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Tips & Tricks // Emoji is now built-in to iOS5, here’s how to enable it!

Emoji could be considered as emoticons 2.0 in the earlier days of iOS5 you had to purchase an app to enable it on your device. AAPL has since baked it into their iOS thus putting Emoji makers out of business and giving you iOS users free Emoji. Yay Apple?
Anyway here we go!
Settings > General > (scroll to Keyboard)

Add New Keyboard

Scroll and select Emoji (you may also add other languages you might need/use)

Now when you have your keyboard up you will notice a globe on the left of the spacebar (left of the text to speech mic if you’re on the 4S). Press and hold, and your presented with your selected keyboards (single press the globe cycles thru your keyboards).

Now when you have Emoji selected you have pages and pages of icons!

Here I am using it customize folder names and gesture names

Curious what that translucent dot on my screen is? Read my AssistiveTouch Tip
NB: EMOJI will show up on devices that support it (so these might not show up on a text you sent to an Android or a Win…

Tips & Tricks // AssistiveTouch: Stop Poking Your Home Button

I came about this neat trick from my cuz. He uses AssistiveTouch because he doesn’t want to wear down his home button. I’ve been trying it out and it takes a bit of re-training to not use your physical home button but hey it’s a neat trick that people may find useful. So here we go:
On your iOS device…
Settings > General > Accessibilty > (scroll down to Physical & Motor) > AssistiveTouch (toggle ON)

You will notice a new translucent floating white dot on your screen (you can move this around and it does try to get out of the way when the keyboard pops up)

When you hit the dot you will be presented with the AssistiveTouch menu:
Home: The virtual or on-screen home button works (single tap is home, double tap brings up task switcher/manager, and hold will bring up Siri) the same as the physical one.

Device: Includes some nifty shortcuts (so yes you can even stop using your physical, volume and vibrate switches, and power button if you want to turn off the screen)
Gestures: G…

Switch Caller ID on FaceTime to protect your mobile number

This trick is very similar to the iMessage trick I posted here

1. Settings > General > FaceTime > Toggle ON
2. Click Use your Apple ID for FaceTime

3. Plug-in your AAPL ID and password and click next
4. Click Add Another Email Address

5. Input your address and it should verify pretty fast, now scroll down to Caller ID.
6. Now select your address and just go back or exit using the home button.
7. Now you can receive FaceTime calls via 3 locations your mobile, your AAPL ID, and your address. You may remove your AAPL ID if that suites you.
8. Again. This is for placing FaceTime calls to new contacts (who may not have your mobile number), old contacts who have your mobile number or AAPL ID can and will be able to call you.
9. You can add more email addresses and use these for FaceTime caller ID. The logic behind this is: it is easier to filter emails vs changing your mobile number just in case you inadvertently contact someone who is nosy or always calling. Also re…

Switch Caller ID on iMessage to protect your mobile number (updated)

iOS5 is (coming soon! I am using beta2) out, one of the most anticipated features has got to be AAPL's take on BlackBerry Messenger on RIMM,

No suprise they are calling iMessage. It will work with an Apple ID and mobile number.
My Apple ID is my main email address and I want to share my mobile only to people I actually want to receive calls from. So the solution is get a FREE email address and link that for use w/ iMessage.

1. Go to Settings > iCloud (there should be a link to get it in there)
2. Now go to and verify the you got from step 1.
3. Go to Settings > iMessage Click Receive At
4. Use your Apple ID for iMessage
5. Now click your Apple ID and remove it or change the Caller ID setting.
6. Now you can give out the address to get iMessages and keep your Apple ID hidden and share your mobile to people you choose.
7. Note your contacts can still send you iMessages if they know your number. This tip is for people who do not have y…

CAZE ThinEdge Impact Bumper by NextLevel

Brian & Kim's 1st Dance //cc: @arlynchan @candishhh @cubie8 @radrad

Check out this video on YouTube:

One More (HD) //cc: @candishhh @cubie8 @radrad

Check out this video on YouTube:

David & Kim / 21-Jan-12 / MTQ (SD)

Will upload the HD version when I get to a wifi hotspot.

8.5Gb Thanks @dropbox

who doesn't love more storage?

iTunes 10.5.3 and iCloud Control Panel 1.0.1 for Windows is out

I recommend you backup your iCloud contacts using Export feature of Outlook to a pst and/or CSV file before updating.

Beef kebab #foodspotting #mediteranian

Taken at Moksha Resto & Bar

Hong Ba Cuapao #chinese #pork #foodspotting

Taken at Power Plant Mall


You don't know the power of the #darkside (tags: rage, darkside, LEGO, starwars)

Just spent 30 mins looking for fallen parts and fixing this set w/o the manual They even had the audacity to try and put parts where they don't belong thinking I would not notice!!!! A part is still missing, and I am so angry, so very angry! 
I have repeatedly told them to NEVER touch my Star Wars LEGO.
How hard is that simple instruction to fracking follow!!!!!!!!!!

Sweets: werther's original, kitkat, mounds, milkyway #foodspotting

Taken at Wack Wack Gardenville Townhomes

Sukiyaki don (but they Gyudon classic) #foodspotting

Taken at Moshi Koshi

Tempura #Soba #foodspotting

Taken at Moshi Koshi

Hello Manila - Evoque

Check out this video on YouTube:

Out with the old, keeping the good memories

Cleaning out my home desk of old docs. But I'm definitely keeping our old e-tickets for ITL-AMS. Definitely an eye opening and memorable trip.

Breakfast: double espresso, lemon water, fruit and a cigarette

Taken at Wack Wack Gardenville Townhomes

A time you run, to make a stand. #

I guess these verses from sir Paul van Dyk's "Time of Our Lives" best encapsulates how I feel at this exact moment.

There's a time for us to let go
There's a time for holding on
A time to speak, a time to listen
There's a time for us to goAfter 10 years in my current "job", I think it's time for me to try different things.
A time you run, to make a stand

Dinner at Kanzhu w/ Oscar, Vic, Ira & Noi

Good food, good company, good times.

New year. New kickback.

Here are three evil looking employees from some department in
Mandaluyong city gov't inspecting (AKA harassing) a stall at Cherry
FoodaramaSee the full gallery on Posterous