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6.5 Things I Want In Windows Mobile 6.5

MS CEO Steve Ballmer just confirmed Windows Mobile 6.5 would be coming next year. We haven't seen any thing else about it so this just might be marketing spin to keep the geeks at bay. MS certainly received a lot of criticism for pushing back WM7 to 2010.

Since there are barely any details about it. It's time to do some wish listing :)

#1 Merge Professional / Classic / Standard ~ this will lessen confusion. Get groups of people who actually use these devices day in and day out [I am volunteering] for both touchscreen and non-touchscreen, then take their input to... streamline the UI to make it both finger friendly but still easily manipulated via hardware buttons. I love touchscreen devices for ease of navigation but prefer hardware keyboards for data input. We should have the option for both please please please don't go touch only, remember when hw keyboards 1st appeared on pocket pcs? sales went way way way up! AGAIN: Keep it Simple Steve!

#2 Slap Zune Media Software inside of it or at least offer it as a separate download. Consumers are also a great market and MS should not ignore us. I am not sure if they will do this as it might cannibalize Zune sales but it is the right thing to do. The software has been there so why not just slap it on to Windows Mobile, they can charge for it if they like. Oh and of course Zune Player should be integrated to Windows Media Player on the desktop as well. ~ [thanks to msmobiles podcast for this awesome idea]

#3 Release the next version of Internet Explorer Mobile - silverlight and flash support would be nice.

#4 Either use Windows Update or delete the icon. That thing has been sitting there doing nothing for so long.

#5 Start your SkyMarket

#6 Give free updates to manufacturers so they can give it to us for free :D

#6.5 and hurry up with it! GEEZ!


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