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For Sale|HTC Touch

HTC Touch - Windows Mobile Pro Device
Condition: Brand New [package opened and unit turned on to check and for screen shots] SIM unlocked
2MP Camera
2.8" TFT 240 x 320 qVGA
Windows® Mobile 6 Professional [PocketPC]
Full Package:
HTC Touch
Stereo Wired Headset
1Gb microSD
AC Adapter
USB to miniUSB cable
Extra Stylus
Carry Pouch
Selling: PhP 27,500.00 negotiable
Contact: Bny Castro +639189912690
More pics are here: Multiply

Bed Blogging

I'm in serious need to get better. Arghh. Looking at my work load for tomorrow and it's going to be a bit more hectic than usual a couple of reports to finish. Then I have to work on an HTC Touch. Atleast that promises to be exciting.

A couple more things about WM6. In the email application what previously was a New softkey is now Delete. It seems unnatural to me to have delete as a softkey. WMP has a new darker skin but is basically the same Microsoft should really improve Media Player for Windows Mobile. Since nowadays mobiles tend to be centered not only in messaging or calling but on media as well. I've paired my Motorola HT820's to my 750v and noticed that it was a bit better in terms of playback. I guess the A2DP stack was improved as well. The Treo now has Microsoft Voice Command (MSVC) ver 1.6 in ROM. Should have to give that a whirl as well. I'm too weak and lazy to blog on my VAIO so I'm doing it on my Treo.

Tomorrow is the last day of July so it'…

WM6 on Treo 750v... First Impressions

So far so good. I've finally finished syncing my PIM data and installing my essential applications. Didn't do the full build like when I had WM5. Just a few vital applications and 2 games. I expect to add some more apps in the next days if I miss em. If not they're staying off my device until I get a vodafone or vanilla palm ROM.

There are some reports of bugs but so far I have not experienced any. This might be a beta ROM. Anyway I still haven't been able to get Live Messenger to work. It conks out when trying to sync contacts so my messenger is online with 0 contacts. I have IM+ so it's not a deal breaker. I've yet to test data speeds on this ROM. I'll probably get to that when I feel a bit better. Good to see that the palm customizations are still there. I was even able to import my messages from my WM5 backup for those who don't know it's in \Windows folder the file name is PalmMsgV001 just copy it over to your Treo and you have all your messages…

Sick Bean

Ok I've come down with coughs, colds, and a slight fever. I think getting rained on last Friday, not having enough sleep and smoking local cigs [should have stuck with my brand] may have brought about this. I think I get sick about 2x or 3x a year so this is actually normal. I wish I could stay in bed and sleep all day but we all know that's not possible with the rooster problem we have... Roosters are Devil Birds. Besides being one of the COOs [Child of Owner] it's kinda embarassing to skip work just because of some slight ailment. It's always been: As long as you can get out of bed you go to work.

WM6 on the Treo 750v... Finally!

Finally someone has leaked WM6 for the Treo 750 [it's an AT&T ROM so there is a lot of carrier crap and significantly less Storage memory approx 48Mb free after HR]. I'm just happy to have it loaded on my Treo atleast this will stave of the urges to get a new gadget. So far so good no real problems so far [touch wood], in the process of syncing my PIM data but since my data cable is broken, I'm doing it over bluetooth and it's taking ages to finish! I really need to get that cradle and an extra battery [they were out of stock @ mobile1 Powerplant]. I'd like to give a big thanks to Kamal for letting me know about this... nice one bruvah! :D

And The Hits Keep On Coming...

You all know of my Rooster problem [click Rants at the bottom of this post and you'll see] anyway as if to torture me some more the 'neighbors' in the compound behind us has started to construct something. So now it's Roosters and Hammers... F#CK!!!!!! The upside the hammering stops and occurs during the AM the crowing is almost constant. The downside I don't know what they're building and how long it will take nor do I know when all their roosters will die. I guess these are one of the prices you pay for living in a townhouse in congested mega Manila. The earplugs I bought are getting more use but they are a tad bit uncomfortable.


