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WWAN performance Globe Telecom

Did some speed tests last night with the UX280P and my Globe SIM. Location Power Plant Mall, Makati. Used the 200Kb test.

Tips & Tricks|Origami Experience on the UX280P ~ VistaGami :o)



[Program Launcher]


Found this in one of the forums I joined in the past few days to tweak and optimize my UX280P. Anyway it explains how to get the Origami Experience Pack onto your non-UMPC system [note ORIGAMI was/is the codename for UMPC's], the whole post explains everything you need to do as well as provides links to the softwares needed! :o) So far I'm liking OE except for the fact that it is a bit blurry on my VAIO's 1024 x 600 reso screen [I think it was designed for 800 x 600] no matter I like the interface and the big buttons are easy to press / tap. I'm also liking the included game... SUDOKU! Yeah! So what are you waiting for? Start reading/downloading/tweaking/installing and enjoying follow the link bellow!

For Sale|SONY Cybershot DSC T-7

My bro is selling his Cybershot DSC T-7... It's barely used and in real good condition. Specs and pricing are on his blog! He's selling it really cheap so wag nyo sya baratin! Here is the direct link:

My UX280P's GPRS/EDGE Modem, Unlocked and Working!

With a little googling, tweaking, and a lot of patience/help from Lo' [thanks again bro!] I've now been able to unlock & use the built-in Sony Ericsson GPRS/EDGE Modem on the UX280P with another SIM card. I slapped in my Globe SIM and after a few minutes I was prompted that the network has been found & that it was ready to use. I tried connecting to GPRS and sending SMS using the included Cingular Connection Manager and it worked! Hehehe! I am unsure if I can make GSM voice calls with this module & software combination. Since I'm using a non-UX280P specific SmartWi application [using a SmartWi for a Sprint enabled VAIO because it works with Vista] and with this version I can't activate WLAN and WWAN at the same time. Might do a bit more research and see if these can be rectified. I also might look into Globe's Visibility [unlimited DATA plan for PhP 2,000.00] plan for my data needs. -- SONY eSupport Website for UX280P Knowledge Articles: C422852 and C42315…

Accessories Crazy

I just bought some stuff for my new UMPC.

120Gb 2.5" Mobile HDD with USB 2.0 Enclosure
1 Gb Transcend USB 2.0 Flash Disk
1 A4TECH USB Travel Mouse
1 A4TECH USB mini Keyboard
I got the HDD since 40Gb just ain't enough for me. I got the USB flash stick thinking I could use it for Vista Readyboost but apparently it's not enough that the stick is USB 2.0 it has to have a transfer rate of atleast 2.5Mb/sec so I might have it exchanged when these become available. As I commented on my mini-review the built-in keyboard on the UX isn't really the best for text entry so I got a USB keyboard [since the UX's cradle only has USB ports] Still saving up to get a bigass monitor looking at the 19" LG LCD [y'all know my eyes are shot so I think this should be prioritized] also looking for a USB 2.0 DVD/RW External drive. I'd probably buy the monitor first to complete my office setup. I am running out of USB ports too so I might need to get a USB port replicator too. Ah t…

For Sale|HID Conversion Kits

Add some spunk to your ride's beams... check these out!

HID Conversion Kits for H4-3, 9006 (HB4), 9005 (HB3), H3, H11, H1, Yellow (HH).
- Color Temperatures 6000K, 8000K, 10000K, 12000K are available.
- For High/Low Beams = 10,500php- For Single Beams = 8,000php
- Installations: Home Service! No need to bring your car to us! We will go directly to your place to install your HID's for you! (Saturday and Sunday Only) additional 500 pesos (Manila), 800 pesos (QC), 1000 (Makati+Greenhills)

YM qoolicious1979 for details.

Montana Money

[The World Is Yours]

Tips & Tricks|Sync Your Windows Mobile Device with SONY VAIO VGN-UX280P using Toshiba Bluetooth Stack

Finally got Windows Mobile Device Center (aka Activesync for Vista) on the UX280P to sync with my 750v over Bluetooth. Apparently it needed a bit of registry editing to make WMDC recognize the serial port that the Toshiba Bluetooth stack installed on my VAIO VGN-UX280P.

Tested on/with:
Microsoft Windows Vista Home Premium
Toshiba Bluetooth Stack and Software [ver. 5.00.10 from SONY]
Windows Mobile Device Center
palm Treo 750v
Wndows Mobile 5.0 Pocket PC Phone Edition [AKU 2.6]

1. On your VAIO [Part 1]
1.1 Open WMDC under Mobile device settings Connection Settings make sure Bluetooth is enabled
1.2 Click Start [Windows logo] On the search bar type regedit
1.3 Navigate to the ff: key HKLM\SOFTWARE\Microsoft\Windows CE Services
1.4 look for SerialPort and modify it to COM7
1.5 Exit the Registry Editor and Reboot your PC
1.6 Open BT and make sure the VAIO is visible and can accept connections

2. On your Treo [Part 2]
2.1 Enable BT on the Treo [you may want to delete existing/old par…

Tips & Tricks|Missing Storage Card Issue in WMDC Media Sync RESOLVED

If you've tried to sync media files to your Windows Mobile device using Vista, WMDC and Windows Medial Player 11 you'd probably be wondering why WMP11 only sees the internal memory of yor device but can't recognize/see the Storage card.

