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Review|Nadia Ali - Love Story

I first noticed Nadia Ali when she was with Iio (the group that gave us the club classic Rapture). Her vocals will definitely give you endless goosebumps with this new track.

It's "Love Story" which I first heard on Above & Beyond's Trance Around The World podcast as well as Andy Moor's Moor Music podcast.

Amazing vocals & superb production on the mixes make for an awesome trancer. No wonder DJs are including this track on their sets. This is a must have track my fellow music lovers.

You can buy it online at

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Review|Mat Zo - Lucky Strike / Synapse Dynamics

Music discovery thru free podcasts is an amazing thing.

These 2 tracks are a prime example of something I'd never have found on my own. Mat Zo dishes it the way I like it.

Go have a listen. Trust in Trance!

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Give Me Back My Lighter

As a smoker there is nothing worse than having cigarettes and no way to light up. It is one of the most frustrating situations I've encountered. Couple this with the stress of international travel and you have a perfect recipe for anxiety.

This morning at NAIA terminal 2, I was able to get by 2 security checks before my lighter was sequestered at the gate by a final check. Frak!

It irks me that lighters should be surrendered before we board the plane. What the frak is up with that? How dangerous is a lighter? Seriously.

Here's something for my fellow lung busters. In Xiamen Int'l Airport they have bins of confiscated lighters numbering the hundreds near the exit of the arrival area. They are clearly marked with a sign saying please take a lighter. Quite practical and thoughtful of the airport administrators. This way arriving smokers have an opportunity to claim a lighter and light up as they step out. To this I say: xie xie!

Which begs the question? Where the frak does NAIA…

China Mobile EDGE Speed Test

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Biting Jaws

That's fraking Shark! I was told after the fact... Wasn't as tough as I thought.

Tags: sharks

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Trying out IRIS browser X iphone web apps

I've been test driving Torch Mobile's IRIS Browser. By accident I was taken to Supprisingly it works on iris. I then tried out & Pretty cool.

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Off to Xiamen, China…

I’m off to Xiamen, China with my dad for a sourcing trip. I really hope that we can find some viable designs for the brands that I’m handling. This will be a short trip and I’ll be back in Manila on the 28th Saturday.I’ve never really paid attention to which factory I head to when on these trips well now that I’ve a GPS enabled device and more importantly maps for the place I will be going to I hope I can plot these points of interest. Previously on my HTC TyTN II, I used MapKing R12 and only purchased the map for Metro Manila [it was the only one available] now that I am using Garmin Mobile XT on my palm Treo Pro I was able to grab a more current map made by Pinoys from a forum. I reckon I can use Google Maps as a backup to Garmin if the map I loaded is not enough for this trip [as I said I don’t pay attention to where we go]. I’ve loaded the map for Fujian, China it’s a province which includes Xiamen and Jin Jiang which I am told we frequent for the factories.

i-mate 810F – Military Spec Windows Phone

The 1st cellular enabled Windows Mobile [then Pocket PC] device I had was an i-mate JAM [codename: HTC Magician, manufactured by HTC] since then I’ve moved away from the brand because they really had no presence here in the PH. They’ve changed manufacturers when HTC started selling devices under their own brand and honestly I thought their device line ups became *meh*Their ultimate line tickled my fancy for a few minutes but was quickly forgotten. At the recently concluded MWC ‘09 in Barcelona i-mate announced a new device which really piqued my interest. It’s the i-mate 810F. Here are some specs:Cellular: Quad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE = (850/900/1800/1900) & Tri-band UMTS/HSDPA = (850/1900/2100)Display: 2.4in QVGA TFT touchscreenOS: Windows Mobile® 6.1 Professional (with Internet Explorer Mobile 6)Processor:  Marvell PXA310 624MhzRAM/ROM/Storage: 128Mb/256Mb/2GbCamera: 2MP Fixed FocusOthers: WiFi 802.11b/g + Bluetooth 2.0 EDR + aGPSBattery: 1200mAH Li-IonDimensions: 111mm (L) x 66mm(W)…

Google Maps

[Web - Map View][Web - Satellite View]----[WinMob – Map View][WinMob – Satellite View]-----It seems Google Maps for NCR at least is being updated with more data streets and POIs which is a good thing, sadly it isn’t uniform as you can see from the captures they have details reversed on the web and win mob application. Routing is not working yet but hey this is a step in the right direction.

