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When Hayden Cameras Attack

The Philippines has been shaken by what most are calling the Hayden Camera Scandal. For my foreign readers here’s the gist:Dr. Hayden Kho, a minor celebrity by association to Dr. Vicky Belo [biggest plastic surgery merchant in the PH] had his sex vids broadcasted over the WWW. Among the guests in his reportedly 40 vids are a local sexy star, various models, note some of the videos were taken without the knowledge of his partner/s with allegations of drug use it has become the center of attention for big media and the nation.Sex, drugs and videotapes sell papers and gets the ratings up…The retards in the senate have begun a senate inquiry for what I think should be a police matter. Countless hours and resources have already been wasted… Our senate is a circus and our senators clowns.

Coffee Time

It used to be one of my rituals to go to a coffee shop grab some coffee, smoke my lungs out, and do some blogging. I admit that lately I have been trying to cut down on caffeine intake and I haven’t been posting much because I get my thoughts out on twitter faster and easier especially with sun alertz. I really think that micro-blogging has become a game changer in terms of how I communicate my thoughts to the www (read: whoever has the time/patience to read my ramblings).

For Sale|HTC Touch3G slightly used, MNL buyers only. Thanks :)

I’m selling my approximately 3 month old slightly used HTC Touch3G. It’s in excellent condition and has been slightly used only. Screen protector applied and silicone case applied since day 1. Reason for selling: tired of it. Includes Box and contents: USB sync/charge cable AC Adapter Wired Headset Documentation Some specs:Qualcomm MSM7225 528Mhz RAM 192 ROM 256 Windows Mobile Professional 6.1 GSM/GPR/SEDGE: 850/900/1800/1900 MHz UMTS: 2100/900 with HSDPA 2.8-inch TFT-LCD flushed display [240x320 QVGA] WiFi 802.11b/g Bluetooth 2.0EDR 3.2MP Camera htc touch3G product pageROM upgraded to latest htc asia official  Asking price [negotiable]: 24,000.00 PhP serious buyers may reach me at: +639228912690 / +639189912690 / @bnycastro

27-May-09 #tod_Wednesday #house #ringtone out now on @mobile9dotcom. Enjoy!

The @FORCECAST… The Galaxy is Listening… and so should you! #starwars #fandom

By far my fave STAR WARS podcast. Get it here: links…MySpace: on twitter: @forcecast

WMDC/AS Issues… resolved for now.

WMDC/Activesync has always been a headache for most Windows Mobile users, myself included. Last week I began experiencing sync issues with my palm Treo Pro. My device would connect fine via USB or Bluetooth, start to sync but then it would get stuck trying to sync my Calendar appointments. Since my Outlook was updated and I had good backups of my PST files I went ahead and erased partnerships on both device and PC. No joy.I then decided to sync only Contacts, Tasks, Notes this worked but once I ticked Calendar WMDC appeared to freeze up. I also got an error message saying: An error occurred while syncing to your server blah blah blah, which was really odd because I did not use exchange sync. To make matters a bit more difficult to troubleshoot… The thing was my other device an HTC Touch3G was syncing ok with the same machine. So it was something wrong with the Treo. I did not want to do another hard reset because I had just done one a couple of weeks back. I decided to do a search for…

Tone of the Day – Wednesday – In da House 20-May-09

20-May-09--Here are my contributions for this week’s Tone of the Day Wednesday – In Da House w/ Pantoflica et al--Sudha feat Zoe Johnston – Leche – Thomas Schwartz & Fausto Fanizza Radio EditSudha feat Zoe Johnston – Leche – Mighty Mouse Disco Revolution Mix128Kbps 28sec Stereo MP3--I wanna sing louder than I’ve ever done before… oh… my joy and anger…

Twikini 1.0 for Windows Mobile

Just released today trinket software's Twikini (Twitter in a Bikini?) 1.0

I find it interesting that they have a starving blogger license which means trinket will comp your copy of twikini if you post about their product. I would be lying if I said this post was not created for that purpose.