Damn DLSU lost. Bad freethrow shooting and plain bad luck. JV Casio and Cholo Villanueva shined though. Waiting for the 2nd Round to get back at Ateneo.

Can't Wait for WM6

Ok reading up on some forums I frequent and the word is that palm will come out with WM6 for the 750v [Vodafone] End August, 750 [AT&T Cingular] September, 750 [palm branding] September.
I hope they release it soon I want to hard reset my Treo already but want to do the OS update first so I won't have to rebuild 2x. One month to go... Come on palm... we're waiting.

Bow To Me Compaq Presario B1900

Finally finished fixing Yap's notebook. It was stubborn at first but a little tinkering in safe mode and tinkering with msconfig did the trick. Uninstalled Symantec the resource hog and switched to avast. Also swapped out Azureus for uTorrent. Updated Firefox, Yahoo Messenger, Skype, QTime and iTunes. Anyway it's running smooth now.

I do suggest that Yap bump the RAM to atleast 1024Mb right now the ATI chip is eating up about 128Mb for VRAM. I think XP with 1024Mb is just about right for most things.

Bad Tech Day... Turned Good... Oh Yeah!!!

Right. Yap swung by last evening to drop of his dad's O2 XDA Zinc and his Compaq Notebook which has been acting up [slow start up and unresponsive], I was really tired and didn't bother to checking the notebook and Zinc till later this morning when I got in the office. I fired up the Compaq and waited for it to boot. While waiting for that I had downloaded WM6 for the Zinc and was about to install it when I saw that it had 4% power left, not wanting to brick the device I decided to charge it... upon checking the box I found that the AC adapter was not there. The USB sync cable was present and I used that to charge the Zinc and new that it would take ages to get the charge to about 80% [I consider this safe for ROM flashing], Strike 1. now I went back to the Compaq which by now had loaded, I noticed I had installed Symantec Anti-virus on it before and un-installed it since it was a resource hog and I've been using avast on all the other builds people are asking me to do. Up…

Sunday Slow Down

Spent my whole Sunday in bed watching season 2 of How I Met Your Mother which was AWESOME. I'm dead tired but still can't get any sleep. Yap left his notebook and his dad's O2 XDA Zinc I'll work on those tomorrow.

Review|Larry's Coffee, Serendra

Located in Serendra beside Fez. Usually we have drinks or coffee here after our Friday movie nights. This is the first and last time I will eat there. This meal ruined my night. Larry's Coffee has ok drinks but dirty food! Eat at your own risk... if I get a stomach ache tomorrow I won't be surprised.

Since I forgot to eat dinner at home I decided to order some food. Got the Carbonara... Half way through my meal. I saw that there was a long piece of hair in it! I knew it wasn't mine since I just got a haircut this morning my hair is about 1cm. I called our server, and she said that it wasn't their fault and it was not in there when the food was served. My temper was at it's end and I decided to talk to the manager. Still not wanting to admit their error... she said that their kitchen staff all had short hair and wore hairnets. She offered to replace my meal but who the hell would want to eat after seeing a piece of hair in their food? She offered a slice of cake whic…

Big Ass Kicks!!!

Check it! That's my Treo 750v in front of the shoe. Brand blurred out I won't give away my suppliers... Epal si Rusty Lopez e lakas manulot. Hahahaha.

Please Set Your Heart At Rest To Use It!

Ah yes... I love Chinese to English translation :o)

Back in Manila

Was delayed a bit cause CZ (China Southern) sucks. Took a quick shower and met up with some friends at Ankies. Just got home and the sun is starting to shine. F'ing roosters have been going at it since 4:30AM non-stop. I wonder how I can sleep.

Last Day in China

Last day in China. They've scheduled 3 factories for us to go to today. My head still hurts from last night's drinking games... and I didn't even drink that much.