Sun GPRS/3G and MMS Settings

Activating the service:Send: ACTIVATE To: 2300Don't have AutoConfig on your Windows Mobile device? Don't worry here's how to manually input the connection settings for both GPRS/3G and MMS on the Sun Network
For GPRS/3GTap Start > Settings > Connections [tab] > ConnectionsUnder My ISP > Tap create new modem connectionName it something easy to remember I use: Sun InternetIn the drop down select: Cellular Line (GPRS,3G) tap NextAccess point name: minternet (use: fbband if you are using call & surf)Tap Finish For MMS Settings Tap Start > Settings > Connections [tab] > ConnectionsUnder My Work Network > Tap create new modem connectionName it something easy to remember I use: Sun MMSIn the drop down select: Cellular Line (GPRS,3G) tap NextAccess point name: mmsTap Finish MMS Application Open your MMS application and go to Settings/OptionsUnder Server > add a new Server name it: Sun MMSGateway: 9201Server address: http:/…
Originally uploaded by bnycastro Land Rover Defender

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Originally uploaded by bnycastro Land Rover Defender

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Daddy Chi & Mommy Arlyn

Dropped by brand new parents Chi & Lyn before heading to work.

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Gregory Noah's 1st Birthday Party

Happy Birthday Greggy (Tiger Bullet)!!!

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Off Road Trail Tomorrow

Well I just got home from Marc’s birthday dinner and I must say I had a lot of fun. Good friends, good food, GOLDEN SAKE… good times!Tomorrow we’re going to Tanay, Rizal for some off road fun.I would be lying if I said I wasn’t excited. I’ve packed most of my stuff and am really excited to test out my aquapac with the river. I really enjoyed swimming in the river primarily because it ain’t salty and I think it’s relatively clean. I will be leaving my 2ndary mobile [HTC S730 and my Sun SIM] because cellular signal is pretty weak there. I am taking along my trusty IXUS50 but sadly I have to leave my all weather case since I haven’t had the chance to buy a replacement rubber gasket for it. I will also be bringing one of my toy cameras, the Vivitar IC100 and the colorsplash flash. The holga 135 is just to bulky, I’m packing 3 rolls of ISO200 film I think that would be enough for some fun shots. I’ve loaded some podcasts and tunes on my 8Gb microSDHC card which resides in my Treo Pro and I…


Well I’ve decided to delete some of the social networking / micro-blogging sites I’ve joined over the years. So far I have removed the following Social Networking / Micro-blogging services:hi5 / tagged / myspace / friendster / multiply / flixster / delicious / rummble / orkut / fireeagle / I am still undecided if I should keep plurk, brightkite, friendfeed---- I will be maintaining my blog, facebook, twitter,, linked in, dopplr. Of course I am keeping all my content sites flickr, youtube, vimeo, deviantart, mobile9, mosh, picasa.----I am thinking of creating a new myspace account for music discovery and following artists. But 1st I have to cleanup my bookmarks and edit my mobile faves page hehehe.

HTC Touch Diamond2

HTC Touch Diamond2 Qualcomm® MSM7200A™, 528 MHzWindows Mobile® 6.1 Professional [FREE 6.5 Update when available]ROM/RAM: 512Mb/288Mb Dimensions: 107.85 X 53.1 X 13.7 mmWeight: 117.5 grams Display: 3.2-inch TFT-LCD 480 X 800 WVGA resolutionQuad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz & HSDPA/WCDMA: 900/2100 MHzTouchFLO 3D + Zoom barWiFi 802.11b/g Bluetooth 2.0 EDRHTC ExtUSB5MP AF / 0.3MP FM RadioG-SensormicroSDHC1100mAh --Say good bye to 4Gb internal storage and hello to microSDHC expansion, The main camera has more megapixels [still no flash], the screen is bigger physically and has a higher resolution display, higher capacity battery, still no 3.5mm jack

HTC Touch Pro2

HTC Touch Pro2 Qualcomm® MSM7200A™, 528 MHzWindows Mobile® 6.1 Professional [FREE 6.5 Update when available]ROM/RAM: 512Mb/288Mb Dimensions: 116 X 59.2 X 17.25 mmWeight: 175 gramsDisplay: 3.6-inch TFT-LCD 480 X 800 WVGA resolutionQuad-band GSM/GPRS/EDGE: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz & HSDPA/WCDMA: 900/2100 MHzTouchFLO 3D + Zoom barWiFi 802.11b/g Bluetooth 2.0 EDRHTC ExtUSB3.2MP AF + Flash / 0.3MP FM RadioG-SensorGPS1500mAh microSDHCSlide out 5-row QWERTY keyboard--I like that they’ve brought back the slide and tilt form factor from the HTC TyTN II and slapped on a higher resolution display but it doesn’t seem like much of an upgrade from the Touch Pro it is set to replace. HTC adds Straight Talk™ which they claim is crystal clear automated speaker phone, just flip your device over and lay it down on your desk and talk away.

