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Bye Bye Manny

A friend just smsed me. He says that Manny Salgada, Assistant Manager of the DLSU Archers, who hit Arwind Santos [FEU] at the end of Game 1 last Thursday has been banned from the UAAP for life. If this info is true then I wonder if this is the only thing he will be getting [will he get fined? or will the Archers be penalized]???
What will happen in Game 2 [I think it is on Sunday]

caught in the act e tsk tsk!

La Baila @ Maestro Lounge

FRIDAY (SEPT. 30, 2005) 10PM:



OF DJ's:






Media Players Gone Mad!

Been able to grab a hold of the Lost Season 2 pilot. [I've had it for close to a week]
I haven't been able to watch it though Windows Media Player can't seem to find the right codecs for it! Well because I'm such an airhead I didn't even try playing it with other media players. Currently I have Windows Media Player 10, QuickTime Pro 7, Real Player 10, and VLC Media Player on my notebook.
Surprise surprise QT hanged when I tried opening the avi, RP gave a glimmer of hope [ah just like WMP trying to download the codecs] saying it needed additional files for it to play the file, I click OK a few seconds of searching and it presents me with an error message: "There are no updates for this...blah blah..."
Alas it's VLC Media Player to the rescue!!! Wooohooo! Really glad Chi installed this on my notebook. So far I've played DVDs, Final Fantasy 7: AC with subtitles [avi], and now I can watch Lost's season 2 pilot! Kewl! Really useful application..…

If I Lived in South Park...

Ever wonder what you'd look like if you lived in South Park? Well now you can create a South Park image of yourself... :o) Pretty Cool!
It's a flash based interface and it's pretty straight forward. Lot's of stuff you can change around. There is no easy way of saving the finished product though you'd have to hit print-screen and paste it to an image editor app such as paint.

[Click Image for the Flash Game]

Talo La Salle! Wahhh!

La Salle lost 73 to 75 against FEU in Game 1 of the UAAP Finals. :(
It was really a hard fought game and both teams did really well. The officiating could've been fairer though.
A small scuffle ensued after the game hmmm wonder what will happen to those involved?
Just saw the 'scuffle' on tv [was on the otherside of the court a while ago].
One word: WHY?
Why did Manny Salgado [Asst Team Manager, DLSU] cheap shot Arwind Santos [FEU]? Seeing it on TV for the first time: I saw him trying to separate Yeo and Santos [who looked like they were exchanging verbal unpleasantries right after the game's end]. Then when he was moving away he swung and hit Santos.
Also saw some La Sallians throwing stuff as well [when FEU was going to their dugout].
What is happening to these La Sallians??? I love La Salle as much as the next guy [was a cheerleader for the 5 years I attended there], but this is not the way to show it.
I hope tempers tone down during game 2.

Cryola @ Simmer Down Tonight!!!

Wednesday, September 28, 2005
Cryola will be on stage 9:30pm at Simmer Down, Katipunan.

[click the image to visit Cryola on MySpace Music]

Pocket Weather v1.1 Out Now [makers of PocketBreeze and iLauncher] has just released v1.1 of PocketWeather . It's a great update and if you want the weather on your PocketPC's today screen this is the app for you:o)
Click the image for more details and download :o)

Review|It's All Gone Pete Tong (2004)

Category: Movies
Genre: Comedy
This movie is based on the life of Frankie Wilde.
He was a legendary DJ... who at the prime of his career went deaf... he went into depression... overcame his disability and DJed again. You would think he would have gone to even higher heights but he just simply disappeared.
It's really funny and inspiring.
Official Website HERE

For Sale|SanDisk 256MB + WiFi SD Card [Memory and Wireless Combo]

Category: Electronics
Price: PhP 8,000 [negotiable]
SanDisk’s 256MB + WiFi SD card combines flash memory and wireless communications into a single card giving SDIO-enabled PocketPC/PDA the freedom to quickly transmit and receive data, images and music from thousands of 802.11b hot spots worldwide. [from sandisk website]
I've had this for close to 9 months it's in very good condition. It comes with a plastic case [see pic]
It's ideal for Pocket PCs that don't have built in WiFi. Pretty easy to setup. Just install the drivers and boom it's plug and play.
Philippine Buyers Only Please.