Vincent Benedict Py Castro / Bny / 王清河

May the FORCE Be With You...
via webmail

Die Devil Bird

Saw this on the inflight mag yesterday and forgot to post it! I wonder what the words mean. Anyone care to translate?Vincent Benedict Py Castro
via Treo 750v + G-MailThe FORCE Will Be With You Always...

Blogger and Multiply Block in QZ?!?!

Delayed Post: The last time I was here in Quanzhou, China I was able to access both Blogger and Multiply with no problems. This time I'm getting cannot find this site errors on both IE7 and FF2. We're staying at the same hotel so I'm not sure if its China's censorship policy or the hotel added restrictions to sites accessible via their network. Still net usage is unlimited and free of charge. So I'll be blogging thru my Treo for the meantime. No I'm not going to use roaming data. I've downloaded activesync 4.5 and will connect thru that. My retractable sync and charge cable isn't as dependable as the sync only cable which came with my Treo but when faced with the choice of bringing the huge charger of the Treo or the retractable USB + my boxwave car/ac charger it was a no contest. I've been juicing up my Treo between trips to factories we've been to 4 so far. Found some designs with potential and will do some further development later tonight w…

Off to the Hotel

Delayed post: We're calling it a night and heading back to the hotel. We'll be heading out to a factory that's a ways from the city (approx 2 hrs.) its a good factory and we've done business with them before its just really far but their quality is great. My mandarin and fookien will be put to the test tomorrow cause our dad is leaving for Manila tomorrow with our grandma. We leave at 10am, I know my bro won't have too much trouble sleeping he seems really tired. I on the otherhand will have trouble sleeping on an alien matress with alien sheets and pillows. I won't miss the Devil Bird Band though that's for sure. I'd rather not take a nap for the 1.5 hr drive back to our hotel hoping that exhaustion will lead me too sleep earlier than usual (ave. Doze off time when in China is 4am). Vincent Benedict Py Castro
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Heaven in a Bun

A Picture Says A Thousand Words... TAHLAP!!!Vincent Benedict Py Castro
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Dinner Time

Delayed post:We're here at one of our supplier's hotel. Yep you read it right... Business must be really good... Their debating on what to order. Triple L right in the mix. I'll eat anything without vinegar or mayo so I'm not worried besides they aren't ordering freaky food in this part of China or atleast at this hotel.Vincent Benedict Py Castro
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Stuck in Traffic

Delayed post:We're stuck in China traffic which is far worse than Manila traffic, let me tell you that. Motorists here are far far far (last na) far worst than Manila's. I think we're headed for another factory. My stomach is starting to murmur but I can still tough it out for an hour or two. I'm pretty beat with the flight and zooming around the factories but that's the way the wheels turn when I'm here. No rest for the wicked. Come to think of it we have it easy compared to other COOs (Child of Owners) so I cannot and won't complain. Ah were moving again good. My dad and bro have both dozed off here in the car. I was able to take a short nap before we got to the previous factory so I'm stil running on nicotine and caffeine (we had tea at said factory). So these posts will just keep on coming. Although I've no idea on what order they'll get posted. Vincent Benedict Py Castro
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Flaming Out... Have to Regain Control

Delayed post: It's 7:41 usually I'd be home already finished with dinner and surfing or blogging. Right now I'm at the backseat of our host's Buick listening to some tunes and thumb typing this post. My cigarette reduction project had a wrench thrown right in it. My smoking has gone out of control. I'm at a dozen sticks and it's still early, today's a weekday so five is the limit. I also have some over consumptions last Monday and Tuesday so I'm beginning to think that the 3 days I'll be here in China might break my July target. To prevent this from happening I've to cutdown some more on weekends to compensate for this trip's and my other over consumptions. Shitballs. I could easily add a special circumstances clause but that wouldn't be right. I'm going to try not to smoke tomorrow and Friday (that's 20 sticks) by leaving my cigs at the hotel room. I think that should cover my over consumption if not exceed it. Damn this is tou…

Ignore All Incoming Calls...

