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Showing posts from April, 2011

A gift from bigan @pnk_ninja

It's a brass ashtray from Normandy. Thanks Kaye 

God gear for my godson . Cc: @jek

Happy bday Jami. MTFBWY.

From my shobe

Today's Lockscreen

A pic posted by @piehighdog is today's lockscreen  woof

Smog & gloomy clouds, still hot as frak tho

Doraemon Nail Clippers

Holy Week 2011 w/ @marcsoong @loraleesoong @soongit @pichongarcia & OSOme Joleon

hosted by the Soong family :o) had a lot of fun and FOODSee the full gallery on Posterous

118M views 2.3M dislikes 300K likes #RebeccaBlack

Viral hit for sure but the kid might need therapy.



Fish are friends

Ocean Adventure Aquarium

Penitensya (Penance) #HolyWeek

The Adventures of Olongapo Jones #IndianaJones #KIRF

DiCAPac Waterproof case

Zip & Velcro closure. No earphone port.
Haven't tested in water with device yet. Fits iPhone 4 (w/o case). Device usable within.

Horrible 3G Speeds w/ @talk2Globe

Results 1 & 2 are with Globe postpaid
Results 3 & 4 are with SmartBro prepaid