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Switch Caller ID on iMessage to protect your mobile number (updated)

iOS5 is (coming soon! I am using beta2) out, one of the most anticipated features has got to be AAPL's take on BlackBerry Messenger on RIMM,

No suprise they are calling iMessage. It will work with an Apple ID and mobile number.
My Apple ID is my main email address and I want to share my mobile only to people I actually want to receive calls from. So the solution is get a FREE email address and link that for use w/ iMessage.

1. Go to Settings > iCloud (there should be a link to get it in there)
2. Now go to and verify the you got from step 1.
3. Go to Settings > iMessage Click Receive At
4. Use your Apple ID for iMessage

5. Now click your Apple ID and remove it or change the Caller ID setting.
6. Now you can give out the address to get iMessages and keep your Apple ID hidden and share your mobile to people you choose.
7. Note your contacts can still send you iMessages if they know your number. This tip is for people who do not have your number and you wish to talk to using iMessage but would rather not have them get your phone number. It is easier to filter emails vs changing your mobile number. Right now I receive at 4 addresses Winking smile

8. I do hope AAPL adds more settings as time goes by. May be blacklist or white lists etc etc
9. This trick also works with FaceTime (click here for the FaceTime tip)


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