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Taiwan // 25-Dec to 29-Dec 2009

Day 1 and 2 was spent in Tai Chung ~ Special thanks to Mr. Ho for driving us around. [Taichung Tambay]Day 3 and 4 was spent in Taipei – Special thanks to Mr. Andy Cheng for accompanying us. [Taiwan Beef Noodles]It was very cold for the last 3 days of this trip, around 12C at the lowest and 21C at the warmest.I guess the nearest place to compare it to is HKG.[Trivia: Taiwan is the home to Din Tai Fung famous for their Xiao Long Bao]I must say Taiwan did not disappoint the foodie in me. I think they have more variety of street foods vs HKG. I still adore cantonese cuisine but in the street foods category Taiwan wins by a mile. [Six (6) Kinds of Balls … delightful]They also have cheaper mobile data TW Mobile gives you unlimited data for 100NTD per day… I really wasn’t able to go around and check out electronics or gadgets but they definitely have cheaper devices vs the PH.[Taipei 101]As a side note. I saw a lot more cute women in Taipei vs 2 visits to HKG… just saying :P

Taiwan After 17 Years

In two days we go to Taiwan. I haven't been there in 17 years... I was grade 6 when I last went to the little island as I joined a month long study tour in Xavier.

I am excited about the food and of course the gadgets that Taiwan has to offer.

I am not to keen on the fact that we travel on the 25th as I expect the airport to be swarming with travelers. I have just checked the weather and it is definitely cold (well for me atleast)

The good news is I get to wear my vest hehe the bad news is I don't think that's enough I might get a pair of gloves later.

Twitter hacked????

Getting this: this website has been hacked by the iranian cyber army.

New ROM & New Wallpaper for my Treo Pro

Treo Pro is getting quite dated (11 months) and it has been chugging along with Windows Mobile 6.1 Professional. Fortunately the talented folks from the internets have figured out how to do a HARD SPL and cook ROMs for it. 
I have been using HeeChee's 28014 v2.0 Naked ROM for about a week now. It has a couple of issues here and there but it is breathing new life to my old device.
I have also gotten some new wallpapers from a forum and it is looking quite nice. If I do say so myself.

Climate Change Is A Lie! Al Gore is Evil!

So the debate is over and the science is in. The problem is the debate never happened and the science has been tampered with!Do you remember that the first meme was Global Warming? Yeah that wasn’t working because the world was actually getting cooler. So now we have climate change.Mr. Al Gore has been championing the cause and he has perpetuated one of the nastiest hoaxes ever. He stands to gain a substantial amount of money from cap & trade. A proposed non-solution to a non-existent problem. By the way CO2 is not bad for the environment, it is a naturally occurring compound that plants use in photosynthesis. Climate change scaremongers and the new world order fascists picked it because each of us produce it every time we exhale . Therefore each of us can be taxed for it. Carbon credits is the new currency for the new world order.Climategate scandal shows us hundreds of emails of UN backed IPCC scientists: tampering with data, mud slinging sceptics, hiding information. Thousands …

The 2 year mobile plan contract

I am truly against the lopsided contracts that we as consumers are forced to get into just to get mobile service.

Ever since I was able to get out of my Globe shackles I made it a point 1) to get a SIM only plan and 2) not to get the free phones that our operators use to bait us into getting trapped into a 2 year contract.

Unfortunately I had to sign up for a 1 year contract to get my call & surf unlimited from Sun cellular. Keep in mind that I had negotiated for 1 year without a handset down from 2 years with an unknown and unproven handset they were giving away for "free". Actually these free handsets are never free! If you do the math you will be paying more for the mobile. It's a total ripoff if you are like me who tends to change devices a lot.

Why has it become the norm to have 2 year service contracts I think it is too long. 12 or 18 months should be the maximum.

I am also confused on why our operators seem to give more benefits to Pre-paid users who are not in …