I've set my Treo to Ignore All Calls, roaming is expensive after all. You may reach me via SMS on both my SMART and Globe mobile numbers. Vincent Benedict Py Castro
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Stinky...?! This is CHINA!!! Bahu! Bahu! Bahu!

Seated at 24F on China Southern CZ-378 Manila - Xiamen - Peking... Somebody (or atleast 2 or 3) did not take a shower. Times like these I thank the maker that Vick's made inhalers. Damn were not in China yet and already they are launching an olfactory assualt on me! (cue 300 OST) Stinky...?! This is CHINA!!! Bahu! Bahu! Bahu!Vincent Benedict Py Castro
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Maling, Wrong Move!

I forgot my mobile HDD! All the movies and TV series I had on there to keep me sane on this trip are on my side desk at home. Damn was looking forward to doing a 'How I Met Your Mother (Season 2)' marathon and watching 'Blades of Glory' on the notebook we brought (Thanks Cat). Souphead moment... AYOS! Good thing I've my trusty Treo atleast it has some games and tunes. Vincent Benedict Py Castro
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@ Tinderbox

Ok then... Boarding in 30 minutes. Having some coffee and cigs to keep me going didn't get much sleep (about an hour). I'll get some shuteye on the plane and on the car rides to the factories. My reduction plan is going down the crapper. I'm at 5 sticks already today and I'm still in Manila. Shitballs!Vincent Benedict Py Castro
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Can't Sleep...

Ok I have a 9AM Flight to Xiamen tomorrow but can't sleep because of these fucking Roosters! Damn you devil birds! Can't seem to remember where I put my earplugs. Pulling an all nighter then sleeping on the plane is not something I wish to do, although it's not outside the realm of possibilities. Maybe I'll read an eBook and turn off my VAIO so I'm not tempted to surf and what not. Still haven't fixed my Live Messenger issue though. I'll get to that when I get home.

I hope we have a productive trip. Well me and my bro are pretty efficient so I'm sure we'll manage as long as we don't get side tracked. Ok shutting off the VAIO after I publish this.

Broke Live Messenger on My VAIO

Ok I was about to play around with Window Live for PocketPC on my Treo. There are various reports on it wreaking havoc on the devices contacts when you sync it to your Live Account [aka hotmail account]. Not wanting to mess up my contacts I backed up my device and my outlook PST. I decided to delete everything in Windows Live Messenger but got lazy since it was one by one. I figured if it ties into hotmail I could use that to delete everything so I do a contacts backup [of Live Messenger PC version], log into hotmail and delete everything. Rumaged through my contacts with hotmail/Live messenger accounts and put it in the IM field. Ran Windows Live Messenger on the PPC and everything worked ok! Now when I logged off I couldn't log back on using the VAIO. I tried logging in on WLM8.5 beta on my P4 XP box at work and it went thru. I tried logging on with WLM on my Treo and it goes thru. So something went amiss with WLM8 on my VAIO, I installed WLM8.5 beta on the VAIO hoping it would …

I Screwed Up

Right so I was driving home at around 6PM and I fell asleep at the wheel again and the car went up the sidewalk. I was shook awake and was able to make it back to the road before hitting the lamp post. The good news. Nobody got hurt. The Bad news the passenger side rims on my dad's Fortuner has HUGE scratches. I still haven't told him yet hehe kind scared of how he will react. I'll probably get a sermon when he finds out. Worst case scenario, I have to pay for the rims. Shitballs!!! Don't drive when you are tired or sleepy it's dangerous.

Another Case of the Mondays

I've been procrastinating for the whole day. Well I don't really have anything to do, I think... I'm pretty much set for my business trip on the 18th. Got all my artwork on DVD format and hardcopies of the style guide to.


Ok Hot Potters! We've found a new place to enjoy hot pot! Zhu!!! It's located at the Fort area [HSBC Building] yah can't miss it. Here's the low down.
The place is brand spanking new! Well lit and perfect for family lunch and/or dinner. Now onto the food. We went there for hot pot but I've heard good things about their ala carte selection as well.

