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Moving My Work Calendar From Google to

As I mentioned in my previous post I am using my palm Treo Pro as a phone for my VRDC (work) SIM card.

I got contacts & email (hosted on MSFT's to sync using Exchange ActiveSync (EAS) however I am stuck on the calendar.

The VRDC calendar which I share w/ my colleague is on Google Calendar. I've subscribed to the calendar via so I can see it online but since Windows Mobile 6.1 doesn't support multiple calendar sync the appointments are not pushed down to the Treo.

So I decided to move VRDC calendar to, it was fairly easy to export the ics files from Google calendar and import them into

After the ics files were imported into the main VRDC calendar, I unsubscribed from Google calendar (since those were now duplicates)

On Apple iPhone 5S
On Chrome Mobile (you can also use Safari Mobile)  went to and un-selected VRDC

In Mail, Contacts, Calendar - turned on Calendar under VRDC account.

On palm Treo Pro
I just had to turn on Calendar

So right now I have everything VRDC (work) related on, I have been testing it. So far manual & scheduled sync  are both working but push is not. Push is working on iOS so I am guessing MSFT is able to detect the client being used and since the Treo pro is using Windows Mobile 6.1 it probably isn't supported anymore. Oh well.

Tomorrow I need to setup my colleague's Android device. I don't foresee any issues tho. Android has pretty good EAS support.


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