetooth v1.2 [can be hacked to get A2DP [Advanced Audio Distribution Profile] and AVRCP [Audio-Video Remote Control Profile]. It has Infrared for older devices or if you don't feel like bothering with BT. It has a standard SDIO slot [Hooray!] It is Quadband GSM/GPRS and is the first Windows Mobile PocketPC Phone to feature 3G technology. It has 2 cameras 1 0.3MP for Video Telephony and a 1.3MP for pics and video at the back. Last but not least it has a standard 3.5mm Stereo Headset Jack, so you can use your fave high end earphones without a converter! All these bells and whistles come at the price of size and weight. This PPC Phone weights in at 285gms and has the following di…

24 Hours with the O2 XDA Executive...

Was really bored yesterday so I decided to trade-in my dopod 838, and got myself an O2 XDA Executive. Man the screen is gorgeous and it is way zippier than my 838. So far I'm am liking it it is way bigger and a bit heavier. I'm just about finished loading it up [some of my apps are not VGA aware yet though]. Will surely post more about it soon ;-)


Had a pretty long day today and I am really tired. Woke up at around 9am to go to our kiosk [got home around 4am from Chicane]. I'm currently taking a break from fixing my friend's notebook. I think I will finish that up on Tuesday [I am on duty at our kiosk tomorrow]. As promised I'll also make my Party Report on Tuesday. Well that's all for now I'm off to bed. Good Night Peeps!

Chican Live Tonight

Chicane is back in Manila! Will probably have a party report for you in a few days. Take note though that it seems that it will be jam packed at the World Trade Center in Pasay. I do hope that it is worth it IIRC the last time he was here he just played a few songs, this time the ticket prices have sky rocketed [we got tickets P1,200 at pre-selling and I hear P1,500 at the gates, and it's P20,000 for 8pax for the VIP] and I hear that BIGFISH even added another row of VIPs just to milk this event. Well what do you expect it's Chicane one of the more commercial Electronic Dance music acts there is. I think this event will be a smashing success compared to their abyssmal hed kandi gig 2 months back, I mean this time you have a certified ACT, not just some DJs off a roster of DJs... come to think of it maybe they lost a lot of money and are trying to recover with this event. I hope that I get my money's worth tonight.

My Today Screen Explained

Batti - This freeware application shows the battery charge.TodayTime - This freeware application is a highly customizable Date and Time plugin.O2 Operator Plug-in - Hacked this out of the O2 Plus application for O2 PocketPC Phones. PocketBreeze - This is a commercial app that shows your PIM info on your today screen. It has the ability to add other Today Plugins as custom tabs. It is skinnable. PocketWeather - Also from this app shows the weather. It is skinnable. Clock - This app is in beta it shows 4 skinnable and configurable clocks.Today Speed Dial - Hacked out of a Treo700w. Perfect for a short list of people you call often.Dinarsoft HandySwitcher - This is a task management application [to really close apps]NewMenuWM5 - This is a freeware application that allows you to add 'New' Items [same as pre WM5 'New' button] as well as make shortcuts to other applications.--
Here is a look at PocketWeather [#5]:

Here is a look a…

Salivating Over the VICTORINOX CyberTool 41

Came across this whilst browsing the VICTORINOX© Website it's called the CyberTool 41 wow this is one awesome looking multi-tool... It has 41, tools/functions... in such a small package, and it's not bad looking either. I mean I've been using VICTORINOX multi-tools way way back when I was a boyscout and I really love them. Damn I want one! Here is a list of the '41' functions.

large blade2.
small blade3.
can opener with5.
- small screwdriver 3 mm (also for Phillips screws)6.
cap lifter with7.
- screwdriver 6 mm8.
- wire stripper9.
reamer, punch10.
key ring, inox11.
sewing eye14.
wrench with15.
- female Hex drive 5 mm for D-SUB connectors16.
- female Hex drive 4 mm for the bits17.
- Bit Pozidrive 018.
- Bit Pozidrive 119.
case with20.
- Bit Slotted 4 mm21.
- Bit Phillips 222.
- Bit Hex 4 mm23.
- Bit Torx 824.
- Bit Torx 1025.
- Bit Torx 1526.
pressurized ballpoint pen27.
- also to set DIP-switches28.
pin, stainless steel29.
mini-screwdriver ( pat.)30.

Visit our Kiosk!

Haven't been blogging for awhile... been really busy with our mini-business. If you haven't dropped by maybe you can passby and take a look at our kiosk. Again it's on the 3rd floor of V-Mall we are located in front of Odyssey. See you there!