Euphonic Sessions with Kyau & Albert

Grab “Kyau & Albert’s Euphonic Sessions” monthly podcast:via iTunesvia other pod catching softwareKyau & Albert Site (EN)

Microsoft Windows Mobile 6.5 at MWC’09

As I am typing this post I am watching the live stream from Mobile World Congress [MWC09] Barcelona. Balmer and Lees, give us the low down on Microsoft’s next mobile OS.--Windows Mobile 6.5 is announced officially and some features are discussed.New Lock ScreenNew Today ScreenHoneycomb InterfaceNew Internet ExplorerNew Services for Windows Mobile:Microsoft My Phone – Sync to the CloudMicrosoft App Store – App StorePartners:HTC:Peter Chou, HTC’s CEO: mentioned that they are committed to Microsoft and the platform. He also mentioned that customers who buy their new devices namely the HTC Touch Diamond 2 and HTC Touch Pro 2 will get a free upgrade to the forthcoming OS.LG:Dr. Skott Ahn, LG’s CEO: 50 models are planned from now to 2012. Yes that’s 50 models from the Korean company. WOW! Orange:Yves Maitre, senior VP of devices Orange: Operator which doesn’t really mean anything for us here in the PH. --MICROSOFT VIRTUAL PRESS ROOM--

Congrats Cuz

Congrats Cuz
Originally uploaded by bnycastro Congrats to the new graduate. w00t!

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Tips & Tricks|Backup/Restore Your PIM Data

I’m sure a lot of Windows Mobile users will find this useful. --Here’s a quick and easy way to backup/restore your PIM DATA [Contacts, Appointments, Tasks] on your Win Mo device.--Backup:Using your File Explorer browse your device and look for the file PIM.vol now simply copy this to your Storage Card for safekeeping. --Restore:Using File Explorer rename the PIM.vol [on device] to PIM1.volCopy the saved PIM.vol from Storage Card to the Device root [not in ANY directory] Soft Reset and delete PIM1.vol--NOTE: It’s best to sync your device to your computer using Activesync (XP) or Windows Mobile Device Center (Vista) and Outlook.This will NOT backup contacts in the SIM card.This DOES work across platforms [Standard to Classic to Professional]This DOES NOT work across versions [a database from WM5 will not work on WM6 and vice versa]This DOES NOT work across different devices i.e. WM to iPhoneUse this as a 2ndary backup method only, it is still advised to get and use backup software.

HTC Touch & Click Sessions with Microsoft


Kim and I moved our dinner from San Juan to Quezon City. I have been craving for steak for quite some time now but 145°F was getting mixed reviews. So we decided to try Aresi. I recall going to this restaurant before they moved to the new commercial complex where it is now.

They had a few steaks under the entrée section and I settled for the rib-eye medium rare. I also ordered a light beer battered shrimps & chips (like fish & chips but using shrimp). Kim ordered Pasta her choice was spaghetti with meatballs in tomato sauce.

Suprisingly the steak was a generous portion, it came with some grilled veggies, mashed potatoes and light gravy. Tender and very tasty. I would say that my steak craving has subsided for now.

The shrimp was so so. I would've like a more seasoned batter the fries were good until they became cold.

Aresi is located at the 2F Il Terrazo Complex. Tomas Morato Avenue, Quezon City.

Tips & Tricks|Toggle Data Connections Using NoData

I posted way back about subverting data connections on your Windows Mobile device. Well I found an app that eliminates the need for digging thru your settings each and every time to disable or enable data.The application is called NoData it’s up on MoDaCo, it’s free and it works on both Windows Mobile Standard and Professional devices. It’s great for keeping data costs down especially when you are overseas and roaming. Once installed you just start the application and turn off the connections you don’t want to connect. Remember you have to enable them before you can use them again, keep this in mind if you have push email activated. TIp: You may leave MMS on so you still get those goofy gifs :D=================NoData on MoDaCo=================

Tips & Tricks|Toggle Threaded SMS on Windows Mobile

Microsoft introduced Threaded SMS [or chat style] in version 6.1 of Windows Mobile Professional and Standard Devices. So What’s The Difference?Threaded SMS Off, this is the *old* way WM used to handle messages. Each message from the sender appears on your inbox. If you’ve added a photo to the contact it will be displayed as well. ----Threaded SMS On, this was introduced in WM6.1 messages received and sent to are contact a grouped together. It makes following conversations easier. This is the OS default.Threaded SMS is great if you want to keep track of your SMS correspondence with a contact. However some people don’t like or require this. Here’s a quick and easy way to toggle between threaded and regular SMS. Method 1: Notepad (PC)NotepadFire up your notepadCopy the code and paste to your noteSave and change from .txt to .regCopy to your device Tap to make the changes work. Turn Off Threaded SMS:Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00 [HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Inbox\Settings\…

