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Just Like Ace Ventura!

Joined a fellow DH clan-mate in a bounty run and I saw that he had all the companions out. So I asked him how he did it. 
He informed me that it came from a set bonus. It's from the "Embodiment of Marauder" set and set bonus for 4 pieces.
In another game another player gave me his double of [Marauder's Spines] and since I already had [Marauder's Carapace] and [Marauder's Treads]
That makes 3 items! Fortunately I had a [Ring of Royal Grandeur] which lowers the set bonus requirement by 1. Unfortunately my ring is a low level version which dropped on another character so hopefully I get a level 70 in future runs. 
I am not sure if I will be running with this set for very long, the novelty of having all the pets out might not last too long. Not really interested in the sentry bonus cause I don't use sentries. 

Enchanting Favor

This legendary templar relic dropped on a rift run. 

Review // The Art of Brick by Nathan Sawaya

The Art of Brick by Nathan Sawaya

Definitely one of the highlights of our stay in the Amsterdam. I have been a fan of Nathan Sawaya since I first saw his amazing pieces on the internet.

So when I saw that he had his exhibit in Amsterdam, I made it a point to go. He has already exhibited in Asia and skipped the Philippines. So I was not going to let this opportunity pass me by.

It features 2D and 3D LEGO art pieces, it is the perfect exhibit if you love art and LEGO.

16€ adult ticket includes the audio guide.

If this exhibit is in your neighborhood you have to go. If you have kids bring them. THIS I COMMAND.


P.S. follow Nathan Sawaya on [twitter] and [instagram]

Review // Superheroes: The Art of Alex Ross

Review // Superheroes: The Art of Alex Ross - 5 March to 15 June, 2014

Went to this exhibition on a Tuesday and was turned away because they are opened only on Wednesday thru Sunday. It was on the website but I got confused because my calendar was GMT+8 Manila not GMT+1 Paris

I skipped the scheduled afternoon tour to SACRE COUR & MONTMARTRE FUNICULAR and got dropped off near Mona Bismarck American Center for Art & Culture, paid my 7€ fee, got a free English guide and dove in.

Photography was not allowed inside the exhibition except for a big mural. The guard was actually shadowing me.

The exhibition is not huge by any means about 3 to 4 rooms but lot's of great art on display and I spent some time looking at the works and reading the guide for some additional insights on the works displayed.

I am did not go deep into comics when I was younger, so you could say I am a casual comic book fan but I do appreciate Ross' work. It's really great!

Anyway, I loved…

Swindled in Switzerland.

Swindled in Switzerland.

Went to a convenience store near our hotel and bought a Lebara CH SIM card. The proprietor told me the SIM, data and SMS pack would work without roaming charges in the rest of Europe. I asked twice.

This information was false.

Within ten minutes of crossing into Germany I got a message from Lebara CH that I had low credit on my SIM card.

19.90 CHF in 10 mins gone.
695Mb un-used data useless.
43 SMS un-used useless.

To aggravate matters. We crossed into Germany in the evening on a Saturday so all the shops were already closed. Sunday same deal. And the coupe de grace is Monday was a holiday [Whit Monday] and shops were closed again.

Moral of the story: one SIM card per country you visit.

FYI: The proprietor was Indian, so much for Asian solidarity in the EU.

via GMail

Nincompoops At Notre-Dame

Nincompoops At Notre-Dame

A tourist imitating Jesus Christ on the cross (she even had her tongue out) for a photo-op in front of the crucifix

Also saw a French kid (part of a field trip) blowing out candles that were offered.

As an ex-catholic I shouldn't care but they irked me.

Black Cat vs Firestar vs Silver Sable?

Spider-man needs a partner or side-kick. I prefer crime fighting partner vs side-kick tho.

Marvel is rumored to be hiring Josh Brolin for Thanos as the mega-villain for their cinematic universe. This means Guardians of the Galaxy & Avengers. Both are super teams.

Fox has teased a mega-villain for the X-Men super-team to go up against in their latest movie. FYI, X-Men: Days of Future Past has a post credit scene. I think Fantastic Four is also being rebooted. Yes that is a super-team as well.

DC still playing catch-up but they are going in with the heavy hitters Bats & Boy Scout with a rumored Amazon in the mix. We all know the goal is the Justice League super-team

Meanwhile, I think Sony is in trouble. Right now they have the "Web Head" going up against multiple villains and the formula is kinda stale. Franchise fatigue not withstanding, our favorite web slinging, trash talking super-hero has the "Sinister Six" super villain group to fight but who can h…