[there should be more stuff in there but we got excited and some of the goodies were immediately placed in the broth :P]
The Hotpot: we got the 2 person assorted combo, and ordered some extra beef and veggies and what not. Broth of choice is SATE [for us atleast, there are a variety of broths available as well]. Serving size was suprisingly big! So we had to hunker down and chow on thru to finish what we ordered. The place was packed, translation the food is good! Granting that the place was packed service did not suffer unlike the other hot pot place we go to [GM in GH]. So if you're in the Fort area and want the real…

14 Stick Case

I purchased a cheapo 14 stick cigarette case this way instead of bringing a pack of 20s I can bring 5 for weekdays and 14 for weekends (1 less than the allowed). Vincent Benedict Py Castro
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Egghead But Not Hot Headed

I'm not sure if its the coffee, the lack of sleep or boredom but these brain farts keep on coming. I think I know why I got a new haircut a week back. I was bored with my hairstyle which I was sporting for more than a year. Every move has ups and downs. The downside well I look like an egg which is fine I got that all the time when I was in high school and college. The upside its way cooler (we are in a tropical country after all) and low maintenance to boot. So I'm not regretting my short hair. Which is a good thing. I've been told that I over plan things and that I lack spotainaity. In retrospect, there may be a grain of truth in that. I'm a pretty organized fellow and if you check my pocketpc phone you'd see this for yourself. I think I need to balance planning with being a bit more dynamic. I'm a Libran after all and the scales should be balanced aren't they. I think I have found a new sense of calm. Not that I'm 100% zen. Its just I'm calmer no…

Boredom and Going to China

It is a tad bit warm today. According to forecasts its 32°C but it feels like 34°C. Clearly I'm a bored bloke. Blogging about the weather thru my pocket pc phone. Yoda once said: Adventure, Excitement a Jedi craves not these things. Well I'm not exactly looking for both maybe just a little more dynamics from the daily routine that'll kick off again tomorrow Monday.On the 18th me and my bro are going on 3 day business trip in China. Yes we made it so that we'd be back for the weekend. Hey don't we all live for the weekends. I'm used to it actually but I am fearing for my project you see if I smoke a lot on weekends I smoke even more when I'm abroad working. I think this'll be the toughest leg for this months reduction program. Vincent Benedict Py Castro
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Sunday Afternoon

Another lazy Sunday afternoon. Tiu and Cams picked me up and were here at GH. They're roughing it up at the tiangge and so I went and check on our kiosk and am having some java and a smoke to pass the time. Vincent Benedict Py Castro
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UAAP 70|DLSU vs ???? First Round Schedule of Games

A Lady, A Song, and A Bill

Woke up early again! Couldn't get back to sleep so I surfed for a bit and watched Breakfast at Tiffany's on Cinemax. What got me to watch? Well Moonriver and Hepburn actually. I was channel surfing and saw + heard Moonriver being sung by a girl. So I kept on watching and googled it. Hah! I never knew Moonriver was written just for her and for that movie. Always thought it was Andy Williams' tune. It's one of my all time faves and I've uploaded it to my multiply. I decided to get to the kiosk early and behold what greets me... A bill from PLDT. So I write a check and pay for it at the BDO branch on the 1F no lines yet, yes! So, I'm here @ Starbucks again injecting caffeine and some nicotine to my system (still on the reduction system folks). Vincent Benedict Py Castro
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Friday the 13th, SO WHAT?

Being Filipino-Chinese we have a lot of superstitions and what not.

What to do after a bad bad bad bad bad dream. Example Bad Dream: Your tooth falls off in the dream and there is blood. When you wake up. DO NOT TALK TO ANYONE UNTIL YOU DO THIS. Go to the washroom get some water gargle it and spit it out and say 'let the bad luck wash away' or something to that effect. Eat misua with egg for maximum bad juju elimantion effect.