Hi there! We’d like to invite everyone to visit our kiosk! It’s located at Unit V-374 3rd Floor V-Mall at the Greenhills Shopping Center. Come on down and check out our very affordable gadgets and accessories.

Store Hours:
Sunday thru Thursday – 10am to 8pm
Friday to Saturday – 10am to 9pm

See you there!


A Virgin's Plea...Help this Guy Out!

[Update: 5/17/2006] AWWW! Sadly this was all a sick joke by some Canadian on his buddy... damn this was really funny pa naman. Oh well :o)

Click on the Image to help this guy get laid...

with this girl...

Waiting for the Weekend...

Ok ok it's already the weekend but with the workload that I have I long for it to officially kick-off [5:30pm this afternoon]... I am sure that I'll be doing some 'work' for our business venture over the weekend as we expect to open up our kiosk at V-MALL [Virramall] next week on Monday. I've had a lot on my mind lately; work related stuff [for our family business] and our business venture [GadgetGeeks] hopefully the time and moolah we invested in our little venture will pay-off! I'll keep you guys and gals posted on how the opening goes... really psyched but nervous as well! May the Force Be With US! Hehehehe ;o)


A few changes...
Added a Flickr Badge [mostly it's pics of me]
Fixed Up the QuickMenu
Change the Welcome Tune - Marcel Woods - Advanced

Review|TodayTime [PocketPC]

[Another space saving date/time plugin for your AKU2.0 WM5 Device!]
This one is by xda-dev user ei99070.
This plugin is even more customizable than LVM Time the user decides the size, format and alignment of date and time data. It can even have seconds and SWATCH INTERNET TIME. And the best part is it is free!
Syntax for TodayTime:
d Day of month as digits with no leading zero for single-digit days.
dd Day of month as digits with leading zero for single-digit days.
ddd Day of week as a three-letter abbreviation. The function uses the LOCALE_SABBREVDAYNAME value associated with the specified locale.
dddd Day of week as its full name. The function uses the LOCALE_SDAYNAME value associated with the specified locale.
M Month as digits with no leading zero for single-digit months.
MM Month as digits with leading zero for single-digit months.
MMM Month as a three-letter abbreviation. The function uses the LOCALE_SABBREVMONTHNAME value associated with the specified locale.
MMMM Month as it…

Tips & Tricks|Wireless or O2 Operator Plugin for WM5

Hey there here's another tip for WM5 PPC Phone Edition users:
Adding a Wireless or O2 Operator Plugin to your today screen.
PART I: Wireless Plugin

It shows Operator on the first line, WiFi [you have to use it once] and Bluetooth on the second line.
Things you need:
Reg Editor.Step 1: Input the Reg Keys
Step 2: Cycle the Power [Turn Device Off then On].
Step 3: Activate the plugin if it is not already activated.
Registry Entries [for Manual input]:
[HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Today\Items\"Wireless"] DLL=netui.dll
Selectability=2note: DLL is a String Value, all the rest are DWORD using DEC as DWORD Data.
PART II: O2 Operator Plugin

It shows operator, short day [i.e. Mon, Tue, etc], short Date [i.e. May 1].
Things you need:
The O2Plus Operator DLL.Reg Keys.Reg Editor.--
I have extracted the o2opr.dll from the O2 Plus Cab + Patch and made a reg entry to show it as a to…

Review|Ferry Corsten pts. Passport Kingdom of Netherlands (2005)

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artists: Various Artists [Mixed by Ferry Corsten]
This is a wonderful 2 Disc mix compilation by Ferry Corsten [aka System F]. Some really awesome trance tracks make up this release! Go out and get it you won't be dissapointed!
Trust in Trance!

Review|Ministry of Sound: Housexy Spring '06

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artists: Various Artists
Here's another installment of the MOS Housexy series. As the title states this is an album geared towards house music lovers. The compilation is made up of 2CDs with 15 tracks each. Some pretty sweet house tracks here. I'd say this would be perfect for the beach especially this summer season.

Review|Mission Impossible III (2006)

Category: Movies
Genre: Action/Espionage
Starring: Tom Cruise, Philip Seymour Hoffman, Ving Rhames

Ethan Hunt of the IMF is back, slowing things down a bit he stays on as an instructor, trying to live a normal life he intends to marry his girlfriend, but when his student gets caught by a nasty arms dealer he is thrust back into the game.

