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Review|Sango: The Burger Master

If you're passing by MILE LONG in Makati and become hungry drop by Sango: The Burger Master and try the Yakiniku Rice Burger. Champion! It's cheap too!

For Sale: dopod 818pro + Transcend 4Gb SD + Silicone Case

My friend is selling her 3 month old dopod 818pro plus accessories.
What's included:
dopod 818pro Black [original package]
Transcend 150x 4Gb SD Card [TS4GSD150]
Silicone Case White
Screen Protector [applied]

Very Good
Price is:
PhP 25,000.00 [negotiable]
Drop a comment or E-mail if you're interested

I Miss Tinkering

Don't get me wrong the Treo is a great PocketPC Phone. One of the best I've used and I've been using them since 2003 [2002 for pure PocketPC]. I'm really happy with the 750v and I expect it to last me at least through half the year or even more it's just a great solid PocketPC phone but the geek in me wants to experiment and tinker. The problem is it seems there are fewer developers tinkering around with the 750v compared to say an HTC branded device [this includes the re-branded/carrier branded ones]. I'm not savvy enough to cook my own ROM. I might just have to buy another device to do my tinkering hehe [you do know they have WM6 Crossbow ROMs being cooked for older models]. Maybe a Wizard [dopod 838, i-mate K-JAM, et. al] again?

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday
John Clarence S. Tiu
May the FORCE Be With You...

HTC Should Get a Clue... Scrap ExtUSB

Right, I've been surfing a bit [hampered by my uber slow connection] and noticed that most new Nokia mobiles are being touted as Multi-media phones now Nokia is adding 3.5mm jacks to their mobiles. HTC should get a clue and scrap their ExtUSB initiative and stick with normal audio jacks. If HTC wants to enter the consumer market they should really make it easier for consumers to use their devices and of course to add accessories.

Crappy Internet

The net at the office [Business PLDT DSL] is still slow as a snail!!! Dammit! The net here at home is a bit better [at times] I wonder when they will fix this.

TreoBean Application List

Last Edited: Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Device ROM:

READ THE Palm Treo 750v WIKI
Ilium Software Screen Capture - Screenshot Application*freeware*
DinarSoft HandySwitcher - Task Switcher / Management
Weis Soft FastCleanup - Cleanup Temp files*freeware*
Beemer NullKB - no Keyboard SIP *freeware*
SIP change - Change defualt SIP*freeware*
Saman NewMenu WM5 - Softkey Launcher/New Menu Items*freeware*
PHM PowerToys Soft Reset and Screensaver component - Enhancements*freeware*
Astraware Bejeweled - puzzle game
Astraware Dynomite - puzzle game
Astraware Glyph - puzzle game
Astraware Hammer Heads - action game
Astraware My Little Tank - action game
Astraware Sudoku - sudoku
Astraware StarPop - game
Astraware TextTwist - word game
Astraware Zuma - puzzle game
Earth Day - action game
Caywen Kevtris - Tetris Clone *freeware*
Nine Hole Golf - Golf game
Resco Sudoku - Sudoku
SkyForce Reloaded - arcade game
SPB Brain Evolution - A lot of mind training mini games
SPB Freecell

Goodbye TyTN

I sold off my TyTN yesterday and bought a cheapo Nokia for my Globe SIM. It was fun while it lasted but I think I will be ok with the 750v as my main device. The funny thing is the case I ordered from Brando just arrived. Hmm maybe I can give it to my friend who owns an 838pro. I got a metal case for the 750v [actually it's for the palm Treo 680 but fits the 750v] it really adds bulk and weight to the 750v. I think I'll return it and wait for the silicone version.

Review|Palm Treo 750v

Ok I probably shouldn't have bought this PocketPC phone so soon but I couldn't help it. Anyway I've been lusting over the Treo form factor for ages and finally gave in. The 750v is the first palm device running WM5 that I could use (the 700w and 700wx are EVDO). I must say I'm really impressed with the palm customizations to WM5. I'll get to those later. I sold my S310 and got the Treo to replace it. I wonder what I'll buy to replace the TyTN? Or I could hold on to the TyTN a bit longer... However 2 PocketPC phones seem like overkill to me. Anyway let's go on to the review.