So what's up with this Friday the 13th stuff? I mean we've all heard about it before as being an unlucky day, but has anything unfortunate ever befallen you when Fridays meet with the number 13? As far back as I can remember Friday the 13th's just come and go with no ill effects. So as a any bored person would do I googled for 'Friday the 13th' and click on the Wikipedia link. HERE IT IS FOR THOSE INTERESTED

iPhone Smoothie!!!

They say the iPhone is the Jesus phone... but will it blend?

Darth Vader Supreme Edition Costume

I want one of these!!!


Darth Vader Supreme Edition Costume

Nicorette from Auntie Anita

Ven's mom gave me some Nicorette to help me with quiting. Thanks Auntie.Vincent Benedict Py Castro
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Frozen In Carbonite...

I feel like I'm Frozen in Carbonite. I'm alive, safe and secure but I'm not having fun or enjoying what I'm doing. I'm just hanging there in Jabba's palace... Stuck.

Two Self High Fives for Beating Gadget Withdrawal and Getting Thru Week 01 of Project: Smoke-free Bny

Couldn't get back to sleep after I forgot to put my Treo on silent mode SMSes woke me up at 10:30am (slept at around 5:30am). 5 hours, I guess that would have to do. I've decided to have coffee (@ Starbucks) and doughnuts (via Krispy Kreme's drive thru), my impatience got the better of me and I split from the drive thru after waiting for 2 minutes (there were 6 more cars before me). So I'm here at Starbucks theatermall having my ritual brewed coffee sans the doughnuts but with cigs (still on my strict reduction scheme). Didn't get the dougnuts but I'm chalkin' this up to blessings in disguise, I don't need the extra calories anyway. As for Project Smoke-free Bny (my personal Cigarette Consumption Reduction Program), it's been a tough week 01 but I'm still within my daily allotments. Self High Five! Alright! I think I'm a bit dehydrated from Friday and Saturday's adventures. I'll probably buy Grape-torade (baby james translation: Grap…

Yap's Birthday Bash

One of my best friends celebrated his birthday @ Ankies. Booze and food galore! Good friends and Good Times! Happy Birthday and Thanks brotha!
More Snaps on Mutliply

I've done 94 out of 144 stupid things - 65%

Got this from Chin... wala lang bored e!

Level 1
(x) smoked a cigarette
(x) smoked a cigar
(x) done weed
(x) drank alcohol


Level 2
(x) been in love
(x) been dumped
(x) shoplifted
( ) been fired
( ) been in a fist fight


Level 3
(x) snuck out of the house
(x) had feelings for someone who didn't have them back
( ) been arrested
( ) made out with a stranger
( ) gone out on a blind date


Level 4
(x) had a crush on an older person
(x) skipped school
(x) slept (not sex) with a co-worker
(x) seen someone/something die

SO FAR: 13

Level 5
(x) had/have a crush or liked on one of your friends.
( ) been to Paris
( ) been to Spain
(x) been on a plane
(x) thrown up from drinking

SO FAR: 16

Level 6
(x) eaten Sushi
( ) been snowboarding
( ) met someone BECAUSE of myspace
( ) been mosh pitting

SO FAR: 17

Level 7
( ) been in an abusive relationship (emotionally abusive)
(x) taken pain killers
(x) love/loved someone who you can’t have
(x) laid on your back and watched cloud shapes go by
(x) made a snow angel

SO …

What's Right With This Picture? Hands On With The Samsung U600

Usually when I blog on Fridays I'm at Starbucks theatermall and I take a snap of my mug while abusing my lungs outside. Since I'm on a reduction program I'm staying inside were there's no smoking.

[Samsung U600, Close but no cigar]
I was looking at some mobiles awhile ago. Was tempted to get Samsung's U600. It's a super slim 3.2MP slider the downside it's not 3G. Also the slider seemed suspect and was wobbly. Looks wise it's great features wise so so. A2DP worked but got disconnected when you tried to do something else. Silly beyond explanation... Using the wired headset you could go about the phone like normal. Samsung dropped the ball on this one and this and having slow 2G connection were the deal breaker for me. The sensor type softkeys were a bit over sensitive for my liking. Navigation was abit touch and go. As with all Samsung mobiles the camera was superb, built in mp3 player was also ok. Expansion is via microSD. Call quality was ok though. Is i…

Is this the HTC OMNI?

