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palm Foleo [or Folly]

palm just announced a new device. I was hoping it would be an improved WM Treo with WiFi but alas the geek gods did not smile upon me today. Instead we get a 10 inch smartphone companion... see for yourself with the webcast on the palm site here.
I'm not really impressed but may change my mind when I get to play with it. No firm pricing and shipping dates yet though.

Tips & Tricks|Spyware/Malware Removal + Safe Usage

My friend's notebook was infected by SPYWARELOCK [formerly SPYLOCKED] a nagging malware that is usually disguised as an Audio or Video Codec installer. Which when installed shows fake alerts and tries to get you to purchase crap software. Don't buy it!!! Though it was fairly easy to remove [this is the 2nd time the same notebook had been infected by a similar malicious app, and this is the 4th time I've done this 2x more with different notebooks of different friends]. It maybe frightful to people who don't know what to do.
First off don't panic. Identifty the infection and see if it can be treated. Worst case scenario is that you have to rebuild or reformat your system which is a PITA. Best case scenario you find the infection and clean your system. Although some say once you get bit you're system is un-secure forever and opt to reformat after backing up their data. Well a quick Google search turned up these instructions and tools and I was done in 5-10 mins. …

Met Futura @ Sneaker Pimps

Last Saturday I tagged along with team fresh to the Sneaker Pimps exhibit cum event. Was fortunate enough to meet Futura that graffiti artist. Really a nice guy. I was taking pics so I wasn't able to get a snap with him. I'm sure team fresh will be posting pics of the event soon. Also they had their Futura toys signed... yep! Signed = Value!!! So go check out fresh for those signed dolls.

Showboating My Stuff... Yeah Mayabang Ako!

Not really a new tone [made it a few weeks back iirc] but since pirates of the carrib 3 is showing in most countries already:
Tiesto - He's A Pirate (Tiesto Mix)
Here are my current faves:
Just Jack - Starz In Their Eyes (Trophy Twins Aftershow Mix)
Kyau & Albert - Kiksu
Johan Gielen - Reached You Anyway
For the ladies [well most of the girls I know ask me for these tones]:
Booty Luv - Be Without You (Club Mix)
Booty Luv - Boogie 2 Nite (Club Mix)
Kaskade - Never Ending
K&M Projekt ft Joy - Pink is the Colour (Kupper's Heavenly Disco Mix) - included in my SE K750i Hed Kandi Back2Love theme
Shapeshifters - Back to Basics
I always wanted this tone but back then in '97 we only had monotones and I couldn't find this one now in the era of MP3 tones I finally made the tone:
DJ Visage ft. Clarisse - The Return (Time to Say Goodbye)
These are TRUE Club Anthem/Classic
Liquid Child - Diving Faces
System F - Out of the Blue (Orig…

Making an Old Box New

Since my shobe has a notebook already I decided to take the home pc to the office to make it my work pc. This will free up my UX to make it my personal system and admittedly the UX is slow even compared to this old P4 box.
Intel Pentium 4 2.8Ghz HT
Intel 915 Motherboard
1024Gb RAM @ 400Mhz
80Gb Seagate 7200RPM HDD SATA
PCI Lan - yeah it's that old that the board doesn't even have on board LAN
NVIDIA GeForce 6200 Graphics Card
Samsung DVD ROM
15" AOC CRT Monitor
Windows XP Pro SP2
The box is a bit dated but I think a few upgrades here and there will probably tide me over until I'm able to save up for a more powerful notebook. I'm telling it straight the UX is an awesome UMPC but it is underpowered for some tasks [i.e. Photoshop] so I need a workhorse PC.
So what do I want to change with this box?
I'm removing the FDD, I don't need it.
The 80Gb HDD is too small IMO, I'm adding a 320GB Seagate 7200RPM SATA HDD [that'll bring storage to 400Gb total]

No Sleep

Slept at 4AM finishing up my sister's notebook. Woke up at 6AM to bring my dad to the airport. I'm back at home but can't get back to sleep. I have to go to the bank at 10AM. This looks like it'll be a 'Zombie Day'...

