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Sun Call & Surf Unlimited // Speedtest // Mandaluyong

Sun Finally Caved!

SUN CELLULAR has agreed to my demands and I now have a Call & Surf Unlimited SIM card without the handset and a reduced lockout period of 12 months instead of 24. I am just waiting for it to go live so I can start using it with the 3GS and start disseminating my new number to my friends. The Sun rep says it’ll take a max of 24hrs so it should go live at around noon tomorrow.

Sun Saga Coming To A Close

Hello readers! Guess what? I receive a call the other night from Ms.
Mario (Sun Business Center GH) and she has informed me that my request
for call & surf unlimited without the handset and with a reduced
lockout period has finally been approved. It took them awhile but I am
happy with the outcome.I hope to get my SIM card on Tuesday when I get back from my trip.

Cake 

Got a piece of hizon's chocolate cake from my guama the other day as
she greeted me happy birthday. I said thanks but she shouldn't have.Her reply: e alam ko wala lang girlfriend na magbibigay sa iyo kaya
binilhan kita.Toink!Guama 1 - Bny 0

Never Fade Away

John O’Callaghan Feat. LO-FI Sugar – Never Fade Away

Never fade away
Never fading out
Stars aren’t so bright
When you’re not here
I’ll wait forever my dear

Your light, your light
Your light, your light
May never disappear

Carry on through the night
Tomorrow you’ll find
A healed heart and a calming mind
A ray of light this world will not decline

Review|Amazon Kindle App for iPhone

I love to read but I don’t think I can justify getting a standalone device just for eBooks. I still have dozens of books for Microsoft Reader or in PDF on my WM device. Besides I’ve always loved the idea of convergence so getting a Kindle is not high on my priorities. Enter the Amazon Kindle App for iPhone.The Amazon Kindle costs USD 279 sans SHiT (Shipping, Handling including Taxes) well they have an iPhone App so I think I can forgo getting the hardware. The app itself is pretty simple.You have font size options (always appreciated)and the ability to lock reading mode in landscape or portrait. Also options to change the font color. The App also syncs up your last read page to Amazon’s WhisperNet cloud using WhisperSync which is ideal if you have the Kindle hardware. So I guess if Oprah is able to jedi mindtrick me into buying the reader then my books will be synced up and ready for reading.What’s missing of course is text-to-speech function but seriously who wants a robot reading yo…

The 3G Battle of Mandaluyong

Globe Visibility:With speed likes this I pity the fool who signed up for a 2 year plan with Globe Visibility. It’s GPRS for heaven’s sake. Good thing I got in on pre-paid. Cellular:The youngest and smallest network Sun Cellular fared better. I am considering getting Sun Call & Surf Unlimited ~ P999/month for unlimited Calls & SMS Sun-to-Sun plus unlimited data. :SMART posted the best results among the 3 carriers. I think it is the only one who was able to reach 3G speed. No luck with HSDPA though. were done using an iPhone 3GSTest location:Pricing:Globe Visibility: P5 / 15minSun Cellular: P10 / 30minSmart: P10 / 30minConclusion:Without a doubt SMART comes out on top in terms of speed. Both SMART and SUN stayed connected for the most part. Globe Visibility had the most miserable experience. It should be noted that a lot of factors affect speed. The network, location, interference, signal strength, netw…

Globe Visibility HSDPA @ 6kb/sec

This is a travesty…System: MSI Wind U123H Windows 7 RC1 32bitLocation: Mandaluyong CityGLOBE YOU SUCK!!!

Vote for Shen Mao by Radrad Co to be your next MIMIBOT

Vote for Shen Mao by Radrad Co to be your next MIMIBOT:

Tips & Tricks|Creating iPhone Ringtones

Here is a painless way of getting your fave MP3 ringtones on your iPhone.
What you need:
MP3 Song iTunes Part 1: Prepare iTunes
Fire up iTunes > Edit > Preferences > General (tab)

Click Import Settings Make sure AAC Encoder is selected (you may change the quality as desired)

Part 2: Preparing the MP3 file
Locate the track you want to create into a ringtone, Right Click then Get Info, Options (tab)

Modify Start and Stop time to shorten the track (this is not permanent so don't worry, I find 30 - 45 seconds is more than enough for a ringtone) Once you have the part you want click OK.

Now right click the track again but this time select create AAC version

The converted track (AAC) should appear below your track but this will be shorter, select that then click Show in Windows Explorer

Show in Windows Explorer
Select the m4a file > Hit F2 (Rename) > Change the extension to m4r

Double click the file and it should show up under Ringtones in iTunes

Part 3: Sync the Ringto…