Ok! Engadget has a CG image up of what could be the HTC Omni [the long awaited replacement for the uber succesful HTC Universal line] drool worthy design and specs [if they hold up] --
Windows Mobile 6.0 OS
UMTS/HSDPA connectivity
WVGA 4″ 800×480 px display, subdisplay [OLED]
TV and VGA out
256 ROM, 1280 RAM and microSD memory card slot
Wi-Fi b/g, USB and Bluetooth connectivity
Full QWERTY keyboard
Dimensions: 130 x 81 x16 mm -- I want this and a Kaiser!!! SANTA listen up! Christmas is moved to tomorrow!!!

Review|Old Swiss Inn: Part Deux, Fondue

Usually you return to a resto because the food is good or you had a great time during your first visit. Our return to Old Swiss Inn was instigated by Chin who was craving for the Chocolate Fondue. Haven't had fondue for the longest time so I was pretty psyched and hungry at the same time. OSI has an ongoing promotion the FONDUE SMORGASBORD All-You-Can-Eat Fondue, it's PhP 750.00 [PhP 915.00 with VAT and SC], Cheese, Beef, and Chocolate. It's running from June 29th to July 15th only [Elars magpakilala ka na]. Oh and NO SHARING!

Cheese - I'm not a cheese person so I did not enjoy this course.

Beef - I loved this course and enjoyed all the dipping sauces [I think I had 5 to 6 plates of beef] of and you get fries too! C'mon you skewer meat with a metal fork, fry in hot oil and dip it in sauce what more could you ask for?

Chocolate - I love chocolate, dipping mallows and fruits and some kind of bread in melted chocolate is awesome. I especially like the apples and the br…

Kaiser Krazy

Enough of this iPhone non-sense... let's get back to some Windows Mobile goodness :)
Paul over at MoDaCo has a unit he's been putting through the paces. Hop on over there for juicy info, specs, and photos!
Paul's Kaiser Review:
Ask Paul Kaiser Thread:

How Chinese Are You? Mine says 92%

Leeched this off my shobe's multiply.
[x] You like to eat chicken feet. - Yes
[x] You sing karaoke. - Sinatra's My Way is my fave song
[x] You've worn glasses ever since you were in fifth grade. - Nursery. Now I'm at 1000 and 900
[x] You'll haggle over something that is not negotiable.
[x]You are a math genius. - I can say the Multiplication Table [1 thru 10] in Chinese

Total: 5

[x] You take showers at night. - Yes
[x] You avoid the non-free snacks in hotel rooms. - Of course!
[x] You say "aiyah!" and "wah!" frequently. - Guilty
[x] You save grocery bags. - Of course UNIMART, NATIONAL BOOKSTORE or SM?
[x] You twirl your pen around your fingers. - I try

Total: 5

[x] You have been taught that wasting food is a sin. - It is a SIN.
[x] Your dad thinks he can fix everything himself. - not only can he fix everything. he knows everything
[x] You beat eggs with chopsticks. - Effective sya.
[x] You like congee with thousand-year-old eggs. - as long as may sliced por…

My New Hairstyle

No more bad hair days atleast for a few weeks ey! Low maintenance hairstyle :o) I missed having short or no hair. Instead of getting a skin head [which I used to get] I decided to have 2cm on top and 1cm on the sides and back. My head is much cooler now.

Day 01: Quota Reached

Ok I reached my 15 stick quota at 3PM, mostly due to the fact that I used up 10 sticks during last night's gimmick [12AM thru 4AM]. Been fighting the urge to light up for 3 hours. I went and had a haircut to keep my mind of cigaretters for atleast 45 minutes. Still haven't bought gum or candy. I knew I forgot something.