[click image for more info and drivers c/o Sandisk website]
You may comment on this post/entry or get in touch with me directly via E-Mail or you can contact me via my mobile at 09175353817[globe] or 09223297888[sun].
Some actual shots of the SD WiFi card:

[with case]



[in action: i-mate JAM not included]

Gimmick Pics|Friday Night Out 9/23/05

[click on the image to go to the online album at kodak gallery]

Gimmick Pics|Fong's Birthday Bash 9/24/05

[click on the image for the online album]


Played some poker last night [over at PGA cars] anyway the usual story I didn't win was able to stay in until there were only 4 of 8 players left. Mojix emerged victorious as he took down a massive three way pot. His full aces took out Shoty's and Mico's full Queens and full Jacks. Dealed for awhile during the 2nd game and went home earlier. I wonder who won the 2nd game?

Swimming in a Sea of Green [A Tah-lap!]

[The Final Score]

DLSU vs ADMU Final Four Game 1
Watched the game [live!] and well what can I say we won again!!! DLSU's defense was great and we got a lot of points off of steals and turn overs! The final score: 74-57 in favor of the ARCHERS! Yeah! And since DLSU enjoys a twice to beat advantage it's bye bye Ateneo. DLSU is set to meet FEU [re-match of last year's finals, which DLSU won] for Game 1 of the finals on Thursday.
Joseph Yeo [Wahoo Xavier! Xavier!] gave a stellar performance with 28 pts. With his uncanny ability to drive to the hoop and finish well.
Rico Maierhofer gave a gem of a game as well even showing of his prowess with two dunks. One two handed slam and another alley-up reversed two handed dunk! Wooo!

Some pics here:

[click on image]

[click on image]

Review|A4 Tech Model AK-5


[mouse out of the hole]

[rear view]

[cable out]

[in action, the scroll has a nice green hue]

A4 Tech's Model AK-5 [sounds like a weapon from a sci-fi flick]
Category: Computers, Accessories [Pointing Devices]
Type: USB Mouse
Price: PhP 500.00
It's a USB mouse with a neat cable management system. You wrap the short cable around the equator of the mice and slot in the usb jack to a recessed hole in the bottom. Perfect for people on the go. Kewl.
-The cable is on the short side

Fong's Birthday Bash

[Fong and Nadine :o)]

Had a lot of fun at Fong's dinner super sarap ng Hot Pot!!! After that we went over to Fong's House for some drinks. A lot of familiar faces and drinks galore for the drinkers [stuck to my cigs]. Didn't get a lot of pics but will post them maybe tomorrow. Also got to watch It's All Gone Pete Tong[Thanks to Shoty for loaning me the DVD], going to make a mini-review if I've the time. I also got a brand new mouse for my notebook [mini-review forthcoming].


Off to Greenhills in a bit for some lite shopping. I really hope I find a good deal on the mouse I was talking about in my earlier post [I think I better stick with USB]. After that it's off to Gloria Maris for some HOTPOT [Wooooohoooo!] then Fong's place for a small get together for his birthday.

My Desktop

Customizing my Desktop and well here's how it looks :o)
Got my icons here
Got my wallpaper here

Still Raining

Wow it's still raining albeit it's only a drizzle na lang. The sun is still hiding amongst grayish clouds. Makes you feel really lazy. Hahaha I would like to go shopping for a new mouse. I'm still undecided between USB, Wireless RF and Wireless BT. Leaning towards USB though since I dunno if RF would interfere or not with WiFi on my notebook which I use exclusively to connect to the net. As for BT, well my 4 year old USB key from MSI isn't playing well with XP and SP2. Maybe it's time to get a newer BT USB but then I would have to buy 2 items BT USB and a Wireless BT Mouse. Hmmmm. Still too lazy to go to GH though. I'm going to surf around for a nice mouse on the net and see if there is something similar here.

