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Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday:
Tiana Mendoza
May the Force Be With You...

The Philippines is Such a Disgrace...

Direct Quote from
RAW Superstars caught in overseas turmoil
February 24, 2006

The touring Superstars of RAW were caught amid an escalating political crisis Friday, as the president of the Philippines locked down the country after what was declared a failed attempt to overthrow the leader from power.

President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo called for a state of emergency and the military went to high alert, fortifying the presidential palace and arresting demonstrators celebrating the 20th anniversary of the fall of former dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

WWE Champion John Cena, Triple H, Women’s Champion Trish Stratus and many other WWE Superstars were asked to stay in groups and when possible remain in their hotel rooms because of the chaos and potential for violence. Citizens were told that all rallies and protests were banned and would lead to more arrests. By late afternoon, thousands were in the streets in defiance of the government’s orders, according to multiple media reports.

Despite t…

Saturday Gimmick 2/25 to 2/26

Was over at Bamboo Lounge and dropped by a party of Cam's friend at Citrus Bar [formerly V-bar]

[Click the Image for some more pics]

Review|WWE RAW Manila Tour 2/24/06

Venue/Parking: Araneta Colliseum, this place is kinda small but where else can you put WWE? We don't have any nice arenas or colliseums for huge events.
Ticket Price: Definitely overpriced. PhP 10,000++ for ringside, we got the PhP 3,500 which I felt were really great seats.
Security: Security was everywhere. So we know that not all the cops were in EDSA or Makati. Very organized entry and exit nice on organizers...
Event Proper/Matches: Since the arena was small we did not have a Titantron, the look of the ring was a bit old skool as the barricades were steel instead of the more common cushioned ones you see on TV. A few fireworks were setup which were really nice but again the venue cramped their style. There was no broadcast table [no JERRY 'THE KING' LAWLER!!!], no Spanish Announcer's table [booooo!]. After the in ring fireworks... the show starts with Maria pepping up the crowd [she's hot] there was a short promo for Ms. Philipppines which would be held some…

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday:
Christian Lorenz C. Pua
May the Force Be With You...

Review|Skype v2.0 for PPC [Low CPU ver]

Category: Software - Communications - VoIP/IM
Platform/OS: Windows Mobile PocketPC 2003/2003SE/5.0
Cost: free
Author: Skype
Website: Skype

[Skype™ for Pocket PC v2.0 - Low CPU version]
Ok I've re-installed the 312mhz version or the Low CPU version of Skype 2.0 on my 838... take note the 838's processor defaults to 180mhz [according to OmapClock] and this version is for 312mhz. When I was trying the beta awhile back I had no way to overclock my 838 that has changed and so I'm trying Skype again! I have my PPC overclocked to 252mhz [I tried 312mhz but my PPC rebooted itself tried it 3x so I decided to go with a lower clock speed]
I think after over clocking the application has become atleast useable. Before it was a pain in the ass to use and I couldn't hear crap. I called my bro and he said my voice came in clear, we did not talk very long as we had some work to do. Just glad that it finally is useable! Anyway I think Skype has to do with the internet connection as well …

A Slew of Dance Events! Damn!

Ok here we go! Dance Events are sprouting like fuckin' mushrooms!
Tiesto - PICC - March 31, 2006 [confirmed]DJ Graham Gold - Citrus [formerly VBar] - March 4, 2006 [confirmed]Hed Kandi's Greatest Hits feat. Team Kandi DJs with Anton Ramos [the chillout project house session] - World Trade Center - March 31, 2006 [confirmed]Chicane - TBA - TBA [unconfirmed]BIGFISH Easter Weekender 2006 Event @ Boracay ft. Slinky Trans_Atlantik & Hed Kandi Beach House -TBA - April
Kaskade - TBA - April 12, 2006 [unconfirmed]Wow-wow-wee-wow-wow! KAGULO! Damn! So many mouth watering events... I think that the Tiesto and Chicane one's should be priority though... I mean the Kandi event 'sounds' nice but who are the Team Kandi DJs??? With the Tiesto and Chicane events you know who's playing, you know they have quality, and class... also they are primarily [IMO] TRANCE DJs and we should all TRUST IN TRANCE!

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday:
Cubie Cu [My Favorite Hong Kong Friend! :D]
May the Force Be With You...

