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Darth Kegaw to Treo 750: It is Useless to Resist


I have never been one to keep my devices *as is* when it comes to the OS/Firmware… This 2nd Treo 750 will be no different.

So I dusted off my old Cheetah files [trivia: the Treo 750 is codenamed HTC Cheetah] and decided to HARD SPL [this allows for non-carrier branded ROMs to be loaded] and flashed it to a Windows Mobile 6.1 ROM.

Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen… and the ROM loaded without any issues. I did notice that Microsoft Voice Command 1.6 was not included in this ROM not really a problem since I own the software as well. 

I’m currently syncing my PIM data and will be installing my apps over the next few days.


  1. Pre nagpalit ka na pala ulit ng phone... ano yung pinahinga mo?

  2. Pre nagpalit ka na pala ulit ng phone... ano yung pinahinga mo?

  3. yup bought a 2nd hand 750 and retired the tytn 2. btw i heard that the sgh-i780 has wm 6.1 ROM already. have you flashed your device?

  4. Havent done it yet. Maybe next week!

  5. let me know how it goes and if you like 6.1, supposedly it gives better battery life as well apart from threaded sms and improved browser. :)


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