Up Early

Woke up really early today on account of the early rain the birds have decided to hang around near our window [again!] I think they have nested somewhere very near. It sucks to be a lite sleeper sometimes.

Making [ACP Online]

I've made another blog ACP Online. I made this blog for my barkada. I dunno how well this will be accepted/adopted by the group anyways. I've invited a couple of bloggers who are ACP members to become posters. I hope they accept.
We've had a YahooGroups [private] for a few years and well I was thinking this might be a natural addition to that.

Cable is Out

Just got home and the cable is out!!! What a draaag! Oh well times like these nothing to do but chill and surf. Am quite happy [and a bit surprised] that the net is up and running! I guess I'll just surf around until Tiu gets here. We're off to Greenbelt 3 tonight i wonder what's there? Hmmm...?
That's it for now.

Changing it Up

I'm now in the process of re-doing my blog :o) Chose a different template and now placing back all my stuff [maybe I should have backed up my changes...]

Happy Birthday!!!

Wow a lot of celebrants today!
Birthday Greetings in the Force to:
Karlo Gloria [my good friend and classmate in XS]
Susan Sy [my aunt]
Joyce Tiu [my friend's shobe]

Windows Powered Treo!

Ok ok... I've been reading about this device for quite sometime and well I wasn't really sure if it was real or a hoax. The peeps over at endgadget have been able to hold the actual device! Wow. Treo form factor with WindowsMobile OS who would've thought!?!? [Lo!!! Bili na!!!] Hmmm now 3 devices are in my Christmas wishlist [you may get me any of the three,but number 1 is best ;o)].
1) XDAII mini S [aka HTC Wizard]
2) XDA Atom [aka HTC Athena]
3) Palm Treo 700w (Windows Mobile) [aka Treo 670]


Fixed up my desk

On account that I got in the office a wee bit earlier than usual... I finally fixed up my desk! Really much better as I've reclaimed some of my workspace. Moved the unused pc down and all the other stuff [keyboard, monitor, mice etc.] to the left side of the desk. I then repositioned my notebook to a better spot and everything seems great. ;o)

Bandwidth Exceeded!

Suddenly my media links [photos, videos, music] stopped working! I decided to check the website I use to host the files and well my bandwidth has been exceeded! I've fixed up the links to my blog [using another service]. Too lazy to fix my other pages [multiply, myspace, etc.]

Review|The Politics of Dancing 2 (2005)

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Paul Van Dyk
Trance fans rejoice! Paul Van Dyk has a new album out... The Politics of Dancing 2.
The Low Down: 2 CDs [32 Tracks]. A must have in IMO. Definitely a musical journey that is worth taking, PvD's skill shines through with this album and this will surely have a place in my portable music device. Fantastic! So far my favorite track is The Other Side featuring Wayne Jackson.
More info and track list here

Review|Hed Kandi The Mix 50 (2005)

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Various Artists
Hed Kandi The Mix 50
This is a great 3 disc compilation of Kandi's wonderful house tracks.
Disc 1 is the Disco Heaven Mix with heavenly hits like To Be In Love, Can't Get Enough, I Never Knew, Music is My Way of Life, Most Precious Love, A Higher Place, Stronger On My Own, and Love is the Music.
Disc 2 is the Twisted Disco Mix check out these twistedly sexy tracks: Drop the Pressure, Da Hype, 77 Strings, Time, Bucci Bag, Put Em High, Touch Me, and Dancin.
Disc 3 is the Back to Love Mix watch out for Let the Beat Hit Em, Got A Love for You, That the Way Love Is, Don't You Wanna Be Mine, Kickin in the Beat, Rescue Me, It's Alright, and Killer.
If you weren't able to go to this year's Hed Kandi Disco Heaven Event get a hold of this album, it'll give you a taste of Kandi that you won't soon forget and maybe next year we'll see ya there!
For more info and the track list click here

Review|Ministry of Sound Big Tunes 3: Living for the Weekend (2005)

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Various Artists
Ministry of Sound Big Tunes 3: Living for the Weekend
MoS releases another Big Tunes Compilation. This is the 3rd of the Big Tunes series and it is as advertised filled with fantastic tracks that will definitely keep you moving and dancing.
It also comes with a bonus CD of 'Old Skool' classics.
For more info and the track list click here

After Gym Foods

After Gym Foods...