First off this movie is definitely fast paced and action packed, a plus for adrenaline junkies. As usual Mr. Hunt chose to accept the mission and in the end does the impossible [pardon the lame play on words]. I did find it lame however that this action/espionage movie became a boo-hoo-hoo mushy movie during some parts [I honestly though Mr. Hunt would jump up a car and start punching his fist in the air whilst laughing and screaming that he's in love ;-)]. I also can't help but think that JJ Abrams leant too much of an Alias feel to it [a LOST feel would not really be apt, would it?], I mean the main themes of the movie are sort of ripped out fro…

Friday Night Out...

Went to see MI3 [will probably do a review later] at Powerplant. We then went to Good Earth Roast also at Rockwell... since it was very hot we decided to move on to a different venue. Bamboo Lounge came up but it was full. So we ended up at Marina in GH, where they had Php 10.00 beer. Yes you read it right, 10 peso beer [local beers only]! I think the promo [which lasts until the 15th of May] goes something like this:
Regular price I think is Php 30.00
11:00pm ~ 12:00pm = Php 20.00 beers
12:01 ~ 1:00am = PhP 10.00 beers
1:01 ~ 2:00am = price goes back to Php 20.00
You would think this would bring in hoardes of customers but honestly last night was the first night I saw the place partially filled. The quality of the crowd is not so high of course... what do you expect from a place serving 10 peso beer.
Here are some pics [kodakgallery external]:

[Click the Image for More]

Review|LVM Time [PocketPC]

With the introduction of the AKU 2.0 ROMs MS made the Date plugin two lines, and display the time, they also removed the time on the taskbar and replaced it with a useless battery icon. MS said that the battery icon would be resolved in AKU 2.2 [there are reports that the O2 XDA ATOM has 2.2 and the clock is back where it was]. Now for the Date Plugin... two lines is a bit too much wouldn't you say just to show the date and time.

[MS's default Date Plugin a space hogger!]
Well xda-dev user levenum is here to save the day! He has made a small plugin LVMTime which compresses both DATE and TIME into 1 line, thus saving valuable Today Screen real estate!

[LVM Time: Simple, Small, Efficient]
For more info and to download the app: LVM Time [xda-dev thread]

Single and Not Knowing It...

In our recent out of town trip I was the ├╝ber 3rd wheel. 4 couples plus me. The sad thing was I never even noticed it until another buddy of mine mentioned it. Wow am I that clueless? I do know I don't want to be alone for the rest of my life and I do feel lonely at times, well that's a given I guess. I really can't blame anyone cause I haven't been actively searching for a gf either... Hmmm maybe its time that I do heck I'm not getting any younger. I'm pretty sure there is someone out there for me. The hard part is finding her hehehe. Hmmm someone has turned off our WiFi AP, probably my mom.. I guess this will go up on GPRS then.

Yosi Break!

Yosi Break!,
originally uploaded by bnycastro. I'm taking well deserved yosi break from my hectic day. Been really busy the whole morning with lot's of work stuff. I'm currently listening to MOS: Housexy Spring 2006 and I hope to have a review up soon (maybe this weekend).

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday
Jax Wong
May the Force Be With You...

Review|Ministry of Sound Dance Nation 2006

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artists: Various Artists
Here is another compilation from the guys and gals at MoS. It has 2 CDs of 20 tracks each, it's a pretty pleasant mix of house, dance and some trance tunes as well. Basically a sampler of dance tunes. Something to note is that some of the singles on this compilation have already been featured in their Clubber's Guide to 2006, albeit some of them are different mixes. There are some gems in here that will definitrly be worth your while, overall a good release IMO.
Tracks to Watch:
Joey Negro - Make a Move On Me
Mish Mash ft Lois - Speechless
Hi Tack - Say Say Say (Waiting 4 U)
Tom Novy ft Michael Marshall - Your Body
The Disco Boys ft Manfred Mann's Earth Band - For You (Club Mix)
Naughty Boy - Phat Beach (I'll Be Ready)(Uniting Nations Mix)
Stu Allan - A Feeling (Aaron McClelland Vocal Remix)
Filter Funk - Message in a Bottle (Delano and Crockett Remix)
Natural High - Live For One Day (Morjac Extended Mix)
Solu Music …

La Union '06

Just got back from La Union for the long weekend! Had a lot of fun even if it was very very hot! Thanks Bel for a great weekend!
I would post more pics but there are a lot of pics that are not for the public eye... so I'll just be sending the link to the albums to everyone concerned.