Samsung® SC32442A at 300Mhz
64Mb RAM + 128Mb ROM
1200mAh Li-Ion Battery
240 x 240 sub qVGA TFT Touchscreen Display @ 65K Colour
Front facing QWERTY Thumb board (backlit)
Bluetooth 1.2 with A2DP
miniSD expansion
1.3 megapixel camera with 2x digital zoom
mono rear mounted speaker
External ringer on/off switch with vibrate mode
Quadband GSM [850/900/1800/1900Mhz] /Triband UMTS […

Apple's iPhone

Steve Jobs is wandering into the mobile phone market. I'm sure you've all heard/read about the iPhone which was announced a day back [?]. I was discussing the iPhone with a friend the other day, and now after years and years of rumours it is on it's way slated for a June '07 release in the US. I'm sure this device will be a success Apple has been doing good things as of late but it's not for me [not yet atleast].

What's good:
Apple Design [um this is subjective at most]
Great Screen [would have been better if it was VGA though]
8Gb of Storage

What's bad:
Non-removable Battery [WTF? Is this for real?]
No hardware keys [I've tried using PDA phones without hardware keys]
Cingular only [hope this changes]
No high speed WAN [UMTS with HSDPA will be included in a 2nd version soon]
The finish looks like a finger print magnet and looks like it's easily scratched [iPod finish?]
Steep price [um never stopped me before hehe]

What to look out for:
Multi-tap/Touch Interf…

Back from China

Just got back in from China! Whew! That was a tiring trip... I guess I should turn in early and get some shut eye. Just about finished with the first draft of my 750v review [hopefully I can post it mid next week]

Good-bye S310... Hello Treo 750v

Sold my HTC S310 yesterday and got a Treo 750v. I would like to geek out and do a review but I've to go on a business trip tomorrow. So I just loaded it up with my usual apps, surprisingly most my apps work on the 240 x 240 pixel screen albeit with some scrolling. Hopefully I get some free time and get to finish my review soon. Anyway I have to go and pack for my trip... catch you guys next time...

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday
Camille Louise Co
May the FORCE Be With You...

Iffy Internet

Still experiencing ultra slow internet... which is a bummer really. I don't have work till the 8th and am just hanging around the house [I did go to V-mall to check on our kiosk] and getting some sleep. It's really boring not doing anything so I've decided to HARD RESET my TyTN and re-install everything. My case still hasn't arrived and I've sent an e-mail to the merchant about it. It must have been delayed with all the holiday mail and stuff being sent. Oh well. I also bought a couple of apps for my PocketPC and Smartphone. I was looking to buy a Treo 750v to play around with but had no luck locating a brand new one yesterday [wasn't looking really hard though] I guess it must be a sign that I should keep my TyTN and S310 for a bit longer :P

Happy Birthday

Happy Birthday
January Francisco
May the FORCE Be With You...

Windows Mobile Timeline

Here is a time line of WM powered devices I've owned. PPC = PocketPC / SP = Smartphone
Compaq iPAQ h3870 [PocketPC 2002 PPC] 1.5 years ~ JediPAQ
hp iPAQ h2210 [Windows Mobile 2003 PPC] 1.5 years ~ BeanPAQ
i-mate JAM [Windows Mobile 2003SE PPC] 1 year ~ BeanJAM
Motorola MPx220 [Windows Mobile 2003SE SP] 7 months ~ MotoBean
dopod 838 [Windows Mobile 5.0 PPC] 5 months ~ Bean838
O2 XDA Exec [Windows Mobile 5.0 PPC] 8 months ~ Exec_Bean
hp iPAQ rw6828 [Windows Mobile 5.0 PPC] 4 weeks ~ JediPAQ_v2
HTC S310 [Windows Mobile 5.0 SP] 2 weeks ~ Bean_S310
HTC TyTN [Windows Mobile 5.0 PPC] 1.5 months ~ TyTN_BeAN
palm Treo 750v [Windows Mobile 5.0 PPC] 10 months ~ TreoBean
HTC TyTN II [Windows Mobile 6.0 PPC] current ~ BeAN_TyTN_II