2009 Year of the Smartphone

I’ve been using a converged smart phone since 2003 and I must say it is a great way to work and play. I do buy a few feature phones each year but end up selling them after a few weeks, I just don’t get satisfied with feature phones anymore. I feel that this year we will see more people adapt smart phones. I think the iPhone has successfully made this notion palatable to the masses. So thanks Apple. My mobile OS of choice is Windows Mobile. At the moment I have 2 versions of Windows Mobile. I have a Treo Pro running Windows Mobile Professional and a HTC S730 running Windows Mobile Standard. Microsoft has been delaying Windows Mobile 7 because they are concentrating on their desktop OS. Windows Mobile 6.1 is due for a refresh. I think the UI needs a drastic overhaul to improve usability. It is really powerful but it really needs to be easier to use.  I am watching the development of Nokia Series 60, Google’s Android platform, Apple’s iPhone, and the latest entry Palm’s Web OS. Before I …

For Sale|Sony VAIO VGN-FE890 (good condition)

My friend’s dad is selling his 1 year old VAIO because he has crossed over to the dark side [read: he went APPLE]. Kidding about the dark side, serious about the VAIO. He’s taken really good care of it.  Color: Silver15.4 inch 1280x800 XbriteIntel Centrino Duo1Gb DDR II RAM Intel GMA950250Gb HDDWindows Vista Home PremiumWebcam=====================Asking price is: 55,000.00 PhP=====================

For Sale|JBL Creature II (Good Condition)

Product InformationJBL's Creature II three piece speaker system produces high-quality stereo sound for movies, MP3's, movies and gaming experiences.Product MPNMPN:
T9077LL/AKey FeaturesNumber of Speakers:
2 Speakers + SubwooferMax. Power Output:
8 Watt (Watts)Connection Type:
CableTechnical FeaturesFrequency Response:
50 - 20000 HzTHD:
10 %Front SpeakerDimensions (W x D x H):
3 in. x 3 in. x 3 in.SubwooferFrequency Response:
50 - 20000 HzDimensions (W x D x H):
9 in. x 9 in. x 9 in.====================Asking Price is: PhP 2,000.00====================

Flashed my S730

I was bored this morning so I decided to check xda-devs for new ROMs. I saw a newer cooked one posted by xuque.

I did the hardspl and flashed it just for kicks. This ROM has 2 languages CN & EN.

Windows Live was not working so I had to get a cab for that. I noticed that this had a different font and it is bigger than alcaline's. I activated cleartype to smooth the display of fonts. So far so good.

Review|Nama Sakana Sushi

Had dinner with friends here yesterday. It’s located at Fox Square Building on Connecticut Street Greenhills [beside Capricciosa].The restaurant was well lit and looked clean. I think they are on their soft opening. The service was not too good. I hope the management and staff get their act together. [Nigiri Sushi]I had sushi it was fresh and is way better than other mid tier Japanese themed restaurants [i.e. Teriyaki Boy or Tempura]. I then had Tempura Udon, the noodles were firm to the bite and the soup very savory. I would’ve liked less batter and more shrimp though. [Salmon Roe, Unagi, Uni, Ama Ebi, Mackarel][Tempura Udon]Pricing was not to steep. *apologies for the crappy images.

What’s Up with WM?

I wonder what’s in stored for Windows Mobile, I’ve been noticing that manufacturers haven’t been announcing new devices as of late, especially for WM Standard. Could this be a sign that MS will finally be merging Standard and Professional/Classic? Is WM Std going bye bye?The buzz is that 6.5 will become official at MWC. I do hope that palm has the good sense to give us Treo Pro users an upgrade option.

Sunday Slow Down...

Had a pretty relaxed Sunday for the most part. Heard mass at MTQ with Jorell, Per, Miah and Tiu.

We had dinner at the Japanese restaurant besides Capriciossa GH. The name escapes me ATM so my review will be pending.

We then headed over to Game Frog in Metrowalk to meet up with Wes, Moj & Elars for some CS. We were later joined by Shoty, Kiyo & EJ.

I think we played for a little over 3 hours. A whole lot of fun just before we go back to the rat race tomorrow...

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Sgt. Pepe Le Per's Lonely Hearts Club Band

Sgt. Pepe Le Per's Lonely Hearts Club Band
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Shawarma Nights

Shawarma Nights
Originally uploaded by bnycastro Shawarma Night here at Vy Residence!

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