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Tips & Tricks // Ninite Installer

If you have a Windows machine you should be using this nifty app.
Step 1: Go to
Step 2: Check the apps you use
Step 3: Save the installer and run it.

Step 4: Enjoy your apps without pesky toolbars!
By the way you can also use this installer to update your apps…

If you are not using ninite you are missing out!

Siri is getting more features

I still think that google does better voice recognition (especially for my less than stellar English accent) but it is good to see that AAPL is adding more features to the Siri app.

Review // Five Finger Death Punch / DeVas

Progressive trance duo Norin & Rad's Five Finger Death Punch is a progressive winner. And I can't help but bob my head, tap my feet and smile when I listen to this track. Nice and uplifting progressive trance.

DeVas the second track in this release is no slouch. I really like the piano and driving bass. I think both tracks deserve a place in my Essentials playlist.

You can grab it on iTunes

Review // White Clouds EP

Goran Juric AKA Talpa from Serbia has released a new EP. First up is the title track White Clouds, the single is progressive and melodic with a hint of dub-step but not to the point of being annoying. The next two tracks are remixes of a Zyce and a Zyce & Nerso track. All in all an enjoyable progressive trance EP from TesseracT Studios.

You can grab it from audiojelly:

Tips & Tricks // Enable Google Now for iOS Outside the USA

Want to try Google Now for iOS but you are not in the US?

Here is how...

Step 1: Download the Google Search App and log-in with your credentials. Exit
Step 2: Go to Settings > General > International > Region Format > Change it to United States.
Step 3: Open Google Search App and turn-on Google Now.
Step 4: This is optional. Once Google Now is active you can switch your region format to your native country.

Keep in mind not all cards will be available.

You Are Your Own Sys Admin

Currently I am working at an office. I am not the sys admin / IT person in charge nor have I had any formal training in this field. I do love tech and know a few things more than your average person. So at best I am the GTG (Go-To-Geek) and unofficial tech-support for family and friends.

Today I sat down and borrowed the office PC, I needed to search for a phone number while my iPhone was doing the OTA update to iOS7 beta 4.

Now I have borrowed this Windows 7 machine a month or so back and it pains me to see a once clean machine flooded with user installed bull crap. The office has recently hired a secretary / encoder and she has been using this machine most of the time.

Useless browser extensions, questionable system cleaners / optimizers, dubious media players / converters and probably some malware may have already been introduced into this office machine. By the way the anti-virus software license has expired too. Another threat vector.

Sure some blame may be put on the user bu…

Review // Astrix – High On Mel EP

Astrix’s High On Mel EP contains three tracks of progressive infused psy-trance. His music has driving bass-lines and nice melodies. I can hear it being played at an outdoor music festival say on a beach or park. I like the track Liquid Soul a lot.I found listening to to this EP very enjoyable and I am sure you will too. High On Mel EP (iTunes)

Discontinued Google Maps vs Bleeding Edge Apple Maps

PNDs or Personal Navigation Devices are long gone. Most modern Smartphones now include Map software. The biggest difference between PNDs and these apps are that Map data is now downloaded and not on the device. I am still irritated at both Apple and Google. They can’t seem to get along enough to offer Google Maps built into iOS as in previous versions, so Apple decides to roll their own Maps software. Which in a word: SUCKS!Below is a screen shot of the discontinued Google Maps on the discontinued Windows Mobile 6.1 it still connects to Google Maps and gets the proper data. Lets compare it to Apple Maps on iOS 7 beta 3The old obsolete version of Google Maps still returns better results than the bleeding edge version of Apple Maps. Apple please get better data for your Maps software so you will be able to compete with Google.

Speed Difference

The first screenshot is from an Apple iPhone 5 on SMART 3G network.The second screenshot is from a palm Treo Pro on SMART 3G networkThat’s a heck of a difference on the same network minutes apart. I’m guessing it’s probably the hardware since the Treo is really old piece of kit.

SMART Freedom plan

As you can see my last payment was in January. Freedom plan is really great as a spare sim. 

Sent from Gmail Mobile

Review / Timeless Movement EP

Spirit of Sun from Hungary delivers a nice three track EP of psy-trance goodness. I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to broaden their musical horizons and take a sip from the psy-trance cup. Released on Deeprog Recordings.Here is the track-list:Naughty PrincessOrionRoller TrailerI found the best price for this at Audiojelly

Thank You For The Music

I'd like to invite everyone to subscribe and listen to my free EDM (Electronic Dance Music) appreciation podcast.

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How much is that "FREE" phone you are getting from the telco?

I have always purchased my devices unlocked and refrain from getting subsidize units from telcos. Anyway I saw this on SMART's website and got irked by them saying it is FREE. IT IS NOT FREE!
An unlocked Samsung Galaxy S4 goes for about PhP 30,990.00 up-front. 
Now if we look at the offering of SMART. Let's break it down, you get locked for 2 - 2.5 years with the telco and you are actually paying more for the device. So before you sign on the dotted line and chain yourself to the telco do some simple arithmetic and really consider if it is worth it. Remember that contract HAS a monthly fee, you need to pay the said amount every month. Ask yourself: are you really consuming that much in calls, sms and data? Also remember an ETF (early termination fee) is included if you want to get out of the contract ahead of time.  
On the surface, mobile phone subsidies are presented as a way to make the latest and greatest devices available and affordable to us the customers but don't b…