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday:
Oliver Py Castro [My Bro!]
May the Force Be With You...

Review|Royksopp's Night Out Live EP (2006)

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artists: Royksopp
If you enjoy Royksopp's music you'll definitely appreciate this live EP. Has hits from both 'Melody A.M.' and 'The Understanding'! Really a kewl album! Go and Get it!

Review|Johan Gielen @ Trance Energy (02/11/2006)

Category: Music
Genre: Dance & DJ
Artists: Various Artists - Mixed by Johan Gielen

Wow it's been awhile since I've heard really nice trance tracks. I'm glad I found this! It is a fantastic listen... Gielen certainly has talent! :o)

Playlist Johan Gielen @ Trance Energy (02/11/2006)

Midway - Cobra - Black Hole
Sandra Flynn - Rockin - Midway / Alphabet City
Marco v - False Light - InCharge
Substate - Horizon - Spinnin
Second Sun - Playground - Vandit
Ronski Speed with Stoneface & Terminal - Incognition - Euphonic
Marcel Woods - Advanced - High Contrast
Lost Tribe - Gamemaster 2006 - Darey Productions
Tiësto pres. Allure - The Love We Lost - Black Hole
Randy Katana - Play It Louder - Spinnin
Johan Gielen - Magnitude - Black Hole / Tunes For You

Official Website

New Sections Added: My Reviews|Food & My Tips and Tricks

Added new sections to my blog:
Food [located under My Reviews section]
Tips and Tricks [I think this will be mostly PocketPC Phone Edition related, but I may throw in some other Tips and Tricks for mobiles or other gadgets]
Anyway if you'd like to check out these new sections they can be accessed via my 'BLOG MENU' on your right [just click on the title and it will expand to show more]

Review|Conti's [Restaurant]

Resto: Conti's Connecticut Greenhills
Time: Dinner
Cuisine: Filipino, Spanish, Pastas, Sandwiches and Cakes
Prices: Cheap
Serving Size: Small
Service: Poor
Parking: Ok
Ambience: Plain
The place was friggin' packed! I mean we waited for a good 20 minutes to get our table... Of course I was expecting a tasty and satisfying meal [since people were going there in droves]... Big Mistake! The food was B-L-A-N-D... well I guess you get what you pay for since the prices aren't that expensive. The serving size were kinda small [for me atleast parang pang kids eh... Elars maasar ka lang] I had to order 3 dishes to get full. Callos, Molo Soup, Fish and Chips... all for a little less than PhP 400. So yun pala yun cheap prices + small serving sizes = you order more and end up spending more as well! Shit! Hahahaha! The service was not so good [well maybe cause the place was packed... but for me this is no excuse they should be able to adjust especially during peak times] I think Conti's i…

Tiesto in Manila Is On!

Got an e-mail from a visitor to my blog today re: Tiesto in Manila.
Hello there, Your blog has been a very informative site...I encountered your blog while searching for PVD pictures...(Im probably one of the "kiddies" you saw, haha)...After a couple of weeks, i searched tiesto's event here in manila...and tada! ur blog again...I would just like to inform you that your website is very informative for a young raver like me... You don't mind right? I mean, hello, your blog appears whenever i search for an event in manila... I would just like to inform you that Tiesto is indeed coming in manila in march spin at PICC...the ticket price? not sure but someone told me that it will be 900php or 1000php for the regular price...and the VIP would b e 15k for 10 people....tiesto's website sent me an email with the list of the asian tour... Manila was part of the list...and it is not the "in search of sunrise 4" tour but it is the "in search of sunrise…

Chrissy aka OLGA

[Crazy Chrissy]
I met Cam's kabarkada Chrissy last night anyway this girl is crazy! She's very loud and animated [kabarkada nga ni Cams e!]... she was calling me names like 'gadget boy' [next time I see her I will call her OLGA hehe bagay diba kasi ang tangkad nya!] and trying to make me dance and waving my arms around [she's about a head taller than me] and I couldn't do a thing, I was being treated like a toy! Hahaha it's all good though cause she's fun to hang out with and funny too. It's good to meet new and interesting people! Till the next time OLGA! Hahahaha!