Ice Cream

Hard Resetting my Pocket PC

Just finished a hard reset of my i-mate JAM [aka BeanJAM]... Nothing was really wrong with it I just wanted a clean start as I've been trying out new apps for the past few weeks. Just about finished re-installing my applications. My device is now clean clean clean :o)

Fixing up my BLOG

I've been playing around with my BLOG to make it more compatible with IE [it seems all the stuff I added to the SIDEBAR has given rise to some formatting issues]. As I use FireFox I didn't notice this until recently. Hope everything looks ok for IE users. :o)

Installing SW KotR II

Finally I have my own Computer. I'm installing Star Wars KotR II [Thanks Ven] I've been longing to play this game ever since it got released earlier this year. Wahooo! :o)

Review|The Other Side [Single] (2005)

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Paul Van Dyk feat Wayne Jackson
This is my current fav from the master himself Paul Van Dyk. Currently I have 4 mixes of this single.
Breaks Mix [Godskitchen Global 2005]
Deep Dish Other Than This Side Remix [German Release Vinyl B rip]
M. Spoon vs Mobilegazer "Sundown Mix" [German Release Vinyl A rip]
Original Mix [The Politics of Dancing 2]
Can't wait for the MAXI CD [will be out world wide on the 19th of September]
I've even downloaded the QUICKTIME MOVIE of the Music Video, still looking for a way to play it on my Pocket PC though.
"See you on the other side, when I close my eyes and I reach the light"
The Other Side Micro Site
The Other Side Music Video (QUICKTIME)
Watch out for my forthcoming review of... The Politics of Dancing 2

Review|Ministry of Sound: Ibiza Annual 2005

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Various Artists
This is another 3 disc compilation that you may want to add to your collection. The 3 themed discs are. Disc 1: Funky House at the Club, Disc 2: Classic House at the Bar, and Disc 3: Chilled House at the Beach.
Again no surprises here the CDs are filled to bursting with wonderful house tracks to stimulate your senses. Definitely a good listen.
For more info and the track list CLICK HERE

Review|Godskitchen Classics (2005)

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Various Artists
This 3 Disc Compilation is divided into Trance, Hard and House. You will most likely realize that you own or have heard most of the tracks in this compilation.The progression of tracks in the discs aren't that smooth IMO. Check out the tracklist [a google search] and if you don't have the tracks yet get this compilation [after all it is as advertised--full of classics] but if you do have them already you may skip this album.

Wooohooo DLSU Won!

DLSU WON OVER UE in this afternoon's game. :o) Stellar performance from the DLSU Green Archers! Yahoo!
DLSU is now #2 :o) with a twice to beat advantage for the FINAL FOUR.

Moon Cake

Off to play for Moon Cakes :P hahaha [wish me luck] then it's off to the DLSU vs UE game at Araneta Coliseum in QC. Animo La Salle!

