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Kindle vs iBooks

eBooks: Kindle vs iBooks.

Price = for some reason Kindle books have a USD 2 markup for non-US residents. Point goes to iBooks

Accessibility = Kindle wins this hands-down it's on most platforms. iBooks is locked to Apple, some iBooks require an iPad, not sure if it will work on iBooks OSX.

Enhanced Ebooks = On Kindle, I sent a sample to my iPhone but got an error when trying to play audio. App told me to re-download, did it twice no luck - not sure if this is because it's a sample. Could not send sample of iBooks because I don't have an iPad,  there is no option to send sample to iBooks OSX.

I am leaning towards getting all 3 enhanced ebooks making of original trilogy star wars on Kindle.

SMART data has been terrible lately

So SMART data has been terrible lately (at home & at the office) for about a week now. I have been tweeting them and also sent in an email. I got their standard response:
1. Sorry
2. Restart your phone
3. Monitor

Their twitter staff informed me there was no service interruption in my area.
My bill is fully paid.
I get better speed at the mall & some parts of EDSA so it's not my phone.

So I have to say it's a network issue, are the new buildings along shaw messing up my reception? If so SMART should really add more cell-sites.

I have mentioned in another post that it had been 10 months since they launched LTE and still I have no coverage at home or at the office. I have been monitoring their LTE coverage page and it seems there have been no sites added in the past months that would benefit me.

So my complaints have been sent via twitter and email, I am not sure when or if SMART will even add more cell-sites. My fear is they take…


Below is my letter sent to SMART to dated today 26-October-2013 Saturday at 2:30PM.
I have removed the SR number, my mobile and account number before posting this.
======== Dear SMART, 
I do not appreciate being lied to. 
Last June, when my 6 month contract with SMART ended I went to your Shangri-la branch because I wanted to downgrade or switch my Unlidata 1500 to an iPhone plan 999. I was informed this was not possible and that I had to stay on 1500 if I wanted Unlidata. I had no other option. It was the cheapest Unlidata plan they had. That's that. 
24-October-2013, Thursday — I went to SMART Megamall because I wanted to complain about the lack of LTE coverage and inquire about a new line for work, and tried once again. Again I got the "you have no other plan to go to” speech. He explained that iPhone plan 999 was bundled with a phone and could not be applied to my plan unless I wanted to cancel my current plan and get a new phone. I did not want…

The New Job/s

I'm currently working for a real-estate company which we are investors in.

My official designation is assistant marketing manager, since I would
like to save the starting company some money I am also taking on the
duties of the IT department (which for now are very minor) for said
company. The company can hire a full time IT guy when the need arises
but for now kegaw ko na muna kung ano kaya.

So I registered a domain with and used promo code REV10 to
get a discount on the registration cost.

For email hosting I decided to go with Microsoft's which
is free (for now). I made a few email addresses for the meantime,
limit is 50.

Honestly I would have preferred Google Apps but since it is no longer
a free service I went with outlook. I have a grandfathered-in account
for Google Apps which I had linked to unfortunately the
domain registration for that had expired and it is now being squatted
on by some Koreans (according to whois) -- the…