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Apple's iPhone

Steve Jobs is wandering into the mobile phone market. I'm sure you've all heard/read about the iPhone which was announced a day back [?]. I was discussing the iPhone with a friend the other day, and now after years and years of rumours it is on it's way slated for a June '07 release in the US. I'm sure this device will be a success Apple has been doing good things as of late but it's not for me [not yet atleast].

What's good:
Apple Design [um this is subjective at most]
Great Screen [would have been better if it was VGA though]
8Gb of Storage

What's bad:
Non-removable Battery [WTF? Is this for real?]
No hardware keys [I've tried using PDA phones without hardware keys]
Cingular only [hope this changes]
No high speed WAN [UMTS with HSDPA will be included in a 2nd version soon]
The finish looks like a finger print magnet and looks like it's easily scratched [iPod finish?]
Steep price [um never stopped me before hehe]

What to look out for:
Multi-tap/Touch Interface [um... I'll have to use it to see if it's any good]
OS X mobile edition [wonder how they'll do it]
Application support [can one install games and apps onto this?]
So really there is nothing new except for the 8Gb of storage... So I won't be getting this gadget but I'm sure 3 out of 5 people who can will get one, if Apple does it right with porting OS X to this device I'm also sure existing Mac users will buy this phone. We can all see the power of words... after the iPhone was announced stock prices for HTC, Nokia, Sony Ericsson, LG, Samsung all went south a bit. Wow! Apple is really making waves with this announcement hopefully they can back it all up with a great device. So what would change my mind and make me buy into the iPhone? I guess if it has A2DP and syncs well with Outlook I can use it as my 2ndary mobile [hmmm something to replace my TyTN?]


  1. Secondary phone??? Hayop ka ah.

    But I completely agree with your iPhone outlook. I had the same impression.

    What's more interesting is what Apple will put out as its second or third generation phone. Something cheaper at least!

  2. They have plans to make a UMTS unit. When Jobs realizes that a keyboard is still needed maybe I can look at the iPhone as a serious mobile phone but for now it's just a jazzed up Music Phone with a questionable text/data input method.


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