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What Will Be My Next Device?

It is that time of the year again when devices are being announced and are coming to market. But at the moment I don't have a whole lot of choices.

So far it's neck to neck for the hp iPAQ 900 series and the palm Treo Pro both devices have impressive specifications but these specifications are almost identical to my current device the HTC TyTN2. We can interpret this 2 ways. 1 the TyTN2 is an awesome device which is hard to replace. 2 device makers are resting on their rumps and not innovating. I think it will be a mix of both trains of thought. So why am I even considering plunking down the moohlah to buy a new device if the specs are not so different from my current device? Well the answer is in the form factor... and because I like new and shiny toys [errr... tools].

With my TyTN2 I had a bigger keyboard but it definitely required 2 hands to operate efficiently. I do love the tilting screen and use it on a daily basis. I would like to report that after close to 10 months of u…

Mobile Devices from HTC, palm, hp, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Apple and others

Taiwanese super company HTC has the following devices either in the stores or in the works: HTC Touch Diamond, HTC Touch Diamond Pro, HTC S740. These are all updates to their devices. I am not too sold on the square and hard edge fingerprint magnet finish of these new devices. I am curious if they will be updating the Shift line. HTC is a really aggressive Windows Mobile device maker so their devices will be a part of their total business. It is interesting to see that they have been selected to make the Google Android powered T-mobile device codename: HTC Dream.

palm is coming out with a shiny new Treo for GSM markets in the Treo Pro [Treo 850] and the web is a buzz with this newest Treo. While this device has shined the limelight albeit momentarily on the palm camp I don't think this is enough for them to be competitive again. I really think they should put out their next OS and get ODMs to license it, if not may be they should close the OS part of the business and start c…

Snickers Dark

Snickers Dark
Originally uploaded by bnycastro Yummy!

Vincent Benedict P. Castro / Bny / 王清河
Sent from my HTC S730 Windows Mobile® phone.

Review|HTC S730 [Online Version]

Review|HTC S730By: Vincent Benedict P. Castrohttp://bnycastro.blogspot.comI was in Hong Kong a few weeks back and decided to buy an HTC S730 aka HTC Wings not to be confused with the T-mobile Wing which is also made by HTC. This is a Windows Mobile Standard device which in layman's terms simply means non-touch screen. --Specifications:Windows Mobile® 6 StandardQualcomm MSM 7200 400Mhz64Mb RAM / 256Mb ROM2.4in 240x320 non touch screen 802.11b/g WiFiGSM/GPRS/EDGE [850/900/1800/1900] UMTS [2100]Bluetooth 2.0 EDR [A2DP/AVRCP]12 Key Keypad / QWERTY Sliding Keyboard0.3MP [front] + 2MP [rear] CameraHTC ExtUSB microSDHC expansion1050 mAH batteryWeight: 150g with batteryDimensions: 105.8mm x 51 mm 19.4 mm--Package Contents:HTC S7301050 mAH batteryUSB Sync CableAutovolt AC Adapter [HKG/UK plug]Wired HeadsetCarry PouchDocumentationGetting Started CDSpritebackup CD--Foreword: I bought the HKG WWE version so I got a device with CHN read/write built in aside from the ENGLISH. I tried to write a…

Review|HTC S730 [1.09Mb PDF format]

I decided to do my review in PDF because it was easier to type and layout in Word compared to here on blogspot.



I will see if I can post it direct to my blog but for now it'll be available via PDF only.

Trance Thursdays

What Could Be My Next Primary Device

I've said goodbye to my Nokia N6267 and got a 2ndary Windows Mobile device an HTC S730 for my SUN Cellular SIM. I've flashed it to Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard [read: Smartphone] because I felt that the WM6.1 Std brought more benefits to the touchscreen less mobile OS from Microsoft. So far I am *content* with the feature set of the device, I do admit I haven't started with my review of it yet, because I've been slacking off on the reviews.

Ok so my 2ndary mobile is covered for at least a few months [or weeks]. What about my primary device? I am still using my trusty HTC TyTN 2 which I have also updated to Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional. In a month or two it'll be 1 year old which is pretty long for me to stay on 1 device. Sadly there still isn't anything that I am overly excited about.

I admit that the 3G iPhone has me curious but I know it won't do as a primary device. It could act as an hyper connected Entertainment MID but not my main mobile. Of course …

Calvin and Jobs

saw this on GIZMODO... LOL!

Treo Pro Images Leaked!

TreoCentral has some screen caps of a flash presentation from palm. Looks like the GSM version of the Treo 800W. No word on release date and pricing.

I suspect an EU release then US [AT&T] before World Wide. Because: Sprint just got the 800W so they will probably be given time to sell those.

Sick Bean

I've been sick for the last few days... Not entirely feeling 100% right now. Been having fever, headaches and stomach aches. We have a long weekend and I hope I can take advantage of it by resting a lot.