Party Report|BIGFISH pts.Hed Kandi Disco Heaven ft. DJ Jamie Richards

[Hed Kandi Disco Heaven '05]

As you know was at BIGFISH's Hed Kandi Disco Heaven last night. Had alot of fun and as expected there was a lot of people present for the event.
Venue/Parking: Again the venue was at PTTC [Philippine Trade Training Center]. I wonder why BIGFISH has had it's last few events here [pricing maybe or scheduling]? Really there are better venues [the TENT at FORT or LE PAVILLION in PASAY or WORLD TRADE in ROXAS]. We came early [around midnight] there was already a build up of cars and traffic we had to park at PIER ONE a short stroll from the venue, lot's of street kids selling flowers and asking for alms. It's good to note that during the event periodic announcements [using the big screen] were shown/flashed of cars that were going to be towed [bad vibes!].
Ticket Price/Entrance Procedure: PhP 600.00 not bad. Also if you got an AMP [Addict Mobile Prepaid PhP 450.00] you got free entrance. If you are an existing Addict Mobile subscriber you g…

Hed Kandi Baby

This is it! Finally the plans have been set. The wheels are in motion... We're going to Hed Kandi :o) Wooohooo! We were able to score some complimentary tickets [Thanks Tians: MWAH!]. We plan to check out Embassy first, maybe have a drink or two... Who am I kidding I can't drink for sh*t. So I'll probably be having a soda or something. I'm listening to Hed Kandi Disco Heaven 01.05 to set myself in the mood :o) I've also loaded my Disco Heaven themes on my PocketPC and Smartphone yeah! yeah! yeah! I'm sure I'll be seeing a lot of familiar faces later on, which is always a good thing.
Wings Feathered...
Disco Balls Polished...

Chups' Birthday Bash

Had a lot of fun last night at Chups' Birthday Bash over at AA's in Greenhills.Drinks and food were over flowing and a lot of laughs. Really a fun Friday Night. I'll be uploading the pics over at Ofoto on Monday as my internet connection here at home is kinda slow. For now here's a pic of the Birthday Boy!

09/16/05 Chups Birthday Bash @ AA's Greenhills
[EDIT: 09/19/05 Click the image for more pics]

Friends on TV

I saw some friends on the tube last night and the night before :)

WOW Celebs na kayo!!!!

Joe Bailey was on his show TRAVEL SHOW [macho mo men!]
Chico was on a Business/News Show

But can you beat my bro [Oliver]??? who appeared on CHOWTIME last week hahaha leche!!!

Securing my Home WiFi Network

I've had a WiFi [802.11b] network at home since last year. Mainly installed it so I could use my PocketPC and surf the net and check email. I didn't put in a WEP (Wireless Encryption Protocol) Password for 2 reasons. 1) One our devices [Toshiba e740 PocketPC] was having trouble connecting to a secured network. 2) I figured no one but me would be connecting anyways. Well fast forward to a year and guess what WiFi is so prolific that in our Town House I now detect 2 more networks [the neighbors]. So last night I hunkered down and proceeded to add WEP to our Network. Our network was named default [yeah I know never thought of any fancy name] so I renamed it CASTRO WiFi Zone. I also proceeded to update the Firmware on the router [we have a D-Link DI-714+].
Can't say I see any big changes after applying the firmware though.

Notebook Pics

[APEX DL70Plus: closed]

[APEX DL70Plus: opened]

[APEX DL70Plus: Powered by ATI and Intel Centrino Technology]

As promised some pics of my Notebook :o)

12 Hours After

Update! 12 hours after finalizing my notebooks setup I'm here at the office and have finished installing most essential applications :o) Happy Happy! Joy Joy!
WinXP Pro SP2 fully updated [yo Chi!!!]
Office 2003 full
Adobe Photoshop 7.0.1
Adobe Reader 6
iTunes 5 + QuickTime 7Pro
Windows Media Encoder 9
Windows Media Player 10
Norton Utilities 2003
Nokia s40 Theme Studio
Nokia s60 Theme Studio
Ruttensoft Homescreen Designer
Kamware McDeb Thememaker
Yahoo Messenger
MSN Messenger
Canon Utilities
Microsoft Activesync
Sony Ericsson Theme Studio
LimeWire Pro
CyberLink DVD
So far that's it... Have also moved most of my files/images/music/videos :o)
Got My Notebook!!!I got my Notebook! Wahoo!!! I'm in Chi's House enjoying his WiFi network :o) While he setups/installs stuff to my notebook. Wow! First impressions: the ash gray exterior looks very professional. There is no branding logo [I'll probably make a sticker tomorrow and attach it] as it's a sort of generic notebok. The screen is really nice though. Crisp and Clear. I'll write more and try to post pictures as well. That's all for now :o)

