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The 2 year mobile plan contract

I am truly against the lopsided contracts that we as consumers are forced to get into just to get mobile service.

Ever since I was able to get out of my Globe shackles I made it a point 1) to get a SIM only plan and 2) not to get the free phones that our operators use to bait us into getting trapped into a 2 year contract.

Unfortunately I had to sign up for a 1 year contract to get my call & surf unlimited from Sun cellular. Keep in mind that I had negotiated for 1 year without a handset down from 2 years with an unknown and unproven handset they were giving away for "free". Actually these free handsets are never free! If you do the math you will be paying more for the mobile. It's a total ripoff if you are like me who tends to change devices a lot.

Why has it become the norm to have 2 year service contracts I think it is too long. 12 or 18 months should be the maximum.

I am also confused on why our operators seem to give more benefits to Pre-paid users who are not in any contract!!! So you've got us trapped for a year or two so you're going to shove us aside and give more rewards to the Pre-paid users who can stop paying you like yesterday? Horseshit!

If you are on smart Pre-paid you can do roaming as long as you have load but if you are a paying monthly subscriber (bellow plan 1800) you need to give a deposit to use their service. Retarded and discriminatory!

Simply put we are being screwed. Service isn't what they say it is yet we are charged (sometimes over charged) for it. Our regulators either don't care (and / or are probably paid off).

So it's upto us to decide with our peso. But usually it comes down to choosing the least evil.


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