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De-activated My Facebook Account // Suck it Zuckerberg

As Lando once said: This deal is getting worse all the time… Yep there was a time that facebook was the most private of the networks. That day has long passed and we have seen facebook do little to help it’s users to protect their privacy and their content. I’m a fairly tech/web savvy person and even I got confused with how facebook privacy kept on changing for the worse. I really really hated how facebook kept on hi-jacking links. I also did not appreciate the LIKE system spreading like a cancer all over the WWW. So this morning:
I removed ALL my LIKES (there were A LOT over the years) changed all my interests to “Facebook Privacy Sucks”deleted my mobile numbers and finally de-activated my account.The only downside that I am seeing is that I don’t have access to the company facebook account, like it or not, facebook is the biggest social network out there and you would be fool if you did not want your brand on there.
I might re-activate my account to get access to my company facebook …