O2 XDA Executive (aka HTC Universal)

[photo courtesy of Tekguru]

Tekguru has just posted his review of the O2 XDA Executive (HTC Universal)!!! Head on over to Tekguru for the 2 part review (Hardware and Software) with loads of pics!!! Wow this device looks really sweet. It's a pity though that with our mobile operators we will not be able to take advantage of this device's capabilities.

Getting my Notebook Later (Hopefully)!!!

I'm so excited woooh! I'm going to get my first Notebook later. Weee! I hope that the build quality is ok (after all it is un-branded). I'm copying all my essential files to an External HDD so I can copy them to the Notebook easier (beats burning multiple CDs and it's more practical).
I'm currently copying...
My Music [newly re-encoded and re-organized], My Videos, My Homescreens [Smartphone], My Device Themes [Pocket PC], Mobile Stuff [Nokia Series 60SE Apps, Games and Themes], Smartphone Files, PocketPC Files. I guess that's it... Hmmm I'm not about to use this notebook for work. Work files stay on the office pc.
I'm also exporting my Outlook data so I can easily migrate my schedule and contacts.

New Models!!! APEX DL-70PLUS and DL-70PLUS XG

Wow of course my excitement has been doubling since yesterday when I decided to get the APEX DL-70 notebook. So... Naturally I went to check the website again. To my surprise there was a new model out for the DL-70 the DL-70 plus. The major differences between the 70 and 70plus are:
1) Case - 70 comes in red and the 70Plus comes in Silver
2) RAM - 70 comes with 256Mb whilst the 70Plus comes with 1024Mb (1GB) RAM
3) HDD - 70 comes with 80GB HDD and the 70plus comes with a 100GB HDD
4) TV Tuner - 70 has it optional and the 70plus has it built in
As of this writting another model was added DL-70PLUS XG this one is the same with the PLUS but has a WSXGA+ screen. Now I don't know if that merits the PhP 7000 price difference.
As it stands
DL-70 = PhP 75,888
DL-70 (reconfigured with 1GB RAM) = PhP 87,000
DL-70 PLUS = PhP 85,888
DL-70 PLUS XG = PhP 92,888
It seems that the best deal is the DL-70PLUS :o) Hopefully there is an available unit.

Events|Hed Kandi Disco Heaven 2005

[Click on the IMAGE for more info]

APEX DL70 - Sonoma Core Notebook

As I said I'm thinking of getting a Notebook so that I could have my own computer even when I'm at home. Chi and I have been doing some research for the past few days and we've come down to this the APEX DL-70 Sonoma Core Notebook [click the image to see the specs and price over at PC Corner].

Chi has asked his contact to inquire about this Notebook. As you can see from the specifications it only has 256Mb of RAM... this is unacceptable. We've already put in an inquiry on how much it would cost to make it 512Mb. Hopefully the price is reasonable enough.
Anybody out there using this brand/model of Notebook? What are your impressions? Do you think this Notebook is a good buy? Drop me a comment for any reactions and suggestions.

Gimmick Pics

Last weekend's Gimmick Pics are up online. [CLICK ON THE IMAGE TO VIEW ONLINE ALBUMS ON KODAK]
09/09/05 Friday Night Out: Chillaxin' @ Embassy Cuizine and Cafeteria

09/10/05 Saturday Night Out: Movie then Dinner @ Penang Hill, Promenade and SuperFly @ Embassy Super Club


Updated Homescreen

Updated my Magneto Homescreen to v1.8 and v1.8m.
Changes Include:
Included Color in Homescreen XML.
Re-did SmartMonitor (Added Icons and New Meters)
You can get it for free over at MoDaCo [link on my SIDEBAR]

Philippines the Land of Unending ProtestsSpent an extra hour and a half to get home today. Another Protest Rally held calling for President Arroyo to step down. The Philippines is really becoming a land of Protests... people here seem to have too many complaints and not enough Nationalism to shut up and get to work. Everyone has an self serving agenda. No one loves the Philippines anymore.

