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SMART data has been terrible lately

So SMART data has been terrible lately (at home & at the office) for about a week now. I have been tweeting them and also sent in an email. I got their standard response:
1. Sorry
2. Restart your phone
3. Monitor

Their twitter staff informed me there was no service interruption in my area.
My bill is fully paid.
I get better speed at the mall & some parts of EDSA so it's not my phone.

So I have to say it's a network issue, are the new buildings along shaw messing up my reception? If so SMART should really add more cell-sites.

I have mentioned in another post that it had been 10 months since they launched LTE and still I have no coverage at home or at the office. I have been monitoring their LTE coverage page and it seems there have been no sites added in the past months that would benefit me.

So my complaints have been sent via twitter and email, I am not sure when or if SMART will even add more cell-sites. My fear is they take the "pwede na yan" (that's ok) route since they are the biggest network and currently their competitor Globe is even worse off than they are.

So I am stuck with SMART because GLOBE is even worse. #thirdworldproblems


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I just wanted to share some stuff I learned over at xda-dev's forum today.
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