ACP Sunday

Played CS - Dinner at Conti's - Chillaxed at 4xFORCE... :D

[Don't Touch My Birdie: But You Can Click The Image for More]

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday:
Kim Cruz Chan
May the Force Be With You...

Coby's Birthday Bash

Was over at Coby's place for his birthday bash! Here are some pics!

[Click Image for More]

Review|Spb Backup

Category: Software - Backup and Restore Utility
Platform/OS: Windows Mobile PocketPC 2003/2003SE/5.0
Cost: USD 19.95
Author: Spb Software
Website: Spb Backup Page

Spb Backup 1.0.0 Bulid 1775 Full Backup and Restore Test:
My Device:
dopod 838 - HTC Wizard [WIZA100]

**Disclaimer: My device has the Qtek Test ROM loaded on it, also results will probably vary if you have a lot of applications installed on your device. I think the reason why I had such a quick Backup/Restore because I only install applications I use.**
Start Time: 1:20PM
End Time: 1:26PM
Soft Reset: 1 min
Total Time for Full Backup: 7 min [including recommended Soft Reset]
Backup Filesize: 10.3Mb

HARD RESET [did this manually, not clear storage procedure]
Start Time: 1:38PM
End Time: 1:49PM
Soft Reset: 1min
Total Time for Full Restore: 12 min [including recommended Soft Reset]

Very intuitive and easy to use.
All my programs are still there and working; registration details are intact.
My files are the…

Back from China!

I'm back from China... wow it's so hot here in Manila [32-28C] anyway my bro fetched me at the airport, and I went out to meet with a couple of my friends went home early as I needed the rest.

My Flight is Delayed!

My Flight is Delayed!,
originally uploaded by bnycastro. Oh yeah I have great luck. My friggin' flight is delayed for about 30 minutes. Well I guess it's back to the smoking lounge then. Good thing I ate something here in the airport. Even if it tastes like crap atleast it's something.

Bny Castro

May the Force Be With You...

Express Way Mishap

Express Way Mishap,
originally uploaded by bnycastro. A truck had an accident on the express way. Looks like no one got hurt.

Bny Castro

May the Force Be With You...

Happy Birthday!!!

Happy Birthday:
Kaye Yao
May the Force Be With You...

Ultra Late Dinner

Ultra Late Dinner,
originally uploaded by bnycastro. 11:18pm Finished up some work and my supplier insisted on having dinner. Well we got to the Japanese restaurant he wanted to eat at, and it was closed already. We got lost for a bit (yeah he's residing in Quanzhou and he got lost). We ended up in a Korean restaurant. The menu was in Chinese so I had him order. It was either very good or I was very hungry... Anyway we finished eating little pass 12am. We're now headed back to the hotel. I'll probably surf the net till I feel sleepy I hope it's not 4am like last night.


It's now 2am and I still can't sleep. Trying to help Cams with her report. I'm including a shot of my ashtray for tonight... Wala lang.

China Part 2, Day 1

China Part 2, Day 1,
originally uploaded by bnycastro. Got in at around 11:15am and cleared immigration and customs by 11:30 wow I consider this very fast. Got to the hotel at around 1pm traffic sa Xiamen. Anyway just finished a late lunch and am resting for a bit befor heading out for work. I'm glad that my room has internet access (RMB 30/day) atleast I can check my E-mails and post to my blog. I can't access them though (China's Internet Censorship). The attached image is of the hotel's café.

Off to China

Off to China,
originally uploaded by bnycastro. I'm off to China! Chillin' here at the smoking lounge. An unusually high volume of passengers here in NAIA Terminal 1. Took me about an hour to finish checking in and the immigration procedures. I'll be in China for 3 days for business and will be back on Friday. Boarding time is at 8:20am, so I've a little less than an hour to smoke my lungs out. Going to have a Tapa breakfast and check some E-mail first.

