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Just Like Ace Ventura!

Companions Galore!
Joined a fellow DH clan-mate in a bounty run and I saw that he had all the companions out. So I asked him how he did it. 

He informed me that it came from a set bonus. It's from the "Embodiment of Marauder" set and set bonus for 4 pieces.

In another game another player gave me his double of [Marauder's Spines] and since I already had [Marauder's Carapace] and [Marauder's Treads]

A gift from another player! Thank you!
That makes 3 items! Fortunately I had a [Ring of Royal Grandeur] which lowers the set bonus requirement by 1. Unfortunately my ring is a low level version which dropped on another character so hopefully I get a level 70 in future runs. 

Ring of Set Bonus!!!
I am not sure if I will be running with this set for very long, the novelty of having all the pets out might not last too long. Not really interested in the sentry bonus cause I don't use sentries. 


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