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ActiveSync Issues

29-January-2014 12:00AM ActiveSync suddenly stopped working on my Treo ProTried again this morning and I am still getting the same error. More details on the error.Support code: 0x80072F05 pertains to expired certificates. I’m not an IT expert nor do I have the technical know-how to fix a certificate issue, besides I am using, MSFT’s free service and I do not have access or control of their server.So far the work-around I have found is changing the date back one day, then switching back the date. Now I don’t know if this temporary fix will work tomorrow.

Tips & Tricks // Setting-up Hosted Email on Windows Mobile 6.1

Old devices need not stay in your drawer, if they still work you can still use them.You’ve resurrected your old Windows Mobile device (in my case it is a palm Treo Pro), you’ve already setup Exchange ActiveSync with your hosted Email account but you have to monitor an additional email address also hosted on, well this guide is for you. Let’s get to it…1. Open Messaging and select Setup E-mail2. Type in your credentials and hit next3. Uncheck Try to get e-mail settings automatically…4. Select Internet e-mail5. Choose your name & display name 6. Incoming mail server = select IMAP4 select next7. Enter your credentials (again) hit next8. outgoing mail server: hit next9. Check Require SSL for both and done10. You may customize download settings to your likingThere you have it, you now have hosted email on your device together with your EAS email.

Rancor Eats Gamorrean

Cannot play the file. Toink!

I had forgotten that WM did not support m4a.

Moving My Work Calendar From Google to

As I mentioned in my previous post I am using my palm Treo Pro as a phone for my VRDC (work) SIM card.

I got contacts & email (hosted on MSFT's to sync using Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) however I am stuck on the calendar.

The VRDC calendar which I share w/ my colleague is on Google Calendar. I've subscribed to the calendar via so I can see it online but since Windows Mobile 6.1 doesn't support multiple calendar sync the appointments are not pushed down to the Treo.

So I decided to move VRDC calendar to, it was fairly easy to export the ics files from Google calendar and import them into

After the ics files were imported into the main VRDC calendar, I unsubscribed from Google calendar (since those were now duplicates)

On Apple iPhone 5S
On Chrome Mobile (you can also use Safari Mobile)  went to and un-selected VRDC

In Mail, Contacts, Calendar - turned on Calendar un…

Letter Recognizer

Playing around w/ letter recognizer after about 5 years of not using it. Was surprised on how easy it came back to me.

Video taken with iPhone 5S,
Edited in Windows Movie Maker,
Music Made on Melodica App song ID 064730

Treo Pro is still working, barely…

I held-off purchasing an Android device and instead, I hard reset my ancient palm Treo Pro (circa 2009) and am using the VRDC hotline SIM with it.

The back portion of the case is battered (hence the rubber band), the internal clock battery is shot, and the services for Windows Mobile have long since been closed by MSFT.

As you can imagine compared to a 2013 iPhone 5S, this device seems archaic and terrible. During it's hay day though I really loved this smartphone (that's why I never sold it). Pity what hp has done to the brand.

Oh well. I guess I better get an Android phone soon so I can keep the Treo Pro in my drawer where it won't get damaged further.

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Get it together htc

I love htc, I loved them way back when they were just an OEM and did not sell their own devices. I owned several htc made devices under the XDA, imate, dopod, Palm, htc brands. So it pains me to see this company struggling in today's mobile wars.

My question is: why has htc stopped innovating? I think they became a "me too" player and that is why they are in trouble.

htc used to have tons of form-factors. Remember these:

They had portrait slider (htc blue angel aka o2 xda)
They had landscape slider (htc wizard aka doped 838)
They had landscape slider w/ tilting screen (htc tytn)
They had a convertible (htc universal)
They had a qwerty bar (treo pro, htc cha cha)

Now if all the competition is churning out slabs why not go the other way and serve a different form factor.

I bought an htc cha cha good idea form factor wise but the specs were less than mediocre, htc should update this design and put A1 specs on it. no one is doing qwerty bar except blackberry.


Annual eye check-up

Had my eyes checked over the weekend.

It seems I have neglected to have them checked for the past 2 years. My last visit / check-up was Jan 2011.

My grade has increased but when it was put on test frames I got disoriented / dizzy while walking around so the doctor says I should maintain my current glasses.

The small tear in my retina (repaired back in 2009) looks good. My eye pressure and all other things seems fine.

The doctor says he will see me next year.

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Meet Ben Laxamana, he sells our phone numbers to scammers and spammers.

The other day I posted about mobile phone spam, and just yesterday evening I saw my friend post screen caps of a SMS conversation with a peddler of our information.

The cost of your phone number is 1 Philippine peso.

As suspected the banks is where one of the leaks comes from. In this case it seems that an employee of one of their contractors is doing the dirty deed.

I do not know if what he is doing is illegal. It should be isn't it, I mean I doubt that this is sanctioned by the Banks, or his employer. You would think the bank would take care of our information better. I guess not.

I have attached the screen caps bellow. (Photo credit: Mikey C.)