It has begun...

I've started to re-encode my songs.

I plan to do my compilations first and then re-tag them [again] with windows media so there'll be album art support for my pocketpc :)
One Format to Rule Them All...I plan to re-organize and re-encode my audio files. I'm set on the MP3 format as it has a fairly good quality to size ratio and is the most popular format. Most of my MP3s are either 192kbps or 128kbps [I do have some 300+ kbps ones]. I really don't need the high quality because my output devices cannot take advantage of these. I usually just play music on the desktop's 2.1 speakers or my PocketPC's mono [speaker] or stereo [the cheap headset] outputs. Did some initial testing and figured I'd save around 30% of space overall. I'll be using iTunes' import function to do my re-encoding. I wonder how long that would take? I've around 2,000 songs maybe I should delete some of the songs I don't listen to anymore. Hmmm...

New Shoes

Bought a new pair of shoes last week for PhP 1500.00 (approx USD 26). I got it at Rockwell Powerplant Mall (on SALE!). I hope to test it out later in the gym :o)

Playing it Safe... Multiple Backups.

Like most people I know my desktop has two HDDs #1 for the OS and Applications and #2 for data. Most of my files are in #2 but I've got our External 100 GB HDD (from the house) and connected it to my office desktop... just about finished copying over my PocketPC and Smartphone related files and some music files. I have 2 copies of everything now. So if my office desktop decides to go bye-bye on me I'm covered :D

Fresh Fresh Fresh

Just about finished in re-building my PocketPC (had an unfortunate hard reset over the weekend) and well instead of doing a restore of an old backup I decided to do a fresh install. I even reformatted my SD card.

Spoke too soon...

Shit it looks like I spoke too soon... I'm still here at the office and it doesn't seem like I'll be going home on time (we have work till 5:30pm...). I've to wait for a sample that is being finished up. Hopefully I'll get out by 6:30pm. Oh well I guess I can relax for a bit.

Wicked Weekend!!!

YESSSS!!! Finally it's the weekend! Gimmick Gimmick Gimmick! I really want/need to go out! Maybe we'll be going to La Baila @ Maestro Lounge tonight, really looking forward to that. I hear it's really nice besides I know one of the DJs and one of the organizers for the event so more reasons to go. :o)
Hopefully this will be a wicked weekend! I'll try to get some snaps if I remember.

Memory Madness...

Ok here we go again I'm craving for more memory on my device/s. I've maxed out my 1GB SD card with applications and tunes. The problem is if I get a 2GB memory card there is a chance it would not work with my imate JAM. Also looking at my Tech Road Map... it looks like I should be migrating to miniSD (yeah another format) soon. You see the upcoming dvices that I would like to purchase will all be miniSD (of course I am talking about the HTC Wizard). Doesn't really matter I'm sure my 1GB SD card can be sold easily or given to my sis for her digital camera. I'm thinking if I do get a dedicated audio device I could opt for a lower capacity memory card (say 256 or 512Mb), the drawback is of course I would have more things to carry around and spend on (accessories!!!).

Updated Homescreens

I've updated my BeachHouse+ v2.0 Homescreen to v2.1 and v2.5m.

I've also updated my DiscoHeaven+ v1.5 Homescreen to v1.8 and 1.8m.

I've added icons and new meter bars to the SmartMonitor plugin area.
I've also redone the xml to include the colors.
You can get them over at MoDaCo [the link is in my SIDEBAR].
Rockstar INXS :o)Watching Rockstar INXS on TV. I haven't really been following this reality series. It's now down to the last 6 which is much more bearable for me as I really cannot keep track of them all. I like Marty and Mig, I don't like JD, I think he's too arrogant but he really knows how to work a crowd and pick his answers well.