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Google Now: Android vs iPhone

The following clips show the difference in response of Google Now for iPhone vs Android. Also added a Siri clip for comparison.

Google Now Android Test
Google Now iPhone Test
Siri Test
What's curious is the information being presented on Android has already been acquired by Google so why is it not showing up on the iPhone side?

Keep in mind the iPhone app is behind the Android app.

iPhone Reminders Alarm Sync Issue

On all three devices I am using Exchange ActiveSync to sync Calendar and Tasks for my work email account. I have no issues with Calendar items. Items I create on any device are synced complete with correct reminder time. I created one task on each device with a reminder for 12PM. Items created on Android or PC have their reminders wrong on the iPhone but display correctly on the respective devices. All three devices have the same time zone settings. I checked my account and the time zone is also correct. So I am stumped. Have you experienced this issue? Apple iPhone 5S iOS 7.0.6 (11B651)Time zone = Manila ACER 4740G Windows 7 Home Premium 64-bit - all updates installedOutlook 2013 (Office 365 subscription)Time zone = UTC+8 (which is Manila)Samsung GT-S7582 Android 4.2.2 Time zone = GMT+8:00, Philippine Time

Excel 2013 Scaling Sheets for Printing

This short video shows how to scale your spreadsheet for printing.

As you can see initially this spreadsheet occupies 4 pages. In print preview you can use scaling to make printing more economical.

Your options are Fit sheet to one page or fit columns to one page or fit rows to one page. HTH.