Well MS seems to have made a boo boo and messed up something in WMDC in terms of media sync, thankfully they have corrected this aready. Just go get this hotfix from MS and install on your Vista system [reboot required kiddies] and you'll have your storage card available for media sync again under WMP11. Enjoy and remember Trust in Trance.

Food Shots

[Street Foods and Beer Galore by Shoty] --

[mini MAGGI]
[Best of Both Worlds: Char Siu and Roast Pork] -- [naubos n yun pork!]

With MS Office 2007

[Photo by Shoty]

Here at 4xForce

[Yap Making Faces]
Having some food & drinks here at 4XForce.

Children's Little University Basketball Summer Camp

Get those kids into sports! Keep them healthy and give them a chance to learn from skilled basketball players.

WHEN: April 18, 2007 to May 18, 2007 / 9am to 10am
WHERE: Covered Court, Amoranto Stadium
COST: PhP 4,500.00 For 10 Sessions
BONUS: Free NIKE T-shirt for participating kids.
INSTRUCTORS: Ren-ren Ritualo Jr. and friends

Margaux =09209241527
Joker = 09194686629
Landline (Office Hours) = 9241579

Review|Crumpler Launch Party

Was at the FORT area again last night. This time we went to Serendra for the CRUMPLER LAUNCH PARTY. Live percussion band, fire twirling dancers, Juju plus lot's of food & booze, some wacky games and a boat load of prizes were given away. All in all, I think that the event was a success. Nice one Charlie :-)

Review|SONY VAIO VGN-UX280P Part 1

[Treo vs VAIO]
Ok as I stated a few posts back I wanted a UMPC, something smaller and lighter than my current notebook. Well I gave in to the itch and got myself a SONY VAIO VGN-UX280P. It's actually a US version of the UX series of VAIO's the main difference is that it has a GPRS/EDGE modem instead of a CF card slot [it's locked to Cingular though and I haven't had it unlocked yet]. I had it loaded with Windows Vista Home Premium coz I read it was equivalent to Media Center on the XP. Anyway here are some specs:
Intel Core Solo U1400 1.20Ghz Processor
1024 DDR2 RAM
40Gb HDD
Windows Vista Home Premium
1024 x 600 Colour 4.5" Touchscreen
Biometric Fingerprint Scanner
0.3 MP Motion Eye [front]
1.3 MP Motion Eye [rear]
Slideout QWERTY keyboard
WiFi A/B/G
Memorystick slot
1x USB port
1x SONY port connector
1x stylus
Extra loot:
2x track stick covers
1x kick stand

1x strap
1x cradle with 1x VGA out, 1x AV out, 3x USB port, 1x LAN, 1x Firewire
1x VGA out and LAN a…

Review|palm Treo 750 Launch Party

Free booze and snacks plus games and prizes were abound and I had a lot of fun and took home some loot at the Treo 750 launch which was held last night at Embassy Superclub. Also had the opportunity and honor of meeting Carlo and some other Win Mob enthusiasts. Pics after the break.

Just about all aboard

We're almost all aboard... Shoty had some passport problems and couldn't join us. Hopefully he makes it tomorrow Vincent Benedict Py Castro
via Treo 750v

coming soon...

Here's some teaser pix of stuff me, my bro, and my dad have been working on for the last couple of months. swinging by stores nationwide... very soon.

Water Bottle Safe

This is a USD 40.00 safe impersonating a water bottle. Just keep your eye on it you might forget that it's actually where you put your 'stash' and fling it into the bin.via Gizmodo

Deep Dish @ Warehouse 135

Deep Dish will be @ Warehouse 135 this weekend, a pity I'll be out of town. I'm sure it'll be a blast. Oh yeah and it's by invite only so get on leeching to whoever you know who can get you in. :P

Review|Revelations (2006)

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Johan Gielen

I've been listening to this 2 CD artist album from Johan Gielen on and off for about 2 weeks now. I'm really enjoying this one. Mr. Gielen has really dished out a fantastic trance-laden gem. I'm sure trance heads would really enjoy this album. The 2nd CD from the album actually contains only 4 tracks [3 mixes of Triplecross and 1 mix of Physical Overdrive]. Tracks to watch out for: Okinawa Sunset, Show Me What You Got, Physical Overdrive, Flash, Triplecross, Flash, Magnitude and Reached You Anyway. Now stop reading and get this album!