My Sister's New Notebook

Got a new notebook for my youngest sister. It's an MSI Megabook S245. Here are the specs:
14" 1280 x 800 Screen
Intel Pentium M 1.60GHz
Intel 915GM
Intel PRO/Wireless 2915ABG
512Mb RAM
NVIDIA GeForce Go 6200
80Gb HDD
Combo drive
Just right for a university student :-) I'm hoping it'll help in her studies.
I'm finished installing XP Home and essentials apps, updating XP to get neccessary patches/security fixes and what not. Hopefully these finish up soon I want to be able to give it to her tomorrow for her 1st day back to school.

5 mins with the dopod c500

Back home finally after a very long and tiring trip. During the 1Hr stop over at CHANGI Airport, Singapore I was able to play around with the dopod C500 [HTC Vox] very sleek device. The screen is amazing and it's really tiny. The device was 'clean' [no 3rd party apps or data installed] so it was really snappy. The top slider had a slight jiggle on the lower [near the keypad] part [this actually made me decide on holding off on getting one]. It was listed at SGD 700.00 [about PhP 21,XXX] that's a fair price for a feature packed WM Standard [Smartphone] device.

Chronicles of India Day 04

The Final Chapter...
Heading back to Manila later today. I can't believe I gave up my weekend for this trip.
Spent most of the time at my hotel room cause I got a stomach ache from the food. Not to mention not getting any sleep at night and having to battle thru migraines caused by the heat.
It would've been worth it if I had the chance to see the Taj Mahal. Alas I'm not that lucky.
Maybe I should come back on a pleasure trip next time and definitely not during this time the of year.
Note to self: stay away from Indian food doesn't go well with your Jedi system.

Chronicles of India Day 03

delayed post
9:40AM Delhi Time. Heading back to the DILF Exhibition. I find it futile though as there is nothing to see there. I mean some of the exhibitors are even from mainland China. I stayed in the hotel last night wasn't feeling too well after yesterday's lunch. I don't think Indian food agrees with me 100%.
11:00AM Delhi Time. I'm about 1/4 thru my 3rd pack of cigarettes in 2 days. Death sticks consumption really surge when I'm bored. I don't think we'll be able to take that trip to Agra where the Taj Mahal is. There's a seminar before lunch and a dinner cum fashion show scheduled for this evening. It's still too warm I think it- above 40-41°C again today. I must remember to drink lot's of bottled H20. I've been seeing some disturbing stuff in the news there was a mosque bombing at Hyberdad and secterian violence at Agra. I think its far from New Delhi so nothing to worry about hopefully. Just met Mr. Amin the Chairman of CLE who&#…

Chronicles of India Day 02

semi-delayed post
The hotel is unwired with WiFi access. It isn't free however and I'm still undecided if I should take up the offer. The rates are as follows (exclusive of applicable taxes): INR 125/30 mins, INR 200/1 hr, INR 300/2 hrs, INR 600/24 hrs. As an internet junkie I'm having a hard time existing without access to the www. Might get an hour or 2 tonight if I can't hold back. I placed my Treo in flight mode cause I know that roaming would be overly expensive. I don't know if I can contact Kamal a university student and fellow PocketPC enthusiast. It'd be cool to meet a person who's interested in PPCs from another country. Maybe I'll drop him an SMS if time permits. He has informed me that he'll be having exams and I don't want to impose on his studies.
We've met the organizers of the DILF and they've informed us that will be leaving for the fair at 9:40AM Delhi Time. The CLE (Council of Leather Exports) is answering travel a…