That being said it is an amazing piece of software and has been a mainstay on my Windows Mobile devices when it was still in public beta. What I like about Twikini is it's light weight and it's fast too. It comes with in RT/DM/Fave but also SMS and Email sharing of tweets. It has support for images, GPS, and even tweeting what song is playing in Windows Media Player. In tweet viewing of twitpic images which is really useful on a mobile device. Works on wifi, data, and over activesync/wmdc. The cab from trinket will also work on both Professional and Standard flavours of Windows Mobile.

It has become my twitter app of choice for Windows Mobile. Give it a try for yourself.

Xavier Boys on twitter

DLSU PEP on twitter

Chilling Me Softly... Life Can Be So Cool

Chilling Me Softly... Life Can Be So Cool
Originally uploaded by bnycastro Saw this at Market Market Mall in Taguig City. LOL :D

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OceanLab Project

Welcome to the OceanLab Project.
I've decided to make tones out of my fave OceanLab tracks and mixes... Hope you like em!
Breaking Ties
Breaking Ties (Above & Beyond Analogue Haven Mix Radio Edit)
Miracle (Above Beyond Club Mix Radio Edit)Miracle (Michael Cassette Remix)Miracle (Martin Roth Vocal Remix)
On A Good Day
On A Good Day (Above & Beyond Club Mix)On A Good Day (Daniel Kandi Remix)
Sirens of the Sea
Sirens of the Sea (Above & Beyond Club Mix Radio Edit)Sirens of the Sea (Kyau & Albert Vocal Mix)
properties: 128Kbps 28sec Stereo MP3
tags: OceanLab, trance
Trust in Trance as always the stuff I make is available for FREE please don’t pay for them but if you like my stuff you may DONATE via PayPal. Thanks!

[TOD] Wednesday In Da House

13-May-09Astro Nuts - As Strong As The Sun (Milky Mix) -- 96Kbps 28sec Stereo MP3 [on] **Alternative Download Link [on Nokia MOSH]**Summer Sounds!NB: My previous thread at’s Masters of Sound sub-forum [TOD] Wednesday In Da House thread is now handled by PANTOFLICA & MELMEX & DEFIL3D. I’ll be uploading house ringtones to the thread occasionally as a guest contributor :D my profile on mobile9 = bnycastro

TinyXP rev9 on ASUS eeePC 2G Surf

404mb left.

ASUS eeePC 2G Surf

My uncle handed me his netbook and it was a tiny ASUS eeePC 2G Surf which has a 7in screen and might I add a very cramped keyboard... I booted it up expecting to see a Linux distro but was surprised to be presented with an XP welcome screen. Once logged on I noticed that there was no AV software installed (it had only 2Gb space) and I couldn't browse to avast or symantec. So I decided to get those slim XP installs and re-install the OS. I got tinyXP rev9 and am installing it now.

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Today’s Tones

Been awhile since I made and posted tones so here are a couple I whipped up just now. Filo & Peri feat Eric Lumiere - Anthem - John O'Callaghan Mix -- 96Kbps 28sec Stereo MP3andArmin van Buuren – Going Wrong – Alex M.O.R.P.H. B2B Woody van Eyden Mix -- 96Kbps 28sec Stereo MP3as always the stuff I make is available for FREE please don’t pay for them but if you like my stuff you may always DONATE via PayPal (any amount is welcome)

Jollibee Beef Tapsilog / Hot Chocolate

Jollibee Beef Tapsilog / Hot Chocolate
Originally uploaded by bnycastro Had this for breakfast... For my foreign readers TAPSILOG stands for TAPa (marinated beef strips) SInangag (garlic rice)at itLOG (egg). You must try this when you get to the PH. :)

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Villa Pacencia

On my walk to Cherry Foodarama I saw this sign.

Sign reads: Jose P. Laurel Abogado (Attorney)

I think it might have been the Laurel family home and law offices. We are on S. Laurel St. Afterall... It's now owned by Manny Villar a senator and he's made it into campaign HQ for 2010.

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Coron Labor Day Weekend Getaway

The weather wasn’t as cooperative as we would’ve liked but I think we made the most of it :D[waiting for our flight to Busuanga]We went to the saltwater hot spring, island hoping, and had a whole lot of fun at Loralee’s luau. [The water is FIIIIINE!!!][dinner at Bistro Coron][Happy Birthday Loralee :D]Coron is one heck of a lovely place… just remember to bring mosquito repellent.