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2009 Year of the Smartphone

I’ve been using a converged smart phone since 2003 and I must say it is a great way to work and play. I do buy a few feature phones each year but end up selling them after a few weeks, I just don’t get satisfied with feature phones anymore. I feel that this year we will see more people adapt smart phones. I think the iPhone has successfully made this notion palatable to the masses. So thanks Apple.

My mobile OS of choice is Windows Mobile. At the moment I have 2 versions of Windows Mobile. I have a Treo Pro running Windows Mobile Professional and a HTC S730 running Windows Mobile Standard.

Microsoft has been delaying Windows Mobile 7 because they are concentrating on their desktop OS. Windows Mobile 6.1 is due for a refresh. I think the UI needs a drastic overhaul to improve usability. It is really powerful but it really needs to be easier to use. 

I am watching the development of Nokia Series 60, Google’s Android platform, Apple’s iPhone, and the latest entry Palm’s Web OS.

Before I hopped over to WM I was using Nokia Series 60. It wasn’t very mature or powerful at the time. I guess at the time it was more of a pseudo smart phone OS rather than a full blown OS such as it’s competition. I do think their devices look gorgeous the OS needs a bit more work.

Apple’s OS is really user friendly but the hardware is really turning me off. I am a hardware QWERTY keyboard person and the SIP on the iPhone just isn’t efficient enough for me. Simple things have been disregarded and marked us un-important even as it’s users clamor for it daily. I guess it’s an elitist OS that says use it or frak off.

Android and Web OS are the most interesting and exciting for me. Android has a lot of potential and with the Google overlords behind it I am sure it will reach that potential in a year or two. Web OS looks really slick… palm’s last stand seems to be a valiant one. I do hope that there are a few more Android OS and Web OS devices announced and shipped this year and that they reach our shores too!

I am waiting for the palm Pre in GSM, the next iPhone, the next Android device.

It is really an exciting time to be a mobility enthusiast. So what devices are you looking out for this year?


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