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check out these great looking weather widgets for your windows 7 pc :o)

Star Trek Girl - Music Video

Be Accurate With Your Venues / Spots

Location based services is a lot of fun, and I like that people are
getting in on it.It's crowd sourced and thus creates the problem of inaccurate venues / spots.

2.2Gb of data

I doubt this is very accurate

palm Treo Pro: Battered & Bruised

palm Treo Pro: Battered & Bruised VIEW SLIDE SHOWDOWNLOAD ALL Here is my very battered and bruised palm treo pro. 2 years plus of usage can do this to a device… I am considering retiring this for good (while it is still functioning) and moving GPS duties to a different Windows Mobile device. Unfortunately there aren’t a whole lot of choices any more.

The Clone Wars: "Overlords" - Season 3 Ep. 15 Preview Clip #2

thanks the maker!!! qui gon jinn returns in the clonewars

I'm A Denier

I wonder if my GPS is getting weaker

Might be due to clouds but I’ve been experiencing this a lot on my TreoPro

Lazy Teenage Superheroes - Short Film

this short is awesome!

RIngtones|Imperial March Rage Mix

Imperial March Rage Mixif you’re wondering it’s from the game Force Commander

Is @shwood in WeCity?

STAR WARS Blu-Ray now has an ETA! Yesss!!!

Ringtones|Fringe 80s Style

Are you following the pattern?
Fringe 80s Style MP3 // M4R
Fringe will be back soon!!! This is the 80’s style intro from one of the episodes in season 2

Play Alert Tones Ten Times

More iOS 4.3 beta 1 stuff...I know a few people who'd benefit from this. Now if only Apple allowed
custom SMS alerts. I'd be a happy camper if they allowed custom email
& calendar alerts. The default ones are either too soft or too boring
to be useful.I doubt we'll see that in 4.3 may be it will be a tent pole feature in iOS 5?

Hong Kong Primer

Money and Modes of Payment
The HKD is pegged at 7.7HKD per USD.
I usually buy HKD locally and bring extra USD. It's best to exchange by 100USD only don't exchange all your USD. The hotel or airport or even banks can change this for you (although banks charge a small fee).
Also swipe when you can. I prefer to swipe with big amounts so I get points and my cash is not depleted for shops that do not honor plastic.
Octopus card this is like a pre-paid debit card used for transportation and paying in shops I'd advise getting 1 as it makes things much more convenient.
To and From the Airport - I suggest riding CitiFlyer bus [HKD40.00/adult] if you are not in a hurry. Check where you are staying then look for where to get off here.

MTR - this is the HKG tube system very convenient although it gets congested during rush hour. …

iOS 4.3 beta 1 AppStore Updates

Looks like this section is still under construction. For some reason version changes of the app descriptions are not there anymore.

Can I have an 8oz Black Coffee, Please

I’ve decided to switch to fluid ounces instead of following Starbucks crazy and totally stupid cup naming convention. I’ve been ordering using their short, tall, grande, venti scheme for so long that I fear it might take some time to un-learn this bullshit naming system.Can I have an 8oz Black Coffee, Please.If you are reading this blog post I hope you join me in de-programming yourselves from Starbucks marketing.

Browser Bloat?

Hello Chromepuffs!!! If you live on the interwebs then you certainly interact with your browser on a daily basis. Heck it's probably the most frequently used application on your system.  Sometimes though the browser suddenly becomes sluggish and unresponsive for no apparent reason. Websites load very slowly and other issues crop up.Well here’s a DIY solution that might help out in situations like this. Clear browser data. In Chrome 10.0.634.0 dev:Click the Wrench, then Options, Type “Clear” into the Search bar then click Clear browsing data


I’ve been waiting for this to get released ever since I first heard it on Above & Beyond’s TATW well at last it’s here and I’m really enjoying this track. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again Arty is one talented DJ/Producer. Oliver Smith amazing as always on remix duties. I’d rank this as a very close second for Jan 2011 top track. Number 1 goes to Kyau & Albert’s Barbizon which I blogged about earlier.You can get Zara from

Speedtest iPhone 4 personal hotspot

on the iPhone
on the Notebook via WiFi

Review|Kyau & Albert - Barbizon

Kyau & Albert, are starting 2011 with an uplifting progressive trancer in Barbizon. It’s just been released on (14-Jan-2011) and I recommend you get it as soon as possible.
Trust in trance!

Ghetto ear hooks

Attached rubber bands to the end of my frames so I could hook them to my ears.

iPhone Stylus

Glif iPhone 4 stand & tripod mount

Too bad can't be used w/ cases still a good addition to anyone's accessory bag (or vest)

Sent from my Palm® Treo™ smartphone.

Darth Vader USB

My 2nd Vader USB from mimoco.

My glif has arrived

My 30,000th Tweet

DENKAT Electronic Cigarette

DENKAT Electronic Cigarette VIEW SLIDE SHOWDOWNLOAD ALL I got this from Marc (thanks again bro) it’s really cool and smokeless. I have been trying it out all day today and so far I have not been craving for regular cigarettes.

Polar Buff

If you follow me on twitter you know I lost my trusty NORTHFACE scarf when I was trying out hats at H&M. Well I got a replacement scarf meet my Polar Buff.It’s a multi-use piece of clothing which is simple, ingenious and very practical.Polar Buff VIEW SLIDE SHOWDOWNLOAD ALL

3HKG iPhone Result

Globe, SMART & Sun should be ashamed. Here is the speed I get for 3 HKG.
Begin forwarded message:

From: Vincent Benedict Castro <>
Date: January 2, 2011 8:55:26 PM GMT+08:00
To: <> iPhone Result

Test Date: January 2, 2011 8:53 PM
Connection Type: Cellular
Server: Hong Kong
Download: 5.90 Mbps
Upload: 3.22 Mbps
Ping: 107 ms

External IP:
Internal IP:
Latitude: 22.3172
Longitude: 113.9306

A detailed image for this result can be found here:

Ookla operates using a massive global infrastructure to
minimize the impact of Internet congestion and latency. With over a
million tests performed every day across hundreds of servers, is the ultimate resource for bandwidth testing and
related information. Visit it on your computer today to find out why.

Breakfast by the pier

Walking Around Pak Kok

Been up since 7am. Got bored so I decided to walk around north point.