Valentines Dinner at Kikufuji

Had a fantasmic [fantastic + orgasmic] feast over at Kikufuji in Pasay Road Makati! Yeah it took me 2hrs to get there from the office [Marikina], yeah I didn't have a date... but the food was worth it! If ever you're there try the Nigetori Don and the Pork Belly Barbeque and the Sukiyaki and the Bacon Asparamaki! Here's a few snaps of our dinner [was too busy eating to take more pics]

[Sukiyaki! cue Elars: 'It's all because of you... dum dum!' Click Image for Kodak Gallery Album]

Review|NewMenu for WM5 1.0.0

In WM5 Microsoft decided to do away with the 'New' menu which was present in older versions of the OS. Good thing that saman-cz is there to the rescue! He has made an ultra-useful yet ultra-small application for all WM5 users :o) I've been using the app for the past week [1.0.0 beta] and I must say it makes navigation of WM5 uber easy... with the release of the first final version saman-cz adds a 'New Email' command and a file browser for even easier configuration.

Very Small [85kb]Adds 'New Menu' to WM5Configurable - May also be used to Launch ApplicationsWM Notifications are not affectedIt' free

Here are some screenshots of this MUST HAVE application:

[NewMenu in action: as you can see I have placed my most used apps/profiles as shortcuts]

[New Menu applet under Settings]

[Here is how the Settings for NewMenu looks like]
For Release Notes and Download Click HERE

Changing your HTC Wizard's Splash Screen

Tired of seeing the same old splash screen on your 838, or did you upgrade to a Test ROM and have ugly text written on your splash screen? Why not change it to something more useful or to your liking?

Here's what you need:
Button's BMP to Splash tool you can get it here [page 3 of the thread the filename is: splash_bmp_to_wizard.exe]a 240 x 320 24 bit True Bitmap image file. [To make sure it is a 24bit bmp just re-open the image file in MS Paint and save it as a 24bit BMP] make sure it's file name is splash.bmp
Here's how you do it:
Step 1: Download Button's tool. Put it in a folder [ex. C:\Button's Splash Tool\]
Step 2: Prepare your image. Remember it must be 240 x 320 pixels, 24 bit depth, bitmap named splash.bmp
Step 3: Place the image you made into the same folder as the tool. Run the app by double-clicking on the exe file.
Step 4: Wait for the process to be finished [may take a few minutes] your device will reboot and you will have your custom made splash scree…

Tiesto in Manila? Is this for Real?

Ok I've been hearing a lot of rumors that Tiesto will be in Manila for a concert... They say it will be at the PICC, tickets will be PhP 900, and the date is on March 31, 2006 a Friday [according to a flyer] and it will be an ISOS4 [In Search of Sunrise] Asia Tour.

Now the only thing I've seen so far is a teaser flyer [sent in by a Pinoy yahoogroups member; ironically in the Chicane news group]. Of course I tried to do some research... first off I went to Bigfish's website, bigfish is an events organizer; who brings in DJs from all over, and they're supposedly bringing in Tiesto [the flyer was taken from PvD's event which was a bigfish event]. Nothing, Nada, Zilch... Next up I went to Tiesto's official website. Now here is where it gets a bit interesting Tiesto is to perform in KL, Malaysia at the F1 Renault Pit Party on the 18th of March... So he will be in Asia during March then... the next gig listed is for Miami [in the US] on March 26th, for the WMC [Winte…

Review|Munich (2005)

Category: Movies
Genre: Espionage/Drama
Starring: Eric Bana, Geoffrey Rush

1972 Munich [uh that's in Germany] Olympics, Terrorists from Black September hold Israeli athletes hostage and kills them. Avner, a Mossad agent is tasked to lead a group of Israeli's to hunt and kill the Terrorists responsible for the attack.

The film was well made, I like Spielberg's style of sweeping cameras, but to me it came off as a bit dragging. I think that this film is different because it doesn't really take sides [it doesn't say that the Terrorists were right nor did it imply that the Israeli's response were right], in the end Avner was questioning if their actions and sacrifices amounted to anything. Watch this film but not on a full bladder.

Review|Derailed (2005)

Category: Movies
Genre: Suspense
Starring: Clive Owen, Jenniffer Aniston

Two strangers meet on a train... things get interesting when they decide to have an affair and are interupted by a French [?] criminal, and are blackmailed.

I think this movie was pretty predictable. I do think that this is a good career move for Aniston who has been doing comedy for so long [Friends] at least she is doing something different. Clive Owen gives a so-so performance. Overall though it is an ok movie... not something you'd want to watch again anyway.