Darth Device

I've made my device DARTH :D

1. Black Theme + Darth Vader Orientation Aware Backgrounds [self made]
2. Black Crystal Case + Imperial insignia

3. Imperial Themed alerts and sounds
4. Tie Fighter Attack Ringtone
5. Lightsaber sliding keyboard sound

Tips & Tricks|Adding Custom Sliding Sounds to Your HTC TyTN2

We can easily add/customize the sliding keyboard sound on your HTC TyTN2 [or other Kaiser variants].

First we need 2 WAV files. I have named them 3_in.wav and 3_out.wav to follow how the other sounds are named [you can see this in the registry].
0 = wind chimes
1 = piano
2 = xylophone

Now copy both WAVs to \Windows on your device

Now some very lite registry editing and we will be done soon:
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


[you may copy the code to notepad and save as .reg and import it to your device registry]

Lastly go to Start > Settings > SlidingSound and select it from the drop down and tap Ok.

You can see it in action bellow:

I suspect that this trick may also be used with other HTC sliders let me know if you tested it out :D

Kneel Before JOBS!!!

Pinoy infidels prepare to pay homage and worship the ruler of the world: JOBS!

JOBS takes what he wants and demands your obedience for this he will let you live and just may be, allow your sorry fanboi ass to get your 3G iPhone via Globe Telecom his Philippine minion.


Olympic FAIL!

This is really embarassing! EPIC FAIL!

BSOD! Damn! I hope the Olympic committee is using a genuine copy of Windows OS hehehe. I used to dabble in pirated OS I always had these BSOD problems. Now with genuine I don't get em or get em uber rarely. One of the reasons I've always insisted genuine OS nowadays is it's less of a hassle!

Google Mail is Wise

Try this out... add a . (dot) in between any of the characters to a GMail address you are sending to and it get's sent to the address you intended.

Actual address:
Send to:

GMail is WISE!!!

GLOBE x Apple 3G iPhone Lands on August 22, 2008

A little over a month delayed compared to other markets but finally the Philippines will be getting the much talked about 2nd Generation Apple iPhone. If you are confused... it's the 3G version. GLOBE Telecom is selling the iPhone exclusively, as we don't have Apple stores here [Apple stores you see are just authorized dealers/distributors/service centers not run by Apple Inc]. It's good too see that Globe is prepared to offer the iPhone to almost everyone. They even have a Pre-Paid Kit for silly folk who want to pay full price for the unit. There is no doubt in my mind that this will sell well it's an a friggin' iPhone for Steve's sake!

Still on the fence about the iPhone? Have you considered these?
1. Input? -- Limited input. No HW keyboard, no hand writing recognition.
I am still not convinced about the finger only interface, as a matter of fact, I have been playing around with the iPod Touch [my brother owns an 8Gb model] and I am not having the best of time…

08-08-08 Weekend

Still haven't fully recovered from my HKG outing last week been busy building LEGO and tinkering with my new phone. Pretty laid back weekend... Lady luck was with me when I tried to flash my device though and I am now running Windows Mobile 6.1 Standard (Smartphone) on my HTC S730.

Flashed my HTC S730 to WM6.1
Had coffee and dimsum with ChiLyn

Hotpot dinner at Venice

Movie - The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor (review to follow)
Moksha with Jorell
Sent from my Windows Mobile® phone.

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday
Abe Veran
Kathryn Ching
Izhia Marie Chua Yap
May the FORCE Be With You...Sent from my Windows Mobile(R) phone.--
Vincent Benedict Py Castro / Bny / 王清河The FORCE Will Be With You Always...
via Google webmail

Review|Din Tai Fung [Tsimshatsui, Hong Kong]

Thanks to my good friend Wesley for the tip about this great restaurant.

Located at:
Shop 130, 3F Silvercord, 30 Canton Road
Tsimshatsui, Kowloon, Hong Kong SAR

web: Din Tai Fung

I really enjoyed the porkchop with noodle soup the meat was tender and not tough. The noodles firm and the soup savory.

The main thing you should try is the Xiao Long Bao... The skin was not thick and the meat and soup was hot so be careful.

The Siu Mai is great too!

The Yang Chow Fried Rice had generous helpings of fresh shrimp... which is divine!

Over all this was a great dining experience. If you have time be sure to drop by and eat your fill of xiao long bao :D

Meet Customs Officer Ottoman Mamardo

We got in late from HKG because our flight was delayed. We landed and taxied to Terminal 3 the 'new' one... A/C was really cold because there were so few people in the terminal. The walkalators were off the rest rooms were still clean, I think they've been on trials for the past few weeks or so? Immigration was fairly fast because again there was only 1 plane that landed.

Customs took a lot of time because we were harassed by a gentleman by the name of Ottoman Mamardo, a customs officer...He asked me to open my luggage and immediately went to the boxes. He saw the Canon G9 Box, the Jabra BT3030 box, the HTC S730 box and he wanted to tax them! I said that those were for personal use [because they are!] and he said that they're still taxable. He also wanted to tax the microSDHC memory card and even a CD from HMV. Suffice to say this officer was either on a power trip or just plain hungry, he said that I shouldn't buy abroad and buy locally? What the F is that???

Why do…