Chronicles of India Day 01

delayed post
On our way to the Taj Mahal Hotel (not to be confused with the structure it's named after) 40 minutes from the airport. Our chaufer for this evening (morning) is Rupesh. According to Rupesh: India has about 1 Billion people and Delhi has approx. 15M Population. Delhi is gearing up for the 2012 Olympics hence there are a lot of construction (hey this is news to me). I still don't have a copy of the itinerary so I have no idea about the schedule of activities. The DILF (Delhi Int'l Leather Fair) runs from May 18 thru 20, and we're here with some other reps from the PFFI (Phil. Footwear Federation Inc). My uncle and I were chatting up the SIA Flight Attendant and she informed us that the Taj Mahal (1 of the 7 Wonders of the World) is around 7hrs from Delhi, Rupesh has it at 4hrs. I think I'll average their inputs and make that 5.5hrs away by car. I do hope we have some time to visit the Taj Mahal before we head back to Manila. It's been a pretty long…

On the Plane

Last Entry for now. @ Seat 47H Singapore Airlines SQ0917 going to Singapore. Later peeps.via Treo 750v

@ the Airport

Here at the Airport Terminal I. Flight is delayed. Doing some email and lite browsing on my treo. Flight to Singapore is delayed I hope we get into SG on time for our connecting flight to New Delhi.via Treo 750v

Review|Hari-raya Airport Resto

Food is expensive and tastes like crap. It's overpriced too. You'd be better off with cup noodles. They have WiFi (airborne access) and smoking areas though.via Treo 750v

Off to India

I'll be leaving for the airport in a bit. Off to New Delhi, India for the 2007 Delhi International Leather Fair. I'm looking at my E-ticket and travel time is a lil over 7 hours with a short stop at Singapore. Too bad I probably won't be able to check out Singapore it's been about 6 years already. I wonder if the hotel room we have will have a PC and internet access, I'm pretty certain roaming data charges on SMART or Globe would be too high. I forgot my UX's adapter at the office last night so my UX has no juice shitballs, I hope I can plug in at the airport or something. It looks like it'll be uber hot in New Delhi :(

m9 Stats

Here's some quick stats from my m9 site. As of May 16, 2007 at 3:00PM
Joined: 4-September 04
Current CP/Rank: 600CP/Headmaster
Groups: MoS [Masters of Sound] - Alchemist
Total Uploads: 318
Total Downloads : 466,585
Uploads/Downloads: 1,467
Most Downloads:
MP3 Ringtone: - Tiesto - Adagio for Strings 8,621 downloads and 9 favourites
Theme [Nokia]: The Incredibles - 16,560 downloads and 5 favourites
Theme [Sony Ericsson]: Hed Kandi Back2Love - 5,361 downloads and 3 favourites
Theme [Windows Mobile PocketPC]: Victoria S v1 - 12,686 downloads and 7 favourites
Homescreen [Windows Mobile Smartphone]: Hed Kandi Back2Love - 4,708 downloads and 5 favourites
Wallpaper [Various]: hk discoheaven07 176 x 220 - 1,542 downloads and 3 favourites --
As always all the stuff I make is FREE. Please do not pay for them.
More ringtones/themes/homescreens and wallpapers @

Oliver and his Scotch

Alcohol Tol! <<...>> Via VAIO VGN-UX280P
_____ avast! Antivirus <> : Outbound message clean.
Virus Database (VPS): 000740-1, 15-05-2007
Tested on: 15-May-07 10:56:59 PM
avast! - copyright (c) 1988-2007 ALWIL Software.

Review|Ferry Corsten pts. Passport United States of America

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Various Artists [mixed by Ferry Corsten]

Because of Ferry's successful 'Road to Voodoo' US tour last year he's coming out with a new installment to the Passport series [the 1st was Passport Kingdom to the Netherlands]. Say hello to: Passport United States of America. Unlike LEF which was an artist album this one is a compilation which features songs from not only Corsten but other artists as well. The album has a good flow to it and mixing is very nicely done. A testament to Corsten's mixing skill and ear for track selection. The compilation is stamped with Vocal infused Trance and Electro tracks. Very nicely done. I'd recommend having this album in your media player of choice if you want some good music that isn't too heavy yet you can still move too.

