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Discontinued Google Maps vs Bleeding Edge Apple Maps

PNDs or Personal Navigation Devices are long gone. Most modern Smartphones now include Map software. The biggest difference between PNDs and these apps are that Map data is now downloaded and not on the device.

I am still irritated at both Apple and Google. They can’t seem to get along enough to offer Google Maps built into iOS as in previous versions, so Apple decides to roll their own Maps software. Which in a word: SUCKS!

Below is a screen shot of the discontinued Google Maps on the discontinued Windows Mobile 6.1 it still connects to Google Maps and gets the proper data.


Lets compare it to Apple Maps on iOS 7 beta 3


The old obsolete version of Google Maps still returns better results than the bleeding edge version of Apple Maps.

Apple please get better data for your Maps software so you will be able to compete with Google.


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