Jin Jiang Federation CNY Celebration

Jin Jiang Federation CNY Celebration,
originally uploaded by bnycastro. I'm here at the annual Jin Jiang Federation CNY Celebration. Ok this is one of those events that we have to go to. There are tons of prices. I think the 1st price is a 30Gb iPOD Video. Well I'm keeping my fingers crossed, and praying over my raffle ticket.

Mobile Blogging Attempt 2

Mobile Blogging Attempt 2,
originally uploaded by bnycastro. Ok I tried to send an image and message this am to my surprise it never showed up on my blog. So I went to my Flickr account and sure enough I messed up the e-mail address that I had to use (Flickr provides 2 addresses 1 for Flickr only uploads and the other is for Flickr and your blog) so this my 2nd attempt... Hope it works.

Tips & Tricks|Sending Meeting Request via your PocketPC

Ever wanted to remind your colleagues or friends about an important appointment? Why not let your Windows Mobile PocketPC do it for you?
First let us go over what you need:
Windows Mobile PocketPC [I am using a dopod 838 WM5 PocketPC but this should work with older ver of the OS as well]
Connection to the Internet [this may be via Activesync, WiFi, GPRS, GPRS over Bluetooth, etc.]
E-Mail Settings [you may ask your provider about this, for this guide I am using my Google E-Mail account setup on my PocketPC]
STEP 1: Check that you are able to connect to the Internet [fire up your PocketPC's Internet Explorer and browse to any online site].

STEP 2: Check that your E-Mail settings are correct. [I'm sure mine is as I can send and receive my Google E-Mail on my device note: you must enable POP Forwarding in G-Mail settings on your desktop]

STEP 3: Check that you have selected the E-Mail Account you wish to send Meeting Requests from. Open Calendar>Menu>Options... go to the Appointm…

bean838 v2

Ok I've been ranting a lot about dopod still not releasing AKU2 for my device [dopod 838 manufacturer's code HTC Wizard WIZA100]... That changes today hehehe
Was over at xda-developers [a well known site for 'development' of PocketPCs - specifically Phone Edition devices] anyhoo... there it was an un-official ROM with AKU2 and MSFP it first appeared as a French ROM for the Qtek 9100 [HTC Wizard WIZA200] and has since been released in English and DK [I dunno I think this is Dutch], so this ROM is a TEST ROM, The splash screen even has the words 'Test ROM only not for sale' written on top of the Qtek logo. Before upgrading my ROM I had this:

Now after the ROM update I have this:

So far so good... my device seems a lot faster my boot time went from about a 1:15 to around 0:45 with identical installs really impressive.
Still having a play around with the device and I don't see anything negative yet [touch wood]
A couple of changes that I noticed:
The Date Plugi…

Review|PDair Dopod 838/VPA Compact II Aluminum Case

When I got home from work last Friday a postal claim stub was waiting for me... sadly it was late and the post office was closed till Monday. So today I swang by the Post Office before going to work to get my package and my 838 now has a new case.
First off the case definitely adds some bulk and weight to your device... this is inevitable accept this fact or use your device without a case. I am a bit worried about the way you install your device into the case; there are no clips, velcro, magnets, guides or what not; it is just a tight fit with the neoprene lining. I dunno for how long the device will stay secure in this case. That being said neoprene lining lines the insides of the case [they say this adds some measure of shock absorption]. It has a clear hard plastic covering the screen, meaning you can still do some stuff with the case closed [i.e. answer or make a call, play some d-pad games etc]. Most buttons are accessible thru the case. I say most because the two extra buttons …

Waiting for AKU2 and My Case

Ok I'm waiting for 2 things this February. The first is Microsoft's AKU2 for my 838, I've discussed it before and even wrote dopod about it. I wrote dopod again a few days back and there is still no news about the ROM updates for the 838! Damn this sucks! The ETEN M600 and the O2 ATOM have their ROM updates already. I actually would like to see some speed improvements, maybe a camera patch, and of course the A2DP Bluetooth. I guess dopod is taking their sweet time. If the ROM doesn't come out this February... I'll write them again the update was released to them last year and I'd say 2-3 months of testing would be sufficient but what do I know... I'm just an impatient end user hehe. The second is my aluminum case from PDA den, and they informed me it was shipped last January 26 [it'll take upto 2 weeks for me to get the case]. I really hope this case is the solution for my carrying needs. As of now I am using a silicone case but as I said before it ha…