Review|California Pizza Kitchen

Having dinner here at CPK Shangrila mall. IIRC this is my 3rd time here. The food and service is still great granted we dodged the Sunday evening Mother's day rush by a couple of minutes so we have good seats. Try the ff: Sausage Pene, Jambalaya Pasta, Kung Pao Spaghetti and White Pizza via Treo 750v


[beef and mushroom skillet]

[can you see the tiny shrimp?]
Had dinner at Roadhouse @ The FORT. It's supposed to be a Texas bar & grill. We had beef & mushrooms skillet for an appetizer, this was a bit salty but good nonetheless. I ordered the surf and turf, Tiu had ribs, and Cams the porksteak. My steak was dry and a bit tough the ribs were dry also, the pork steak was good. The service was kinda slow I think they haven't been open very long. By the way they offer free WiFi as well. Basically the menu was a Chili's clone. It's priced a bit cheaper but I think Chili's still comes out on top in terms of quality.

Review|Urban Trance Vol. 1 (2007)

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Various Artists
I'm loving the track selection on this one. It's not the stuff you'd probably be hearing in clubs here in MLA and that, to me makes it just a wee bit special. You get 24 tracks split in 2 CDs. Includes tech and vocal trance tracks from the finest DJs/Producers. The only downside to this album IMO is that it's presented as individual tracks and not mixed as a flowing journey into trance that we are usually accustomed too. Still, this is a solid first release for this compilation definitely worth following. Trust in Trance... Reach for the Lasers, Safe as F*ck!

20000 and Counting

According to my web hit counter I've crossed the 20000 hits mark. Cool! Thanks to everyone that drops by my blog especially to the peeps who comment. Much appreciated! Peace :-)

Review|Funkyhouse Sessions '07

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Various Artists

I've been listening to this album on/off for the past 2-3 days and all I can say is that although it doesn't have the most original tracklist it's still a pleasing compilation of house music. Best served at high volumes. This compilation has 2 CDs 40 tracks.

Review|Lucky You (2007)

Category: Movies
Genre: Drama
Starring: Eric Bana, Drew Barrymore, Robert Duvall

What could've been a good poker movie became a cheesy love story and eodipus themed film. I think the love angle was definitely added to expand the demographic of this film but I think this crippled the flm too much. Watch when desperate [i.e. willing to see anything].


I'm supposed to go to India, specifically New Delhi for an exhibit/trade show next week. Provided I get my VISA on time that is. Dasmarinas Village (where apparently the embassy is) are being a bitch and making it hard to submit the docs. The Indian embassy also seems lazy saying that they only open courier packages at 4:30pm (I guess that means stuff in those are done thr following day) anyway I decided to add New Delhi to Pocketweather on my Treo. Forecast temp is 41C and current temp is 36C wow that is warm! via Treo 750v

Review|Brother's Lamb Burger

Not the cheapest on the menu. Tasty nonetheless. Highly recommended. via Treo 750v

Joost™ Beta

My friend Lo sent me an invite for Joost beta. It's a streaming service. There isn't much content yet. However it works pretty well on WiFi and a cable connection. I think this'll become a subscription service when they get more content and move out of beta. So far my fave channels are Ministry of Sound, Guiness Records, and Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Ed.

Tone Thursday

Ok I'm declaring today 'Tone Thursday'. I'll be making some more EDM tones hopefully concentrating on some House ringtones since I've been skewed to Trance tones lately. I'll be posting them at my m9 site when I'm done.

Office for WM6 Standard Ported to WM5 Smartphone

One of the bigger features added for WM6 for Smartphones [aka Windows Mobile Standard Ed.] is Word, Excel and Powerpoint support. The folks at PPCGeeks seems to have been able to port it for WM5 though so if you're in no hurry to dump your WM5 Smartphone but want the Office support check out the thread here

Dopod's Upcoming WM6 Smartphones + A Name Change

[Dopod C500]

[Dopod C730]
The unwired is reporting that Dopod has 2 WM6 Smartphones [aka Windows Mobile Standard] in the pipes. The C500 [aka HTC Vox] and the C730 [aka HTC Cavallier]. The C500 (May 2007) has a very unique form factor, maybe worth playing with. While the C730 (June 2007) is a clear competitor to Samsung's i600 and Motorola's Qs. All this is well and good but where are the Windows Mobile Professional [read: PocketPC Phones]? In related news HTC has bought Dopod and will start selling devices only under the HTC brand name. We all knew this would happen sooner or later. I think it's a good move and helps to solidify HTC's brand name globally in the mobile devices market. I just hope support and service doesn't suffer with this move.
HTC acquires Dopod

