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The Game Of Drones

The USA vigorously defends their drone strikes on foreign soil as their unending "War On Terror" continues. 
Certainly the survivors of these drone strikes will grow up to love the USA and all things American. 
No vicious cycle of violence here. 

Name The Movies

Got this from my friend. Can you name all the movies?

Where Is Waze Traffic Data?

I was hoping Google would have integrated Waze traffic data for Manila into their Google Maps product by now. 

SMART needs to improve their network not sponsor more concerts.

the saddest part is that we have no choice: Globe is even worse than Smart.

Could the Nokia 630 Bring Windows Back Into My Pocket?

For my work phone I use the mid-range Samsung Galaxy S Duos 2 (GT-7582) it's dual-SIM. My personal phone is an iPhone 5S

I was listening to Windows Weekly 356 (2014 Build Dev Conference episode). One of the hosts mentioned the upcoming Nokia 630 phone.

And I am really intrigued. A dual-SIM Windows Phone! Long time Beanster Blog readers know that I had been a Windows Mobile user in the early years on the smartphone revolution.

I have been itching to jump back into the Windows Phone platform (my last device finally died this year, the palm Treo Pro) but I need a dual-SIM device. This Nokia may be my way in!

I am the un-official IT guy at work. Since Google Apps switched to the paid model. I opted to use Microsoft's free custom email hosting. Been using it for about seven months and I have no complaints. So aside from dual-SIM my work device needs to have Exchange support, I'm pretty sure a Microsoft product would have good Exchange, I need multiple accounts though. Not s…

[RUMOR] iPhone getting a bigger screen... yay or nay?

iPhone rumors and leaks are coming in, and since Apple is suing Samsung again. Some documents have become available and people are analyzing away... in the leaked court documents Apple admits that consumers want bigger screens (and more affordable iPhones) if we correlate this with the alleged drawings from a Japanese magazine from last month I think we can say that Apple is seriously considering bigger screens.

Personally I am not over the moon about a wider device, the rumored smaller size iPhone is as wide a LifeProof case which makes it acceptable for me, the bigger size iPhone is a bit taller and is closer to size to a Note 3, which is really too big to be a phone. I think Apple would not care if a huge iPhone eats into the iPad mini market.

Should Apple increase their screen size this round or should the company wait another cycle?
Judging by my friends who have moved on to Samsung I would say yes they need to do it this round. Should they release both sizes or stick with iPhon…

Work phone data usage

My 2nd month of free 300 Mb from Samsung & Globe expires tomorrow. Month 1 = 230 Mb
Month 2 = 208 MbAverage = 219 MbI'm not going to continue the prepaid service and will swap out the SIM for the sales hot line number. I think the Always On 300 (250 Mb / 30 days) flexibundle for freedom plan should be enough for emails and such since I have wifi in the office.