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[RUMOR] iPhone getting a bigger screen... yay or nay?

iPhone rumors and leaks are coming in, and since Apple is suing Samsung again. Some documents have become available and people are analyzing away... in the leaked court documents Apple admits that consumers want bigger screens (and more affordable iPhones) if we correlate this with the alleged drawings from a Japanese magazine from last month I think we can say that Apple is seriously considering bigger screens.

Personally I am not over the moon about a wider device, the rumored smaller size iPhone is as wide a LifeProof case which makes it acceptable for me, the bigger size iPhone is a bit taller and is closer to size to a Note 3, which is really too big to be a phone. I think Apple would not care if a huge iPhone eats into the iPad mini market.

Should Apple increase their screen size this round or should the company wait another cycle?
Judging by my friends who have moved on to Samsung I would say yes they need to do it this round. Should they release both sizes or stick with iPhone 5S (4in) & the smaller screen (4.7in) with the bigger screen (5.7in) reserved for next year?
I think two sizes is enough, 4 and 4.7, the 5.7 is too much for a phone.

Will the small size and bigger size have the same specs or would the smaller device be positioned as the more affordable unit (read: 100$ cheaper than the top of the line)?
If they do release both sizes I would like the specs to be the same, iPhone 5 can become their entry level unit. 

I don't think Apple will move their release cycle to mid-year again, so we have around five months to wrap our head around the idea of a two hand use iPhone, before we actually need to wrap our hands on them.

I plotted the dimensions of iPhone 5S, both rumored sizes, a LifeProof iPhone 5S case, Samsung Galaxy Note 3, and Galaxy S5. [link]

Do you think these rumors and leaks point to a bigger iPhone 6? How do you feel about it?

Drawings of Alleged 4.7-Inch and 5.7-Inch iPhone 6c Models Surface [Updated] (MacRumors)
Apple to unveil two new iPhones this year, claims another report (CNET)
The Six Juiciest Documents From the Apple-Samsung Trial This Week (recode)


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