Bluetooth Safe Practice for Mobile Phones

I lowered my UX's Bluetooth Security setting this am so I could find it with my Treo. I forgot to set it to hidden again and suddenly I am being asked if I would like to accept a file. I automatically denied the request cause non of my devices were set to send anything to the UX. After a few seconds there it was again. So I denied it once more and increased my BT security and made my UX hidden from searches. Requests have stopped.

I think someone's Nokia is infected, why Nokia you might ask well AFAIK the only mobile that has Bluetooth viruses in the wild are Nokia Symbian 60 mobiles. Sure there are proof of concept viri for WM as well but these have not "mutated" into something harmful yet (touch wood). Well since the office is separated by thin wood and fabric partitions and I think a majority of the folk here have Symbian 60 [1st, 2nd and maybe even 3rd Ed... jeez some of our employees have better phones than my dad] it might be hard to root out the infected mobile…

Review|Spider-man 3 (2007)

Category: Movies
Genre: Action/Drama
Starring: Tobey Maguire, Kirsten Dunst, Topher Grace, James Franco.

Ok I catched this movie last Friday. I've been stewing on it for a few days and decided to write up this review. I've decided to do a bullet review since I'm still too sleepy to write in proper coherent paragraphs.


What Rocks!
The Visual Effects - as expected Effects were top notch.Action Sequences - also very well done. I especially like the fight scenes and the crane scene.VENOM - Venom rules, I wish they scrapped Sandman and made it Spidey vs Venom all the way!What Sucks!
Too Much Cheese - The movie is too mushy for it's own good, and this made it a bit dragging for me. Disco Symbiote - I don't know why Parker became 'Discofied' and was dancing on the streets of NYC. Disco isn't dark at all. Hob Goblin Turns Good - WTF? Call me a purist but I think this twist was uncalled for.'I Forgive You' - Again WTF? Did you guys run ou…

Media Sync Problems

Having problems with media sync... getting disconnected after a few songs and now I have dupes!!! Well enough is enough I've decided to re-sync everything so I've deleted the whole Music and Playlist folders on my miniSD. Also filtering playlists that I don't really listen to a whole lot.

Mayweather Over Dela Hoya

This caught me off gaurd a bit. Floyd Mayweather wins via split decission over Oscar Dela Hoya. I really thought The Golden Boy performed better than The Pretty Boy... Mayweather remains undefeated and got Oscar's belt, poor Oscar he looked like he really trained and prepared well for this bout.

After Spider-man 3... What's next?

Saw Spider-man 3 last night might do a review if I don't get lazy. Winded down at Fez, we were talking about what 'big' movies to watch next. So here's the short list Transformers, Fantastic 4: Rise of the Silversurfer, am also going to add Harry Potter and the Order of the Pheonix. I also want to see Blades of Glory hehehe. So what am I missing? Any movies that you're waiting for?

@Pazzo Rockwell

via Treo 750v

Marikina Sky

View from my smoking area. Unimpressive.via Treo 750v

Messy Desk

Here's what my desk at the office looks like really messy huh! via Treo 750v

Review|In The Dark (2007)

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artist: Tiësto feat. Christian Burns

As most of you know Tijs Verwest [aka Tiësto] is back with a new album entitled Elements of Life. One of the more noticeable singles on that album is In The Dark which features UK Singer Christian Burns. Thissingle rocks! No kidding... this song is Rock mixed with Electronica, I think Tiësto calls it 'Rocktronica'. Similar tracks albeit milder would be Paul van Dyk's The Otherside released in 2005. Burns' voice is perfect for this type of music, I can imagine venues filled with people singing along to this. A definite anthem.
Of course I had to get the single it has 6 tracks [the 6th being the music video which I posted on my multiply site I think last week... ok here]. I like the Dirty South Remix and Carl B Remixes the most. I appreciate the 'uhh' vocal sample that the Dirty South Remix had and the electro feel to it. Carl B gave it a bit of a more euphoric trance feel which I definitely …

Smoking Area Near My Workspace

Here's a shot of where I smoke at the office.Posted via Treo 750v

Where are the NEW Windows Mobile 6 Devices?

