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Add Degrees Symbol on iOS

expand your vocab on iOS

Globe Telecom is in trouble, SMART Communications, Inc. is not that much better…

Globe has recently been dominant in my feeds. unfortunately for the telco it’s not positive news at all. Globe got blasted for managing their network, which according to the NTC is within their rights, via their fair-use policy (FUP) their official response leaves nothing to be desired and could be construed as a cop-out. Why does Globe Telecom compare themselves to US carriers? US carriers over-charge and treat their customers horribly. So I guess the comparison is valid. I don't see the US comparison as justifying their FUP but as an admission of guilt that their service sucks!
Smart Communications, Inc. even though I still don't have LTE at home/work since switching (1 year plus) it is clear that their network is better in more places vs Globe (still YMMV). smart's response is a bit more arrogant but they are keeping up for the most part.
The NTC is asking globe to explain the complaints re: their network management tactics. so they will probably get fined, and do some mi…


If you use Microsoft’s you can co-brand the site with your own logo. Sounds great but what’s up with the very small pixel count, it’s like a pixel count for the old operator logos you had to make for Nokia phones. Microsoft should really allow a bigger logo.

Informal comparison SMART Communications Inc vs Globe Telecom Mandaluyong City

Informal comparison SMART vs Globe