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Say Hello To The Treo Pro

My palm Treo 750 has been acting up lately… so I asked my shobe to get me one when she was in SG over the weekend. It’s here now I haven’t opened the box yet but I hope it has a screen protector or I won’t be able to use it till I get one installed. It came out way way way cheaper than the parallel imported TP I saw in GH which was selling for 42,0000 PhP. I got my TP for 930SGD which is approx. 26,900 PhP and they included a 4Gb SanDisk Class 2 microSDHC card with it… A steal if I dare say so myself! I think this is the cheapest Windows Mobile Pro device I’ve bought. w00t! I’ve read the surface is a finger print magnet and is easily scratched so I am looking into getting a bodyguardz or invisible shield for it. I hope it arrives fast though… I am not the most patient person and I baby my devices.

The Year in Review…

It’s 2 days before we all say goodbye to 2008… I guess it’s inevitable that we all look back at the past 12 months and reflect upon what happened to us.This year has been a year of revelations for me. I would not say that all of these revelations have been positive… We all know life isn’t that easy. Looking At The Green Grass…I think I need to take a cue from my Chinese Zodiac Sign [Sheep, 羊] and start looking at the green grass instead of the patches of dirt. Looking at the grass though I should also be on the look out for potential snakes in there. Towards The Green Grass…Of course it’s not enough to look at the green grass. I have to go towards it, easier said than done of course. But as master Yoda says:Do or Do Not, There is No TryMay the FORCE Be All of You This Coming Year.

More Juice for My Wind

Finally was able to swing by GSC to get the 6 cell battery for my Wind. I’ve slapped it on and am currently charging it. Of course it adds a bit of weight and bulk to my lil machine but hey if it gives me more than 1:45 of uptime I’m all for it. As an added bonus it elevates the Wind’s rear a bit which not only gives it a nice tilt for typing but also better airflow. Even with the 6 cell this baby is not heavy at all. Thanks to manong valet of Chili’s who recognized me and let me park at Chili’s while I was going around for the 2nd time to look for parking.

Setting Up My Uncle’s Fruit Phone…

My uncle got himself an 8Gb unlocked 3G iPhone from HKG. I decided to check the FW version and saw that it came with 2.1 so I updated it to 2.2 with his PowerBook. I noticed that iTunes performs better in Apple OS vs Windows… Sabotage perhaps… I will never know since I’ve said goodbye to iTunes earlier this year. We tried buying a few apps on the device and on his notebook. The App Store is an amazing component for the success of the iPhone.Anyway I was setting up his email and copied his SIM contacts to the iPhone. Everything was very intuitive, the mark of a great UI. Still data entry was my main gripe with this touch screen only device. I had a difficult time with the on screen keyboard both with the auto-correction on and off [after the 2.2 update]. I was tapping letters as much as I was deleting them, not good. NB: his device was having trouble receiving and making calls whilst the 3G was on both before and after updating to 2.2 firmware. So this is something definitely network […

Mr.& Mrs. Venice & Elaine Tiu

Oh yeah! Venice & Elaine FTW ;o)

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Mr. & Mrs. Zalveen & Ice Chua

Mr. & Mrs. Zalveen & Ice Chua
Originally uploaded by bnycastro Congratulations. Best wishes. And May the FORCE Be With You... Always!

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