I wonder when the new WM6 devices will be hitting the market. Specifically the Asia Pacific region. It'll be interesting to see if the upcoming devices will have anything new or just sport the same hardware but different OS. So far announced items or rumoured items seem to have the same old specs, although a few devices are much more interesting than the rest [case in point the HTC Vox]. I'm also waiting for palm to come out with a WM6 update to the 750v. I hope Vodafone doesn't slow things down.

More Ways to Jaiku!

Last week I was introduced to IMfied as an alternative way of posting to jaiku [and even twitter] today user pjakubo86 introduced 2 more ways to keep all your jaiku buddies updated on what your up to. The first is Sideku a Windows Vista Sidebar Gadget by pjakubo86 and the next is Jay-Q [other versions of Windows] I'm trying out Sideku now and it seems to work great :) It's a pity I don't really use the sidebar that much but it's good to know I can jaiku with it if I want to.

I'm Obese NOT!

I checked the results again and apparently I switched the 2 digits in my weight. I'm actually 138 lbs not 183 lbs. So I computed my BMI again and I'm in normal range. Wheeew! I guess my eyes are worst than I thought. :P

I'm Obese?!?!

Looking at the results of my last physical and blood checkup. Ok so my cholesterol is a bit higher than normal, but not high risk. However according to this BMI (Body Mass Index) Calculator I'm OBESE!!!

Shitballs! As I see it 2 things can happen... either I get my weight down or I grow taller. Since I've given up on growing taller I'd have to get my weight down. I'm too lazy to work out though so for now I will watch what I eat. Maybe I should get those 'healthy meals' [or was it sexy meals?] Vane was mentioning the other day. Anyway I still can't believe I'm 183 lbs Shit! I'll weigh myself again later when I get home.

Tips & Tricks|Windows Mobile Today Themes

Today Screen is like the Desktop of your PocketPC to customize the Background and Colour schemes of some of the elements of our PocketPC we can use Today Themes [*.tsk files]
Today Themes can be placed in the ff locations:
1. My Documents [on device/on Storage Card]
2. \Windows [on device]
3. \Storage Card
Personally I prefer #3 to save space on my device.

To set a Today Theme:
Tap Start > Settings

Personal [tab] > Today

Appearance [tab] > Select Theme > Ok

And were done!

Tips & Tricks|Windows Mobile Sounds & Notifications

This tutorial will be focused more on Phone Edition devices but some of the concepts here hold true for non-Phone Ed devices also.
Let's begin with formats. PocketPCs can use different formats for Ringtones but only WAVs work for Notifications here are the most common formats supported [note: some device manufacturers may add different formats]. Notifications cover majority of the sound on a PocketPC, these include system alerts like detected Wireless Networks or Activesync Start/End, Reminders, SMS/MMS/E-mail alerts etc.

Formats that work as Ringtones
1. MP3
2. WAV
3. WMA
Formats that work as Notifications
1. WAV

Unlike other mobiles, PocketPCs have fixed locations for Ringtones and Notifications. File locations, differ for Ringtones and Notifications. These are the most common locations that work on most devices again manufacturers may add other locations, but these are the safest

File Locations - Ringtones
1. \Windows\Rings [on device]
2. \My Documents\ [on device]
3. \Storage …

Joe Rogan vs Carlos Mencia [Comics Fued]

Saw this whilst surfing youtube for funny bits. Well guess what Fear Factor's Joe Rogan is really really mad at Carlos Mencia [HBO's Mind of Mencia]... Rogan is accusing Mencia of stealing jokes from other comics.


Check out other replies to the right of the videos on youtube. Interesting fued...