I have attached his info also (if they sell our info, I am giving away his info for free)
Ben Laxamana

Mobile Phone SPAM

We've all gotten the computer generated SMS scam messages, the fake winning notification for a raffle you never joined, the Binay text brigade telling us how Binay is great or the devil incarnate (I get both). And yes iOS7 has the Block feature (which we all love) but why are we getting them? Well for one thing it means it works. These spammers and scammers would not go on doing this if they were not making a profit. Another question is how the heck did they get my number? Let's go into that. 
I got my Freedom plan late Dec-2012, then I got an All-in plan Jan-2013.

The All-in plan became my primary number.  - Family, friends and business contacts - Google - for account retrieval - Citibank - for 2 step verification - HSBC - BDO - for 2 step verification
The Freedom plan my secondary number.  - I printed this on a flyer during my six months at Ortigas & Co., - I posted it online via tweets and facebook updates
I opt out of telemarketing and so far the only voice calls I ge…

Mobile Phone Usage

I have decided to graph my mobile phone usage for the past six months (so this graph is for JUN thru DEC 2013). Data points included are: SMS & VOICE CALLS which are further divided into same network (IN-NET), other network (OUT-NET), and LANDLINE. Cellular Data was excluded from the graph because I already am on an LTE PLAN 999 which is an unlimited* data plan.

On average I send 170 SMS and talk for 39 mins a month, let's not discuss my data consumption ok hehe.

*according to SMART's mobile internet fair use policy unlimited is actually 1.5Gb

Review // LifeProof fre for iPhone 5S

I'm a huge fan of LifeProof I have been using their cases since the iPhone 4 and I have had every version of their iPhone cases. So when I bought my 5S, I naturally ordered the fre for it.

The LifeProof fre for iPhone 5S. Is basically the same as the fre for iPhone 5 with some slight modifications on the design. So I will be discussing those changes.

#1 The lanyard loop for hand-straps is now gone. It has been replaced with a plastic attachment to hold the washer. While this is convenient and will certainly help keep your washer from getting lost. I still miss the lanyard loop.

#2 The flash optics has a bigger window. I do not usually use the flash but I think it is an improvement over the fre for iPhone 5.
#3 Of course the home button covering is the biggest change. It is a very thin plastic membrane which allows TouchID to work with the case. In my limited testing I got it to work 4/5 times same as without the case. That is very impressive. The thinness of the membrane does give…

Tips & Tricks // Switch Your iTunes Account to the US Store (UPDATE)

Tired of getting this?

Here is how you can switch your iTunes Store Account to the US Store to get access to apps, music, movies, tv shows, books and other content that are not available in the Philippines iTunes store.
Open iTunes on your PC or Mac.
1. Select iTunes Store and log-on, click your Apple ID and select view account
2. Click change country or region

3. Select United States

4. Agree to terms

5. Input a US Address and Telephone Number. LAX Airport works.

6. Done!

You don’t have a US issued credit card, so how do you pay for stuff? For that you may purchase iTunes Gift cards (be sure they are for the US store) get em from PCGAMESUPPLY or DataBlitz. That’s it.
The 1st thing to download in the US iTunes store: Google Maps, the 2nd is Scribblenauts Remix.

Update: 10-Jan-2014

I have been having issues with PCGAMESUPPLY my orders via CC or PayPal were being automatically cancelled by their system, so I decided to look for another online shop to get iTunes Gift Cards.


Burger King Philippines, you're doing it wrong.

If we reward advertisers with our hard-earned monies for putting out interesting, funny and / or compelling adverts, should we not punish them for non-interesting, non-funny, or offensive in nature?

Look, I love Burger King, in fact I think they currently offer the best fast food burgers in the Philippine market. If you check my instagram foodspotting photos you'd see some proof.

However, recently BK PH (@burgerkingph) has come out with a dumb advertising campaign. It's called can't commit (#CantCommit) to promote their 3-meat whopper. It is possible that this campaign was designed using their endorser, a local psuedo-celebrity / shock-jock from Boys Night Out an FM radio program. I do not listen to local radio with any frequency (I prefer podcasts) so their reference is lost on me.

As of this writing
Let's look at that tweet.

So we can see that it has 5 replies, 5 favorites, and 6 retweets for an account with 46,533 followers that is kinda lame isn't it?

Hey BK, I…

Router upgrade, repeater madness

Replaced our very old Linksys WRT610N with an Linksys EA6700. It was a toss up between the Linksys. EA6700 vs D-Link DIR868L vs Apple AirportExtreme. I decided to go with the Linksys because of the dual USB ports and because I was more familiar with the Linksys brand (this is my 3rd linksys router)
Setting up the EA6700 was easy enough using their web interface. I even got a bit playful with the SSID's I assigned hehe.  Unfortunately even with the new tech in the router 802.11ac WiFi coverage was still not good in our house. The house really is not wifi friendly. Too much concrete? 
So I had to setup the old routers as wireless range expanders because wired expanders would be more of a hassle. Both the Linksys WRT610N & D-Link DIR600 were already using dd-wrt firmware. However the devices kept losing connection and I had to repeat the 30-30-30 factory reset & setup multiple times. I also had to setup these two with the MSI net book because the MacBook does not have RJ45 (hass…