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Mobile Devices from HTC, palm, hp, Samsung, Sony Ericsson, Nokia, Apple and others

Taiwanese super company HTC has the following devices either in the stores or in the works: HTC Touch Diamond, HTC Touch Diamond Pro, HTC S740. These are all updates to their devices. I am not too sold on the square and hard edge fingerprint magnet finish of these new devices. I am curious if they will be updating the Shift line. HTC is a really aggressive Windows Mobile device maker so their devices will be a part of their total business. It is interesting to see that they have been selected to make the Google Android powered T-mobile device codename: HTC Dream.

palm is coming out with a shiny new Treo for GSM markets in the Treo Pro [Treo 850] and the web is a buzz with this newest Treo. While this device has shined the limelight albeit momentarily on the palm camp I don't think this is enough for them to be competitive again. I really think they should put out their next OS and get ODMs to license it, if not may be they should close the OS part of the business and start concentrating on branding and desinging devices, they could certainly stick with Windows Mobile but what is stopping them for trying Symbian or even Android?

I think one of the Windows Mobile device makers that really dropped the ball is hp. Their 600 and 900 series though bearing impressive specs really need to be pushed and marketed better to enterprise customers. I think they are lost in the consumer market unless they make their devices really cheap and are able to regain the flair of the iPAQ name. They totally screwed up the brand IMO.

Is being aggressive but I really can't get my head or my hands around their trackpad system I just feel that although it could be a novel way to navigate my device I would still stick with the traditional dpad. I guess I am old fashioned.

Sony Ericsson
They are coming out with the Xperia X1 their 1st Windows Mobile device. So along with Samsung and Motorola they will be the mainstream mobile phone companies that will be using some form of Windows Mobile.

Motorola seems to be in a rut. The Q was nice but I think it is about time to come out with something better. Maybe something with WiFi and GPS too? Every other phone that is released will most certainly have wifi atleast. They have to stay in the game, I won't buy the carrier arguement because some of the subsidised handsets do have WiFi. So Motorola has to do a better job developing devices. May be they should also try out different OS. Again: Windows Mobile Pro, Android, Symbian.

Well the big boy is still big. What can really be said about Nokia? They are coming out with more and more impressive devices. I do wish the Symbian OS matures a bit more and becomes a bit more open to developers. Nokia can learn a thing or two from Apple and the way they implemented the AppStore which I think is pure genius.

Apple's 3G iPhone is experiencing huge success even with the 3G issues and small niggles that shouldn't really be there. But they are Apple so they can get away with that. I find it interesting that there hasn't been an update to the iPod line. I do think that they will come out with a refresh of the shuffle, nano, and classic lines... the touch might get bumped too.
I always think that Apple is a computer company and their 1st phone would have it's issues too bad the 2nd coming isn't all that better. I must admit I was lusting for the 3G iPhone for a week or so but I've sinced come to my senses. Though there are a lot of things to like about the iPhone I think it will not do as my primary mobile. The cost and contract is preventing it from securing a MID/2ndary mobile status on my gear list.


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Tips & Tricks|Orientation Aware Backgrounds

I just wanted to share some stuff I learned over at xda-dev's forum today.
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tdywater_320_240.gif [Landscape Image] = 320 x 240 image
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