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Flaming Out... Have to Regain Control

Delayed post:

It's 7:41 usually I'd be home already finished with dinner and surfing or blogging. Right now I'm at the backseat of our host's Buick listening to some tunes and thumb typing this post. My cigarette reduction project had a wrench thrown right in it. My smoking has gone out of control. I'm at a dozen sticks and it's still early, today's a weekday so five is the limit. I also have some over consumptions last Monday and Tuesday so I'm beginning to think that the 3 days I'll be here in China might break my July target. To prevent this from happening I've to cutdown some more on weekends to compensate for this trip's and my other over consumptions. Shitballs. I could easily add a special circumstances clause but that wouldn't be right. I'm going to try not to smoke tomorrow and Friday (that's 20 sticks) by leaving my cigs at the hotel room. I think that should cover my over consumption if not exceed it. Damn this is tough...

Vincent Benedict Py Castro
via Treo 750v + G-Mail

The FORCE Will Be With You Always...


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