Category: Movies
Genre: Action Starring: Gerard Butler, Lena Heady, David Wenham, Rodrigo Santoro
Based on Frank Miller's [Sin City] Graphic Novel, 300 which is about the Battle of
. Vastly outnumbered, King Leonidas and 300 Spartans
confront the Persian invaders in a magnificent display of Courage, Tactics,
and Valor.
I've been wanting to see this movie ever since the first teasers surface online last year. The anticipation was not wasted. It is a great movie. Kudos to the cast and crew! The visuals and the sounds contribute immensly to the film. The fight scenes were awesome. If you're going to see one film this year watch this one [get the rest in DVD].

R2D2 Mail Boxes

courtesy of Engadget [Permalink]

R.I.P. Captain America

Apparently Captain America is dead. He was assasinated by a sniper while exiting a courthouse. There also seems to be a movie in the works about that guy with the shield. Jack Nicholson would make a good Red Skull. -- ABC News Article

Tech Lust! Samsung Q2

Rad pointed me to this Engadget link this AM and I just had to blog about it. I've been reading and listening up on UMPCs and TabletPCs for the past few weeks deciding if I should take the plunge or not. This just might have been the straw that broke the camel's back. -- It's a leaked PPoint slide of the Samsung Q2 which is supposed to replace their Q1 range of UMPCs. -- pics courtesy of: Engadget

Free WiFi

I'm here at Starbucks Theatermall in GSC [Greenhills Shopping Center] passing my time and enjoying free WiFi courtesy of EYP [E-Yellow Pages]. I'm glad that we're finally getting more and more WiFi hotspots in Manila. A few years back WiFi was barely existent in public places or if they were they were commercial deployments like Globe WIZ or So ATM I'm enjoying my ritual tall Coffee of the day, some smokes, and free net access. I guess we had to catch up sometime.

Nacho Cheese Fountain

Saw this over at Engadget... here is the source.

Review|Ilium Software NewsBreak 2.0

Ilium Software the makers of Ewallet , ListPro and other ultra useful Windows Mobile applications has just released version 2.0 of their RSS software. It's a free upgrade if you bought NB1.2 on December 6, 2006 or later. If you bought it earlier like me you can get it for USD 7.95 [limited time offer]
Things have changed [from their website]...
Hardware Requirements: PocketPC 2003 or Higher / Smartphone 2003 or HigherListen to your favorite podcasts, watch vidcasts, and view attached files and images!Schedule your podcasts to download when and how you want them - even separately from your other channelsSave your podcasts and listen to them whenever you have time for a news breakNever run out of memory - keep podcasts on a storage card or tell NewsBreak how much space to use in main memoryFind even more great channels using Microsoft Live SearchSave memory on your device - set a maximum number of channels to keepSpot the headlines that are important to you with all new keyword icon…

This Stuff is Making Me Hungry...

I knew I should have had breakfast before stepping out of the house this morning. Akihabara [one of my fave sites for all sorts of gadgets and crazy stuff] has these posted about these 2 items :P

Kobe Beef Business Card Holder [I don't suggest bringing this when meeting with Vegans]

Omuraice (Rice Omelette) Mouse Cover [Yummy!!!]

Meizu M8 miniOne more details and pricing...

Saw this today at mobilitysite... ETA Aug 2007. It looks like it will be GSM + TD-SCDMA [China's 3G/UMTS standard]... so we might not be able to use it for hi-speed data access boooh!!! Also the OS is WinCE 6.0 hopefully an English language pack is added and support for Euro UMTS [which we use] is added.

Pricing is as follows:
M8 Entry Model: 1499 CNY for 4GB, 2199 CNY for 8GB M8 Standard: 2380 CNY for 4GB, 3080 CNY for 8GB For the moment it looks like a China only device to me.... I hope this changes.

Meizu M8 miniOne Details Unveiled - Meizu Me
Source [in Chinese] PocketBreeze 5.2 Released!

One of my fave apps has come out of public beta and into version 5.2 again Amit and the team have outdone themselves adding even more options and features to this already fantastic app. If you're a registered user the update is free :o)
Release Post [at forums] on the HTC S710 [HTC Vox] has taken the HTC S710 [aka HTC Vox] pre-prod model for a very nice review! Check it out!!! Drool worthy indeed!

Burger Time, It's Nice!

I've been craving for burgers since Monday last week! Having a late lunch right now and decided to have... What else but a burger! Tahlap!
Posted via Treo750v

BAPESTA Footsoldier Yellow/Green ~ Jamaica

Some more pics of my new kicks :o)
[the box]
[8.5 just the right size]
[here they are]
[Jamaica-mon!] [BAPESTA]

mobile blogging [test 2]

What I'm listening to... :o)

HTC Kaiser coming June 2007

HTC P4550 [HTC Kaiser] the rumoured replacement for the HTC TyTN [HTC Hermes] is supposedly due out in June 2007 according to PDAdb.NET... Specs seem identical to the Hermes except for the addition of a SiRF Star III GPS Chip and it's a few mm thinner and shorter. Oooooh... this may very well be my next PocketPC Phone.